Why So Angry?

This little chubby toddler that had drooled all over the front of her sky blue Sunday dress would not give up. She kept on smiling and waiting. Then flapping her arms and smiling again. I wanted to pick her up and tell her to go meet her mum. Explain to her that there are no smiles to be gotten from here, except she wanted mine.


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African American woman making fists

I saw anger today. Something about it reminded me of the Ajah floods; unharnessed and powerful, bringing down anything and everything in its path. It had this beauty to it that caught my attention and kept it. I stared without really knowing what I was staring at yet I could not stop staring. The voice of the pastor became background music. “Why so angry?” I wondered.

It was a typical Sunday. Service started at 7am with praise and worship which gave way to prayers and then the choir ministered to us. Finally Pastor Felix mounted the podium. Everyone around me looked beautiful, dressed in their Sunday bests. There was this chubby cute baby that seemed to be having so much fun. She kept running up and down the aisle rather clumsily, her steps still unsteady. She fell down a couple of times and ran to her mother in tears and was back running after some minutes. I watched the baby run to the back of the church and that was when I saw her.

She stood and looked to her left then to her right. She wore a blue skirt and a white shirt that looked like it had seen better days. She was about 5.9ft, dark and slim. She had the kind of dark skin models rubbed “ororo” to get. She shone. Her eyes were so captivating. She had what we call “cat eyes”; tiny and tilted upwards. Most importantly her eyes held so much anger they flashed. The eyes are indeed the mirror to the soul. Her shoulders were squared like she was about to get into a fight. She walked towards me, her walk had me green with envy. I walk like each of my leg is going in a different direction. She had the walk. She glided. How can she be so graceful and so angry at the same time?

She took the vacant seat to my left, crossed her legs and folded her arms. I tried to look ahead but my neck seemed to have a will of its own. I turned and stared at her. I can imagine how silly I looked, just staring at the seventeen or eighteen year old to my left without trying to be subtle about it. I knew she knew I was staring but it did not matter, I was like a kid witnessing a magic trick for the first time. I paid rapt attention to her.  She sat still, taking no heed to any of the pastor’s instructions. She did not shake five people and tell them ‘you are more than a conqueror’ like we were told to, she did not tell her neighbor ‘this is my bible, I hope you have yours’. She said and did nothing. Thirty minutes into the service she remained in the same position she took when she first entered. Having said that, I do not know how to explain to you that even as she sat still she moved. She emanated such energy. It seemed like she was surrounded by an electric field, ready to electrocute any intruder. As I sat and imagined, that little chubby baby ran past again. She ran towards the altar and was sent back by the usher in front. On her way back she stopped in front of my row, just by the angry girl. This baby saw what I saw too. She stared and smiled. You know that tentative smile babies give and then wait to see if you smile back. Then when you do, you are rewarded with the baby’s full voltage smile. This time the baby got no smile in response.

This little chubby toddler that had drooled all over the front of her sky blue Sunday dress would not give up. She kept on smiling and waiting. Then flapping her arms and smiling again. I wanted to pick her up and tell her to go meet her mum. Explain to her that there are no smiles to be gotten from here, except she wanted mine.

Little Miss determined had a plan. She took those famous bold steps forward and rested both her arms on the angry girl’s lap, looked up at her and gave her this beautiful dazzling smile, warm enough to melt ice. Angry girl pushed her aside, brushed her off like an offending mosquito. She fell on her pampers padded bum. Her mother materialized from where ever she had been sitting and picked up her little girl. I was not just staring now, my mouth was wide open.

All the little girl wanted was a smile – an acknowledgement and she would have gone on her way. I wanted to tap angry girl and ask her what happened to her that sucked out the joy from her soul. She wasn’t still anymore; she was tapping her left feet to her own rhythm and hissing at intervals. The service couldn’t end fast enough.

Written by @kimeclectic


Can one or rather should one ever get mad at God? Have you ever been mad at God? Today I’d like to hear from us, you don’t have to give full details  (we won’t mind though) but please share your experience with us, when and how you came to get mad at God and how it all ended. Use the comment box to express you.


  1. Tiki
    Being mad at God is okay, and quite commonplace actually, but STAYING mad at God is rather pointless. It is like being mad at a dead person. Either you find a way to deal with your issues, or you let the anger eat you up until you are a bitter shell of yourself, like the girl in the story sounds!
  2. @s_Hotzs
    Why so Angry? there you have your answer, Anger is human emotion, so its a given, but getting angry beyond the physical is pointless. its like getting angry at the rain for getting you wet, or the sun for shining so bright. i have never been in such situation, but the why situation; i am a champion x_x.
  3. Arthur Bizkit
    Hehehehehehe . . .
    She did not shake five people and tell them ‘you are more than a conqueror’ like we were told to,
    she did not tell her neighbor ‘this is my bible, I hope you have yours’.

    & d funny thing is that the issue that got her so furious might just have been sth sooo trivial.

  4. uzzy
    Na wa o! Even if one is angry. Why bring it to church? She shoulda allowed her anger eat her up at home. No matter what is eating her up like a cancer, shoving that angelic child away is unacceptable. Oh well, many people do not understand simple things. Maybe, with time she will understand that God does not owe any man anything. When she's done with being angry she will cool down.
    1. Tiki
      Would you let an adult get into your personal space and slobber on you without reacting? Granted she shouldn't have displayed violence towards the child, but she has a right to her personal space too! Parents should learn to control their children, especially in church or otherwise public places.
      1. lordfiddler
        In as much as this might seem kinda harsh and cold, I totally agree with you Tiki. Those lil kids running up & down can be quite a distraction to say the least! Let me interject here that I love kids…but prefer to see them disciplined and proper behaved. #CaseInPoint: Prince Harry (I think he's the younger one) at his mom's (Princess D's) funeral.
  5. highlandblue
    Being angry at God is more common than we realize. For many of us it may not show this obviously. Might be a coldness and general turning away in the heart, letting His words fall on deaf ears (in revenge for prayers we felt were ignored). Many times we insist on giving Him the silent treatment, sometimes daring Him to chase and woo us if He is to prove His love to us.

    Well, this comment goes out to all prodigal and in-house but cold sons and daughters, come back to the Father's arms

  6. horla
    Can’t judge miss angry…she may have been tired of pple demanding one thing or the other from her. Baby angel joined the gang- demanding a smile…you can’t give what you don’t have..
    My heart goes out to pple like miss angry…they need persistent love.
  7. Lara
    This story remind me of my mum. I once spoke to her about something that occured to me, I thought we had a heart to heart. Unbeknownst to me she took offense and decided to punish me by not talking to me. This was during the week, I was busy that week and didnt speak to her until weekend, I just assumed she was busy too. A few weeks later, during a conversation she commented on how she was angry with me and didnt talk to me for almost a week. Now my dad was around and spoke of how grumpy and unpleasant she was to be around then. Of course, I didnt know this and was enjoying life as normal

    Moral of my story is this, get angry all you want but whilst you walk around with so much negative energy and extra burden of anger, chances r that the object of your anger is not even affected in the least. So is being punished?

  8. ladetawak
    Oga oh. Which kain anger. Me personally, i let things go easily. I'm the kind of person that forgives easily. I won't forget the bad things you've done. I'll just forgive.
    It's anger like that that won't let you see the beautiful things in life. Like a baby's smile
  9. Ada
    Every1 has a right 2 be angry once in a while…its more or less a free emotion, but the curious thing is, all we need is a lil encouragement like a 'cuddle me now' smile 4rm an innocent child 2 get our peace of mind back again.
  10. S_A
    Ahh. I'm the girl in the story. A beautiful Sunday morning and my dad decided to yell like never before at something really little.. I was angry at my dad and i took it out on God. I went to church angry, stayed angry throughout, barely said a word and probably would have shoved any kid who came to smile at me. But of course after the service i felt really silly and apologized to both God and my dad.
  11. polar
    at a point in my life , i was so angry because i thought i was wasting almost five months of my youth not doing anything, being a good sister by travelling with my sister to the states for her to give birth. But whenever i see the baby, the joy, his smiles, all my anger fade, because God made that life possible

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