Aug 17

The Spirit of Ecstasy

The smell of her cheap perfume and toxic fumes made the air very unhomely. She put the little pride she had left aside and slurped him until he bust a nut. That’s what they call ejaculation. Some of her mates were working in oil companies. Some others were with their husbands or wives and children. There she was rinsing semen out of her mouth. Cursed generation!.

Aug 13

The Second Chance

Barely two years after I started eating once a day, I had lost about 10kg and contrary to what I had thought, it brought me very little satisfaction. I kept pushing myself and constantly felt the need to skip meals and feel good about myself.

Aug 10

Have you ever just held a D?


Why is my response to the idea of a man’s arousal, the instant need to satisfy and “settle” him? Why is arousing him without eventually helping him climax “unfair” to him? Especially if said sexual arousal functions the same way in both men and women?

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