Poll: Are You Currently Cheating On Bae?

Pretty straightforward question isn’t it? Hey guys, thank God it’s Friday. I really wish I had a background story that I can share as regards this topic of today’s poll but no I don’t. Cheating has now become a sport and has earned the right to be part of the Olympics judging by how well…


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Pretty straightforward question isn’t it? Hey guys, thank God it’s Friday. I really wish I had a background story that I can share as regards this topic of today’s poll but no I don’t. Cheating has now become a sport and has earned the right to be part of the Olympics judging by how well people perform in it. I’m not here to analyse why people cheat and what not because as much as the topic has been over flogged on this site and other sites, I believe most people cheat because they can, I mean its no longer as stressful.

Everyday, I hear different stories of cheating partners and even lawful wedded spouses and I wonder, is anybody out there not cheating?? The day I found out that my neighbour, who is a staunch member of the PDA association and a card carrying member of treat-your-wife-like-a-queen and pepper onlookers like me club was heavily cheating was when I realised that nothing can surprise me anymore as regards this cheating business. So, that your disciplined very married boss, whom you respect so much might just hit on you. That girl, who just travelled on an all expense paid trip by boo may be meeting assistant boo on that trip, that chorister that vibrates on the stage during praise and worship may also be cheating, That incredibly gorgeous celeb who has just proposed to his pretty celeb boo might still be begging another babygirl for a weekend getaway a week to his wedding. It is almost as if this cheating is a deadly scourge that no amount of vaccines, serums and quarantine can curb.

My pastor once mentioned that if you have a bae that is not cheating on you, it isn’t because you are the best bae in the world but because he/she genuinely has the fear of God and knows the repercussion of acting on his/her illicit urges. Whenever I discuss this cheating with people, I’m led to believe that there are still people out there who are not cheating. But then the stories I hear everyday keep opposing this.

I know some people just like me are not cheating on bae so today, we will like to find out if indeed this is true because truth be told, I’m only sure of myself. Are you currently cheating on bae whether emotional, physical, spiritually, nutritionally, financially or whatever? Let’s hear from you

Please vote and use the comment section to express yourselves to the fullest!! Maybe tell us why you are cheating or something. You know how we do, this is TNC, we don’t judge!! 😀


  1. Dira
    I used to believe I would never cheat, until it actually happened.
    I didn’t feel bad while it was happening and when i eventually broke up with the boyfriend I didn’t feel bad either.

    I still don’t really understand what happened because I’m really not that kind of person. Probably didn’t really love him.
    I don’t know sha, but I have cheated once.

  2. Bem Bem
    Very very interesting article.. not in a relationship presently buh i can humbly say i have never cheated in my past relationships.. I geniuly try to be a good guy and do the right things, buh Ï’m still not sure how that happened, might be my circumstance at the time, lack of proper options, being too busy, maybe a coincidence in some cases or I genuinely loved her at that point, really not sure.. Aii so this particular issue has really been on my mind recently cos am really thinking of settling down.. Right now am not in a rush, taking my time to find that special lady and hopefully in two years I’ll seal the deal, down the aisle and all.. Buh the question still remains, would i be able to spend the next 10, 20 years (may the lord keep us) or more with my woman without looking else where? With the way the opposite sex are so accessible these days, just a click away a lot of ’em even throw themselves at you.. My conclusion is that it would only take the grace of God to skip all that rubbish and focus solely on my wife, i really hope she makes things less difficult for me and we have an extra loving home cos the temptations are just to much.. Lord help us oh ?
  3. Toby
    All you people hunting for bae… What’s the problem na?

    I don’t cheat, and I can’t. I’d never want to do such harm to my moral code. If things are so bad that I’m looking for someone else, then I’ll just leave entirely and be free to do whatever (whoever) I want.

  4. Adewhalaay

    The fact that so many activities are affiliated with the ambiguous term “cheating” makes me ponder aplenty… Okay away from my “patricking”… Never cheated intentionally in my former relationships. I’m one of those that think one woman is enough work to add extra to. But I find that I have a lot of female friends and spending time away from Bae with them is perceived as cheating by bae… Anyways, I’ve tried to cut my time with female friends but no Bae at the moment so… I swim on…
    1. MADU
      There’s usually much to gain from going through the hard long route.

      I see it this way.

      To destroy is easy.
      To create is difficult.

      To cheat is easy.
      Try abstinence.

  5. JADE
    The first time i cheated on bae i actually cried, as in full on sob, the guy was confused as per what was going on, after that i didnt let him touch me that night again. The subsequent times was soo bad because he’d been away for soo long and i was freaking horny. Prior to him i had never cheated on any i dated.
      why are you promoting your writing in the comment section? you are probably one of those people who advertise in the comment section of celebrity instagram posts.
  6. yettie
    No im not cheating on bae..
    but cheating has never worked for me sha,im sooo not smart about it,i end up looking foolish..at the end of the day why bother giving myself high bp when i wont even enjoy the cheating sef
  7. Ray
    Looooooooool this post is one of those tensioning polls. Hian.
    Do random and seldom thoughts about how sexy some other guy would look with his shirt off count as cheating? I certainly hope not.
    Cheating, for me, is quite difficult as it is an indication that something in the relationship needs fixing.
    And knowing what it feels like to be cheated on, I definitely don’t want to put anyone through that.
  8. Toothfairy
    What really counts as cheating? It’s really hard to come across a fellow that can satisfy you 100%, so you get the rest outside.
    I see this as very complicated. I have cheated on all my bfs. Now bae is hubby… Not yet cheated but the struggle is real.. Hopefully I will make dec 2016 without cheating.
  9. Anonymous
    Sooo.. Here is my story. I have Bae. We have been dating for a year now. We have even moved to the stage of meeting family members and talks of formal introdcution is in the air. Bae is God fearing, nice, caring and he knows how to touch. Although we do not have full blown out sex, we do get down and dirty and I know when we finally do have sex, it will be bomb. Bae is three years older than I am. In July last year, I met Him. Him is 12years older than I am, although still single. Him is a Lagos big boy. He was one of our clients at the office and I was assigned to work on his project. After we finished work on the project, Him kept calling me and then we would meet up for drinks and lunch. Him is funny, interesting to be/talk with, no dull moment with him and very intelligent. He knows everything about everything. We converse for hours non stop. Him is also brash, likes to act condescending sometimes and acts like he is God’s gift to women. He also has lots of ladies around him as I have gone through his phone. I and Him have kissed and made out twice. The first time it happened, I dint even know what led to it. We were talking about our preferences for food and next thing, his lips were on mine, pure fire. Not until I heard the distant sound of moaning that was unmistakably mine before I called a halt to it. By then, my top had come off, Him’s mouth was on my boobs and his D was standing straight. I picked my bags and ran out. Picked up a fight with Bae that evening so I could have time away from him and process what happened. Him came back a few days later and I told him it would not happen again cos I was in a serious relationship, besides my cookie jar was locked tight so no show on that end. Him said he didn’t care if I had a boyfriend and he wasn’t interested in sex and he just wanted me. I told him I would think about it. We kept on hanging out together. The second incident happened in December. I and Bae had had a fight. I was supposed to spend the night in Bae’s house but I was so angry with him that I left. I honestly dint know when I called Him and he came to pick me up and drove me to his house. I was crying and next thing, he was kissing me. My defenses were down and I responded so passionately. My only saving grace was when he stood up to get a condom. I could not believe I almost had sex with someone I barely knew while I was still holding out on Bae and Bae has even agreed to my terms that sex would only happen after marriage. I picked up a fight with Him and accused him of taking advantage of me. He apologized but I was angry. He kept sending flowers and chocolates with a different gift to my office everyday until I agreed to see him but Bae did not even call me for 3days after we fought. I was the one who later called and then we apologized to each other.
    Now I love Bae and I don’t want to jeopardize my relationship with him but my attraction for Him is so strong. When something good or bad happens to me, I want to talk to Him first. I actually have to physically restrain myself and call Bae first before I call Him. I have warned Him several times to stay away from me but after two days, he calls and says he misses me and we are right back to where we started. I know he is using his experience to manipulate me and I think he just wants the cookie after which he would bail but I don’t know how to stop this. I don’t want to lose my boyfriend. He loves me so much and treats me right and I love him too but I also don’t know how to cut Him away from my life. Please Help!!!
    1. Olayinka
      Errm sister, it is obvious that you’re just horny. You don’t even like Him. You love Bae. This is the problem I always have with this delayed gratification nonsense. You clearly want to have sex. So go do it with your man if you want to be honest! Trust me, one sexy time with your real Bae and you will not remember Him again. Your problem is not emotional trust me. It’s purely sexual. So you either quench that fire by going aggressive on your boo and fucking his brains out. Or you can make up your mind to cut Him off totally. You can do it. It’s in your hands. And please don’t say you didn’t know when you called Him or found yourself in his house again. You knew what would happen if left alone with Him. So stop seeing Him. If you truly love your man.
    2. Kierkedaark
      Olayinka has said it all. Your emotions may be involved, yeah, but it’s largely a sexual matter.
      This just reminds me of one girl I know. Proudly virginal, too. One of those who believed that her hymen was the best gift to give her husband. She was always waving her engagement ring under anyone who cared to know’s nose. But our dear sister was as horny as hell! She kept calling me up at night to talk naughty. She’d act offended whenever I asked her to send a pic or something, but she stayed on the line. And called again and again. When I got tired of going round in circles, I told her I would only continue our ‘association’ when/we got physical. I got a speech about how I had no respect for women, bla bla bla (Yorùbá demons weren’t a thing then or I’d have been called that, too, I’m sure!), but I refused to apologize. Two nights later, she was at my place because she “wanted to talk and wasn’t going to let any funny business happen anymore”. Funny business happened. As she knew it would when I finally got her to admit it. That we didn’t have sex was down to MY self-control.

      You want to have sex. You just want it to happen in a manner that you can blame Him for not yourself. On behalf of your bae, Him (who must be getting tired of you at this point) and you, stop making life hard for yourself.

  10. FEMME
    In life, it is always just fun and games until it is not.

    You have a man that loves you and you are playing with fire???!!!!

    Well, worst case scenario, bae finds out, ends the relationship and you run to Him thinking Him will be there for you …well, most times he will not! In fact, it is possible you will run to his house in tears and he will be banging a chick at that VERY moment. You will just hang!

    Truth is, what you have with bae is more than the ‘standing prick’ attraction you have for Him. Ask yourself if it is it worth it and let that guide. Hopefully you already know the answer.

    P.S if you need someone besides bae to suck your breast, have a baby and you will be busy for months!

  11. Daan Smith
    Yes… I sometimes use my left hand instead of my right hand. Why do I change hands? It’s different.

    Have I ever cheated on my lover? No. Would I ever cheat on my lover? No. Have I ever been cheated on? Yes. She ended up divorcing me and married the guy 5 years later. In a weird twist, I didn’t care she cheated on me because I was at the point in our marriage she repulsed me and I didn’t want to touch her. I believe in the sanctity of marriage and really believe in “until death do us part”. I’m actually glad she found someone else because I got tired of being miserable.

    I’m also in a long-distance relationship and have no desire to think about another woman.
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