Are We Really Controlling?

Somebody please come to our rescue here. We are not controlling, we just like things done a certain way different from the “men” way. Our way is best, we think deeply and decide it is the way to go. It suits us and we know the sixth sense will not let us down.

You find men discussing women, convincing one another that they will not get married because women or wives are controlling. So they nod and agree that indeed we are controlling, they cannot stand being given instructions or led by a woman. Yes, culturally the man is the head or King of the castle. He is the head and i am the neck. What are characteristics of the neck, somebody? Can you move the head without the neck moving? No, you cannot. If you break your neck, the whole body will suffer from swinging around because then the whole body has to support the head. That is our duty as wives or women. Then when u get success you quote “behind every successful man is a strong woman” because it sits well when you say it without mentioning where you come from. You are smart heh.

When women were created they were entrusted with a sixth sense to be used only during trying times. This is a whole package that is placed in different places. We overthink, criticize, undress, analyse, zoom in and out of situations still trying to find the best angle. We ask questions that will help you make better decisions. We are the voice of sobriety and consciousness combined. We are happy guiding you through your decision making process. We want our men to look at things the way we see them and say “yes, this is it.” We were created for a reason and all these duties given to us because we can handle them. Come on now, let us reason together. Everybody needs that one person who will ask them “what if” and “did you consider…”

I normally correct my colleagues for talking silly about women. Yes, we ask a lot of questions, we think before we do something which may cause delays here and there. At the end of it all, its perfectly done. The process in-between starts from receiving those instructions analyzing and understanding them before undertaking the task at hand. We should really be thankful of the females in our lives.  We also complain of being stressed; men just do not listen, yes i said it. You do not listen because we nag, talk too much and say a lot of things before reaching a conclusion. The minute i open my mouth “here we go again” you switch off. Are we really that bad?

Well, maybe i should acknowledge that we have different types of women. The ones who get their point across in a polite manner and those who are rude as hell. It depends on how lucky you are really. We just want things to be done in a certain order so that we do not regret our actions. sometimes we just feel the only way to get what we want is to be persistent. Yes you say you will do it but two days have passed without results, i will remind you until we get it done which ever way. You were still thinking about it, how to do it and maybe when to do it, timing was not right on your side, you have not received a revelation yet on the request. “What is taking so long?” This is when the woman in me stands up and wants tp get things done.

My brothers we are not controlling, we just want things done in a certain order, a womanly order.

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Linda Dlamini, aka LincayaD, is a Swazi born blogger who writes mostly about her feelings and life lessons. She draws inspiration from the people around her and life itself...I just snoop around and write:)

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    You’re definitely right when you said “men just don’t listen”. My man for instance is one of them. He goes on to execute his plans and when it fails he runs back saying “baby,this is not the time for blames, what do you think “we” should do now? People of God! My opinions re suddenly important and he remembers “we” not just himself. Of course,I take my time to scold and ridicule before dishing out my highly sort solution that always works. Women are just meticulous,we think things through,over and over. We’re strategic creatures.BUT then sometimes I can be controlling. I enjoy doing mine and maybe yours my own way. If I want something,I don’t want it later I want it Now! And if I don’t get it, then you just bought attitude that will last a couple of days. Lol. You summarized this write-up with “there ‘re two different kinds of women :polite and rude ” Well,I am a politely sarcastic sweet kind of woman. And I know there are women like me that wants things done their way too. My mama once told me “Try and listen to other people and not just yourself “. Communication and compromise works well if applied.

    June 26, 2018
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