Apr 20

Peeping Through Holes

A part of me wanted to leave the place this was a very uncomfortable scene but I had to be sure of what I was seeing so I watched close that was when I realized that these girls were Tolu and Sola I almost fell and hit the door, I was sure this was not the first time because I realized that many times they would both disappear and reappear almost at the same time

Apr 18

You Are Not Proud of Your Marriage


Also a man that would be bothered by such a non-issue imo, is a man that is not self assured and that is definitely not the man I want to be married to. If me not having the same name with you makes you feel less of a husband to me or gets you worried about how much of a man society would think you are, God forbid that I get married to you!

Apr 16

Mascara Is The Boring Chick Flick Drama We Don’t Need    

Mascara is a story about four women who live as friends in a Lagos-based apartment. I had expected Lagos to be an extra, buoyant character on its own, rippling with familiar charm and chaos. But the establishing shot in the first episode was as dull as wet fish. In fact, I’m of the opinion that the shots of tall buildings and the cityscape were grafted from an unconnected, pre-existing source.

Apr 13

Reincarnation – An Archaic Belief

I remember the old man had a limp and his shoulders were always slumped, some claim it was as a result of the sacks of yam he carried whilst he was young, but even with slumped shoulders his head was always raised. He was a proud man. I remember his pride and no nonsense ways, I remember he talked like he owned the world, well in a way, I guess he did.

Apr 11

Moving On


He paused briefly, looked me up and down and with one brow slightly raised up, he asked, “Do you want to go somewhere?” He looked like no one had ever turned him down in his life and besides – I did want to go with him. First I needed to make that phone call.

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