#TNCAmplify holds today. If you already got your IV, see you at the venue by 4pm.


          1. mamazeus
            Thetoolsman ooo! I can’t find any link oh, but I got an email from Tunde which I promptly replied. Does that mean I’m invited? I have my sad face on if it means I’m not oh…
  1. Buzz lightcentury
    I wanna meet the tools man… I wanna meet the toolsman… I’m going nuts already… Huh can I bring a date?
  2. YeLLoWCaB
    Thank God it’s 6th of August cos that’s wedding day and i dn’t if i can get two invite cos am no longer single frm that day!!and i want to meet cavey and toolsman.Any way my wife can’t stop me on this one.
  3. Neemah
    Hmmm. I really hope i can make it. Coming in from abuja for a wedding in alausa. Can i just turn up in my aso ebi?
    Even I its for 2 hrs I show up.
  4. mayowa
    I do not like going to parties alone!!!
    I am ackward at socialising!!!!
    What do i do?
    I really want to come.
    I like going to get to gethers dt i v pple to gist with.
    Any pre party friend?

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