Sep 21

How I Became A Single Mom

Fast forward a few weeks and I knew for sure that I was pregnant. I called ‘my love’ and in these specific words he said “so you have been sleeping around and now you want to pass down your bastard to me”. Yes, he said that and cut the call.

Sep 20

I Died At 9:45am

The moment she showed up on my doorstep, I noticed something seemed off about Adaku I knew. This minute she appeared to be lost in deep, sad thoughts; then like one jolted back to reality, the next minute she was initiating endless random conversations in between forced laughter.

Sep 20

What Does it Take to Become a Political Leader in Nigeria?


We have seen the elders fail. Freedom didn’t come cheap, yet in six years of independence we were already taken by military rule and a year later by an unforgettable war that the Igbos are still seething from. The system is warped, wieldy and unsustainable. Our democracy has been a charade, producing a government of liars by liars for liars.

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