Aug 19

The Audacity of the Naira

2019 and it’s a whole new ball game. Naira ma ti binu ke. First, he incurs the ‘attention’ of the EFCC and by extension that of the national space with the maverick ‘Am I A Yahoo Boy?’ He spends some time in jail, he gets released amidst rhetoric from the authorities that trial awaits him, and as expected, he’s back in the studio with two singles, the second of which comes with an accompanying dance.

Aug 5

Who Female Empowerment Epp?

Put simply, men are no longer desired by economically empowered women in the long-term committed sense of marriage. They may desire a man now and again, but men are definitely not close to what they desire for marriage (or the institution of bondage, as someone termed it). Perhaps women can marry superheroes or another specie beyond men that they have seen finish over the years.

Aug 2

Dear Father

I want to be here, for Vanessa at least but I know that whatever we have between us might just be temporary. For a minute, I want to be alive. I want to breathe air, I want to look at someone and have my heart palpitate, and I want to see my mother smile again. The thought of the afterlife being unending darkness frightens me even further and makes me contemplate my decision. Finally, I gather enough courage and decide that this is it.

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