Jul 20


“If I know anybody in need of catering services, the first person that comes to mind is Feyi and that’s what I want with you. There is some writing to be done and I refer you immediately and not just because of your ability to write or that you are my friend but your quality too.”

Jul 18

One Uber Ride

The first two minutes were quiet which was broken by him asking how my day had been. I was going to lie but no one had cared to ask me, so I told him the truth about it being my first day and how stressful it was, after which I noticed a smile at the corner of his lips.

Jul 16

Stomach Restructuring

“Listen to me: that flab on your stomach has to go! A flab on your stomach says you are lazy, it says you’ve been eating too much, it says you are fat and need to cut down. If you are not pregnant, your stomach has to be flat.

Jul 15

Shadow Of Light [1]

He was good at planning individual treatments. For many, he insisted on regular check-ups especially for the aged, at much subsidised rate. His constant balancing of medications and the other life-prolonging care…

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