Feb 23

Miracles Do Happen

I prayed that my guardian angel visits me and stay with me till I am first in everything, I prayed for a sign and then I heard a knock on the door. For the first time I finished saying my Rosary and I felt like all my prayers have just been answered.

Feb 22

The Hypocrisy Of Condeming BBNaija


People wonder why multinationals do not sponsor educative stuffs but rather BBN. When they sponsor concerts of musicians that shame your womanhood in their lyrics, you give them a sold out concert. Actually, there are numerous scholarship for education savvy individuals but inspite of that, people leave school with more exes and body counts than as in their transcript.

Feb 21

Coincidence Part [3]

The she suddenly stopped crying and shot the professor a dirty look. He returned it with a straight face, willing her to continue and I could almost imagine him making up his mind to tell the truth whether she liked it or not.

Feb 20

Coincidence Part [2]

I was supposed to return to campus the next week so I decided to confront her. I wanted to do it when dad was not around because I knew if she wanted to spill, she might not be comfortable around dad. This was a woman to woman talk.

Feb 19

Coincidence Part [1]

The story of my birth and all its activities was aired on local and national TV and sprinkled on the pages of several dailies. To crown it all, I came out a beauty. I inherited my father’s blue eyes and my mother’s flawless skin. My parents couldn’t have been more happier at that moment.

Feb 16

Dream of a Dying Summer


I hear a beeping sound and look at my watch and realize that my time is up and I am to be transported back to the teleportation device. After the normal feeling of drowsiness and imbalance, the beeping sound still continues and I am annoyed because I do not want to open my eyes.

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