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Happy new month, people! *throws confetti* I’m especially glad we’re in July because it’s my birth month and I will never get tired of announcing that. I’m accepting rent money and food as presents – thank you! In June I read Digital Epidemic, a 400-pager on digital marketing for brands by Adeola Kayode. First look,…


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Happy new month, people! *throws confetti*

I’m especially glad we’re in July because it’s my birth month and I will never get tired of announcing that. I’m accepting rent money and food as presents – thank you!

In June I read Digital Epidemic, a 400-pager on digital marketing for brands by Adeola Kayode. First look, I loved that it was the first non-fiction book I’ve ever seen by a Nigerian that was not the size of 10 stacked pamphlets. Kayode clearly did some pretty impressive homework.

Chapter by chapter, the author explains digital marketing and how your business can thrive online. With helpful definitions, infographics and real-life case studies, anyone can learn and apply. If you run a business and don’t know the first thing about marketing, you will find this book incredibly useful. Although, I must warn, it’s not the kind of book you blitz through. It’s the kind of book you read and re-read as a manual of sorts.

I liked that the author had a sense of humor that shone through what had the capacity to be a thoroughly boring textbook. Also quite liked that there are lot of illustrations and infographics in the book to help newbies visualize his points. This is the first digital marketing book I’ve read that contains workable principles for the African market. That’s pretty impressive considering most books in this category are written by Western authors whose tech landscapes vary widely from others.

There were a few annoyances such as some editing errors throughout the book and the author’s obsession with Guaranty Trust bank. Possibly about 50 pages in the book have something about GT Bank written in them. Also found the title of the book itself slightly…off. Epidemic? Really? Why?

Overall, Adeola Kayode wrote a stellar book and I will continue to tell my fellow-business owners about it.

Was the author successful in carrying out the overall purposes of the book? Yes

Would you recommend this book to others? Yes

If you would like to read Digital Epidemic, you can get a copy on Jumia or Konga

Rating: 4.5/5

My recommendations for this month are:

  • A Brief History of Seven Killings – Marlon James (Because I feel like I haven’t read fiction in way too long)
  • A Memory This Size and Other Stories (because, because)
  • The Problem of Pain – CS Lewis (because, Lewis is forever relevant)

Don’t forget you only have to read one book.

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I would really like to know what you guys are reading. If you have any book-loving friends, share this article with them. What do you know? We could swap reading lists

What book did you read?


Evaluate and critique the book

Wrap up with the strengths and weaknesses and mention if you would recommend the book to other people

Give a numerical score/rating.


*Although this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions expressed in it are mine.


  1. Andronicus
    Between October and December 2015 I completed the 5 A Song of Ice and Fire books (including the 2 prequels) by George R.R Martin.
    It has made me a Game of Thrones expert and I specialized in the Targaryen dynasty.

    Now I have a thirst for epic fantasy novels with detailed food/feast scenes.

    I’ve started The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (completed upon his death by Brandon Sanderson *side eye George R.R Martin*).
    I have completed the first two books of the Stormlight Chronicles (Highly recommended) by Brandon Sanderson.
    I have started the Bounds of Redemption series (reading The Axe and the Throne) by M.D Ireman.
    I have started The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss.
    I’m yet to start the Dune series by Frank Herbert.

    1. Amanda
      Hii fellow July Baby. I’m happy I’ve met someone who’s read the books. I find myself drawn to the Starks. The Targaryens hmmm. What do you think about HBO’s adaptation?
      1. Andronicus
        They ommitted a major plot twist.
        I love their adaptation but was really looking forward to that plot twist, that new player of the game (A Dance of Dragons).
        Too bad…
        And the Jon Snow thingy (Let me not say what for the last carriers), it was not hinted in the books.
        Arya got really offended at the notion that her dear dad was unfaithful.

        The book for me will always be the final confirmation of any GoT theory (I hate seeing fan theories)
        The Starks weren’t as colorful as the Targaryens with their fanciful titles, magical lineage and beautiful looks.
        But with beauty came the infamous Targaryen madness.

    2. Mikeinioluwa
      Speaking of epic fantasy books, you should check put JK. Rowling’s Harry Potter and series and a few works of JRR Tolkien too. Those guys are really really cool?


  2. Exclusive
    Whoop whoop! Happy Birthday in advance, Ibukun. 🙂

    I have been so lazy recently with poring over a book. Probably because my go-to source for suggestions on books to get has been doing me ‘kini’ so I’m currently without new books to read. Anyway, I started Mark Billingham’s ‘In the dark’ (that was probably late May) *Shudders*

    Epidemic because maybe, it really is sort of a digital epidemic increasingly in Africa.

  3. Blessing
    Hi, Ibukun! I’m a July baby, too. July babies rock, don’t we? I’m currently reading The Millionaire Fast lane by MJ Marco. Amazing read, trust me. Hard core money talk. You’ll love it.
  4. Anuoluwapo
    I read 5 books this month! Yay me! I can’t write a review on all of them but I can rate them each. Here we go: 

    1) Live for a living – Buddy Wakefield (Poetry) : 3/5 { I expected more from the book because Buddy Wakefield is one of my favourite poets of all time. There are some poems I really enjoyed form the book which are ; My Town, Flockprinter, Human the death dance, Giant saint everything and  Bedrooms and battlescars } You can check them out!

    2) No matter the wreckage – Sarah Kay(Poetry) : 4/5 {Poems I really loved form the book are ; B, The toothbrush to the bicycle, Brother. Extended development, Private parts, Ghost Ship and The type }

    3) Love is Power or Something Like That – Igoni Barret (Short Stories) : 2/5 { I really wanted to score this book lower but then that would be unfair. So two it is. I didn’t really like the collection. But to be honest I partially  enjoyed about 3 stories from the book} 

    4) Scarlet – Marissa Meyer ( Lunar Chronicles #2) : 3/5 {Good read. Very enjoyable.} 

    5) The Fishermen – Chigozie Obioma : 4/5 { Awesome! Just Awesome! That’s all I have to say! Great storyline! }

    *Happy birthday in advance Ibukun.*

    1. Ibukun Post author
      You deserve some sort of award for reading this much in June. Seriously! I’m happy you read The Fisherman *dance*
      And thank you for the birthday wishes!
  5. SeryxMe
    Ok, review time. I read John Grisham’s ‘The Appeal’ (484 pages). Everyone knows Grisham’s expertise is in law so his masterclass delivery of stories and twists are just as consistent with his previous works. I was introduced to Grisham via ‘The Partner’, a story that left me wondering how greed and betrayal can be so complex. This one delivers the same sad ending too, in a different way. Having read ‘The Runaway Jury’, I had hope for the case in this story but…

    Summary: ‘The Appeal’ is a story about a lawsuit filed against Krane Chemical, a company owned by the ruthless Carl Trudeau (well, ruthless in the business world), a billionaire on Forbes’ Top 400 Richest list. The company had been dumping chemical wastes illegally in the backyard of the factory in a small Southern Mississippi town. Over the years, the wastes seeped into the main water source of the community and eventually started causing cancer at an extremely high rate. After soliciting a few other firms to join them in suing the company, Payton & Payton, a thriving husband-and-wife law firm takes on the client with the strongest case against Krane Chemical (a widow who lost her husband and son to cancer within the space of 8 months) and after 4 tough years and spending every cent they have as well as running on a $400,000 loan from a local bank, they got awarded a total $41m on damages. Justice served! Only that there was still an appeal to contend with since the company decided to go to the state’s Supreme Court to appeal the judgement. This is where all the drama started playing out because the justices on the bench are usually elected and there was going to be an an election right before the case gets to the Supreme Court. Politics mixes with judiciary and the result was a lot of manipulations of the highest order.

    Evaluation: As much as it seems the end to the story was a bit obvious, Grisham still managed to provide enough twists to give the reader some hope right till the end of the book. He also managed to make the reader feel some empathy for the villain at some point early in the book before you totally hate the guy. If you enjoy any of Grisham’s books, you will love this one. I’ve read ‘The Partner’ and ‘Runaway Jury’ before this and really I’m not sure which I enjoyed more (probably ‘The Partner’ because that was my first Grisham book and it blew me away). I loved that ‘Runaway Jury’ had the kind of ending I like but ‘The Appeal’ shows that when politics mixes with anything, only the big boys eventually win. I liked the twist at the end that changed the perspective of the most crucial character in the book. In all, this is a very good book with a sensible message within.

    Rating: 4.5/5

    Happy Birthday in advance to all the July babies, especially TheOnlyIbukun. I demand an invite to the party, if it happens.

    1. Ibukun Post author
      Great review, man! Makes me want to read the book. The last Grisham book I read was Bleachers and it was so long ago I can barely remember it. Wish I was having a party. I’d definitely invite you. I’m doing dinner with a fine young man instead. If he stands me up, I may never leave my house again lmao

      What are you reading next?

      1. SeryxMe
        Lol, well, holla if he stands you up ;).

        I’ve got a complete e-collection of Grisham books but I think I read this one because it was physical (though I did read the e-version sometimes when I forget it at home). I think I’d do ‘Penumbra’ by Songeziwe Mahlangu (not an ebook), ‘A Spell For Chameleon’ by Piers Anthony (ebook, a re-read) or ‘Kane & Abel’ by Jefferey Archer (ebook, another re-read). Most likely will finish Penumbra before the other two anyway. Then I intend to really delve into my ebook collections (John Grisham, Jefferey Archer, Frederick Forsythe and a few Dan Browns). I hope I get my reading grove back on, maybe I can even start blogging again. 🙂

        Make sure you enjoy your birthday! Cheers.

  6. Halima
    I recently just started a book club. My long desire for social/ therapeutic/ bonding atmosphere. Life can get very very busy sometimes especially in my line of work but I still want to enjoy the pleasures of life like reading.

    For. Few years now, I have been #supportNigerianpoetry and no regrets at all. So far I have read four books by Nigeria authors in 2016 but more in the past.

    I will share a review of the most recent one I read and discussed in my very first book club meeting which was a massive success.

    Title: the secret lives of baba segi’s wives by Lola Shoneyin.

    Pages: 244

    Summary: A man with 3 wives and 7 children, but he just had to get a 4th. Rivalry, evil and death follows.

    Evaluation: I love the cover of the book, nicely done. I am not a big fan of the authors photo, for me it was as if she was hiding. It took someone else to point out that the front cover picture is baba segi’s wives in order.

    Critique: The title was a dead give away. I knew there was infidelity and probably some of the children were not his. I was thrown off though when In the book, The 4th wife bolanle upon arriving at her marital home mentioned how baba segi’s children are a spitting image of him. The book was witting in first person narrative, I had to read chapters over again to get the gist. Because of this first person narrative, Iya Femi the third wife, character was very manipulative, she used religion to justify her evil. She mentioned that she was born Muslim and Jesus is for Christians, I wished the author had added in one way or the other to correct this misinformation because vast majority of Muslims who inherit religion and Christians who are at the mercy of the media do it know this.

    Recommend this book: Absolutely

    Rating: 3/5. Well done Lola.

  7. Mikeinioluwa
    Lazy me! School’s been taking much of my time. Anyway, I managed to finish one the greatest classic adventure books ever: River Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines. Great book. Though might be a little boring to newbies due to the numerous and sometimes unnecessary descriptions.
    It revolves round Allan Quatermain and his colleagues who are in search of the lost gold mines of the Old Testament King Solomon who is believed to have had immeasurable treasures.
    For lover of Adventure, and Fantasy too, this is a must read.
    Rating: 4/5
    Happy Birthday, Ibukun.
  8. Katniss
    I finished reading Inferno by Dan Brown and the ending got me like whoa!! I actually took a pause while reading and starting going ‘woah woah’. LOL. Slightly predictable story line knowing that Robert Langdon always has men/women of timber and calibre after him but there were enough plot twists to keep me interested. The story started with him waking up in a strange country with amnesia only to find that strange people were ?trying to kill him. He was in a rush against time to find some plague that was going to be released into the world by a mad scientist who was aiming to tackle over population. When I found out what the ‘plague’ was, I was very impressed. I actually thought of how it could be modified in real life and administered to select populations..I wonder if somebody is already working on it…hmm.. I enjoyed reading all 462 pages of Inferno so much so that I started reading slowly so it’d last longer. I love how rich and fact-filled his books are. Definitely recommending it. 4.5/5
    Then I stumbled across ”How to be found by the Man you’ve been Looking for” by Michelle Mckinney Hammond. I don’t think I’ve ever read a How To book until this. I’m sorta judgey about motivational/ relationship books but this one shut me up with the wealth of knowledge and common sense. I think I felt confident enough to read it mostly because I may have already found ‘the man’ and in my head, I was reading out of boredom and not to get tricks. Lol silly me. It’s a book written for single Christian women trying to take a stand for Christ in the murky dating/relationship waters of today. I love how the story of Ruth and Boaz was used throughout the chapters and the tit-bits written in boxes as personal confessions. I didn’t like the boxes marked ‘man facts’ so much bcos they had a lot of “men like this & men don’t like this”..reading those parts made me roll my eyes bcos some people might go way over their heads and start performing to win a man’s attention. In her defence, the author added somewhere to “resist the urge to perform in order to win love”. The writing was a lot of common sense backed with scriptural references/facts, sometimes funny and sometimes serious with examples drawn from real life relationships. I feel sorta sad that I didn’t read more books like this while growing up bcos I’d have def handled some situations better but I guess it’s better late than never. I was so blessed and impressed with the book that I’m going to look for more hard copies and hand out as gifts to my younger female friends. Reading it was like gisting with an older Christian female friend who is the right blend of fun & godly. Rating-4/5
    Ending with one of my favourite quotes from the book “If you want a together man, then be a together woman!”
    1. Linorajj
      Mitchel Hammond McKinney is ever a good read for all, and I’d be glad to get one handouts! Hahaha! Thanks for sharing… Will look for the book… Don’t think I’ve seen that one.
    2. Ibukun Post author
      Is it weird that I high-key love your book selection for june? I’m going to look for that book! Because single and don’t want to make the same mistakes again. I read Hammond’s Single, Sassy and Satisfied twice and would definitely recommend it to others.
      1. Katniss
        Lol. Maybe read before the date with the fine brother moves to another level!! Happy Birthday Ibk and all July babies (before this year I knew very few people born in July)

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