Oct 19

The Wait

This was the 5th of their weekly ritual as a couple. Sometimes, they did spontaneous sex; sometimes it was a must-have, even if they both were at opposite ends of the world. Slamming into the core of her desires, one final slam got him grunting in satiation.

Oct 15

One And A Half Night

“There is no way in heaven or even in hell for that matter that a girl like me will ever settle for a guy like you,” she added.

“But Deba, I love you with my heart and all I’m asking from you is that you love me back with your heart. Should that not count for something?” Victor interjected, his voice almost breaking.

Oct 12

My Beautiful Mistake


Go out there and be happy, you survived mistake lots of people might not have, all by yourself, and you made it. So what are you afraid of? What could be worse than getting pregnant at 18? Having no family or friends to turn to? Running away to a strange city to have a baby when you are only a child yourself? Do not allow yourself to wallow in doubt or self-pity, you are more than that.

Oct 10

V: Conversation With Him


That’s one thing I know I did consistently today. I laughed hard and loud. Even the fact that I attended to customers back to back till about 3:30pm didn’t stop me. I found reasons to laugh at almost everything because I was super happy. The thought of having 2 work-free days did that to me plus, I was coming home! The journey home, however, was quite bumpy. I was about 30 minutes away from home at 7:00pm and already jubilating

Oct 8

I Remember When I was a Soldier

People calm their nerves in different ways, I calm mine by looking good. In fact, I dare say my beauty is directly proportional to my nerves. That is to say the more nervous I am, the more made up I look. I might not be intellectually ready for an exam, but best believe I’d be physically ready, a girl has to win some way.

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