Jan 14

Blood Moon

Soon there were five of them inside the living room, masked and armed for the loot. We were all on our bellies, being stomped upon by heavy boots and our buttocks slapped with the flat end of heavy machetes.

Jan 11


It was the same bunch of rascals who called you “pretty” and almost kissed your feet just minutes ago. So you went into full street mode, swearing on your great grandpa’s balls that no extra dime would come from you, even if other passengers complied.

Jan 10

A Death and Two Choices

Short Stories

The doctors expression quickly, shifts from hidden grief to visible anger. His mind flashes to the moment she was brought in,how could so much blood be in such a tiny person he thought to himself as he examined her. The nurse said that the victim was on her way back from school when she was snatched by some unsuspecting persons .

Jan 7

Chances [1]

With the guys gone and no audience to appreciate their vocal prowess, the girls retired to the expansive bridal suite to gossip the night away as they tried on their dresses yet again, touched up their nails, made snide comments about what Rila would be hard at by that time the next day and tried dance steps for the party.

Jan 4

The Stench of Regret

It will break your heart to know he is a burnt body now. He started gambling and stealing. I don’t know when but when I found out, it really was late because like moss around a rock, the habit had encrusted itself around the walls of his mind. It was my fault.

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