May 27

The Oddity Of Loneliness

This is my story as a young, timid and pessimistic youth searching for its identity in the city, I cannot commune in their language, their culture was different from my values and belief, they said he is bound for fire, he deserve to tortured, punished and threatened.

May 25

Dear Child


The white asbestos was the last thing she saw as she fell back. The pain and the blood were the first things she remembered when she fully regained consciousness, she had never seen so much blood before.

May 23

On Gaslighting, Rape Culture And Consent

I think I might have been raped 10 years ago. I had a good first date with the guy and on the second when we were kissing, he got handsy. Before the third, I told him the limits of how far I wanted to go (and before, I practiced what I was going to say so many times) and he agreed.

May 21

Razor Blade Mouth


“Look at that girl, can you see how she’s dressed like a slut. I doubt if this one has a mother. Which type of stupid mother will allow her daughter go out of the house in a dress like this ehn.”

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