Oct 18

The Apathetic Citizen


Nigerians constantly do the most unseemly things merely to survive. Whether it’s walking to and fro inbetween oncoming traffic from 8 till late selling packaged sausages or carrying around a brush and water just to wipe windscreens so they can get 50/100 naira just to get something to eat.

Oct 17

Ladies, Let’s Talk About The Dreaded O


First of all, my breasts are huge. None of my regular bras can quite capture them in their entirety anymore, and the discerning observer can notice this struggle going on underneath my top. There’s that annoying side boob spillage plus the bra lines are clearly marked now no matter what I’m wearing.

Oct 13


My mother continued writhing on the floor while the pastor continued praying. The church was silent now except for the praying pastor and my wheezing mother. I couldn’t take it anymore. If it were up to the members of this church, she would be dead.

Oct 12

There’s Something About Rain [3]

There was something noticeably off about the way Mrs. Alade looked at Regina who was walking towards her. The smile Regina was accustomed to seeing was missing. In place of the smile was a hostile leer. Regina sat on the tall stool in front of the enclosed lobby desk, watching Mrs. Alade give her monosyllabic responses and dismissive shrugs.

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