10 Times Nigerians Made Twitter A Better Place

When the founder of Twitter came up with the idea, little did he know that an interesting group of people called Nigerians would add a unique tweak to the social networking site. Hands down, we have become the most interesting and amazing people to hold a conversation with. If winning battles on Twitter were the criterion for success, every Nigerian would or could have been a billionaire by now.

For every question asked (apart from @Gidi_Traffic), there’s always one Nigerian aproko: a know-it-all willing to render a pro bono response which is usually in form of a monosyllabic reply similar to the Ali and Simbi type of conversation. When someone asks a question, or shares an opinion, rather than answer politely, someone who has mastered the art of the clap-back is poised and waiting, ready with a rude response.

We Nigerians have turned Twitter upside down. Ask me how? See for yourself.

1. @Unrevealedtips Vs. @_Abdul_Malik

Just when you think of the countless break’ups that happens in Nigeria on a daily basis, these two fellows save us the countless hours searching for an answer.




2. @Exhecrates Vs. @Punthief

Just when the world is waking up from the issue of feminists and feminism, Echecrates and Daddy P take us back to the ancient times of Oga Solo and his many wives.


3. @Bahjarodriguez Vs @Nancykusi

Trust in relationships is a sensitive thing. It is better you dwell on the APC – PDP imbroglio than spark up any debate about trust in relationships. A trip to Joro’s triangle on IG will serve as proof.





4. @OfficialFarirai Vs. @rac_hael

Meeting a girl on IG and buying a shirt online? The same fate may befall you. What you see might not be what you get. JJScatter throws a rant only to receive in equal measure, a clap-back raised to power 10.




5. @Coconae_ Vs. @LordOreos_

Talk of a clap-back, the response below is the perfect example.




6. @Nosipopp Vs. @TinubuTweets

Sometimes, the responses come from an angu you neva esperred.




7. @NerdyAjet Vs. @Kanexy

I’ve heard stories of love ‘Okpuru ukwu mango’- under the mango tree’ this really had me chuckling. I guess girls want to re-enact things they see in Indian films – who am I to judge?




8. @Ms_Dashy Vs. @SlimDandyMUFC

This is what I call the “call and response”.




9. @The26er Vs PaCc_Mann 

And then just when I thought the beef was over, here comes the big switch. It seems Wizkid’s fans are loyal for life.


10. @Kuchiii Vs. @TheIvuoma

Another unexpected plot twist:





Honorable mention: The Wife & in-law’s cooking guide


So do you have not-so-cool replies? Share them right here.

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    Jsne Pius

    I love Nigerians.

    January 3, 2017
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      hahahahaha!!! My 9ja always know wat 2 say nd wen 2 say it!! Smart country ppl!!!

      January 6, 2017
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    Lmao! This post was so on point

    January 5, 2017
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    Nice one

    January 5, 2017
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