Sep 24

The Stage of Soccer: Decoding (For) Mourinho, Once and For All

In his 1st season in charge at Old Traafford, Mourninho bettered the 7th place finish by a step: United finished 6th, but this was on the back of the League Cup and the Europa League – a title that took United back into the Champions League, a competition finishing 7th or 6th wouldn’t qualify a team for! Mourinho’s 2nd season saw the newcomers get knocked out at home by Sevilla in the 2nd round of the Champions League while playing the FA Cup final and finishing 2nd (4 places better than the year before) in the league.

Sep 23

Modern Day Paper Tigers


But I think, writing about all these things wouldn’t take us anywhere unless we are deliberate in our actions by waking up to our responsibilities as the case maybe. We seem to be faceless in this fight for total freedom and emancipation.

Sep 21

The Little Hawker

Short Stories

When we give up on fighting for better governance, we give up on them. When we kill a fellow human, they learn from it. When we throw dirt around, we take their focus off a clean future. When we normalize immorality, they see it as a path to walk on.

Sep 20

Her Famous Mystery Man

At 5pm the next day, Chisom clad in a blue denim Jean pants, a white fitted top, and sunshades, got in her car and drove to the nice lounge in Victoria Island where they had agreed to meet.

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