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new woman

Call Me D…

By , 18 hours ago

Call me D… Delilah. Disgusting. I always hated that name. Daddy thought it sounded exotic. Mum thought she would rather not disagree with him….


The Chapel

By , 1 day ago

I felt a morbid sensation as I walked into the chapel to pray. The morbid sensation one felt, overpowered the peace sought by coming…

Couple Hugging

The Rising

By , 4 days ago

He came to pick her up at the airport. She’d wondered about that beforehand but he was right there waiting for her as she…


Born To Write

By , 5 days ago

I’m not one of those who know concretely what they want to do with their lives from birth. I didn’t know nothing. I floated…

letter to younger self

Letter To My Younger Self

By , 1 week ago

                                                              The Present,                                                               27th Of June 2016.   Dear Younger Self, Change means different things when used in different aspects. Presently, the word…