Dec 10

Daddy Missing…

On getting there, I could tell someone was very sick or they had arranged the place to pass that message. My son didn’t feel comfortable there, I could tell that too. We walked into a very large glass room and I saw his mother. Hale and hearty as I had guessed. We talked for a while and I was ready to leave. I turned down the refreshments. You don’t eat where you know you can’t close your eyes to sleep (I came up with that!).

Dec 7

School Bus


They called it young love. They said we didn’t know what we were doing. That we didn’t know what love was. It pained me that no one could see how real it was. He’d reassure me that when we got married they’ll see then. We’d win then. They’d learn.

Nov 25

Woman, Know Your Worth


Who is a woman? She is Hannah, focused, full of faith; she knew what she wanted – she said to God, “give me a man child and I will give him back to you”; powerful enough to determine the destinies of her generations unborn.

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