May 23

On Gaslighting, Rape Culture And Consent

I think I might have been raped 10 years ago. I had a good first date with the guy and on the second when we were kissing, he got handsy. Before the third, I told him the limits of how far I wanted to go (and before, I practiced what I was going to say so many times) and he agreed.

May 21

Razor Blade Mouth


“Look at that girl, can you see how she’s dressed like a slut. I doubt if this one has a mother. Which type of stupid mother will allow her daughter go out of the house in a dress like this ehn.”

May 19


“Uncle! (sic) Where do you think you are going? How many people can you see in that direction you are heading? (sic)Mama is hungry and everyone is returning home. You had better stop and return to your house. If you don’t listen to me, you will be all alone.

May 18

Almost Perfect Rendezvous


All through the flight, he had managed to suppress his anxiety; he was finally going to see her again. The first half of the year was tedious for him; he had gotten a promotion at work, so he decided to take a break. Having never been to New York before he was delighted when this girl that he liked suggested they meet there.

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