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Millennial Romantic

Being in love in a world full of millennials characterised by selfishness, pride, laziness and a sense of entitlement is actually one of the 1000 ways to die young. Given that I am a self-centered, lazy and proud millennial, I have no justification to complain or point fingers….well it’s my story, I’ll point all my…

Trapped With a Church Girl

All my attention was on Sandra, my eyes have been on her for the few Sundays I have worshipped with the Church. Sandra wasn’t too beautiful, but she has this shape that will definitely get your attention and keep your eyes fixed to her hips. She has a sexy contour almost like that of a Gotv remote. She is the best-dressed usher very kind and quite.

The Labourer Who Eats His Scalp

My eyes swept over the room in an unconscious ritual. I was unsurprised that only five out of the twelve family leaders were currently seated in their allocated space at the centre. The women were draped in flamboyant tops and wrappers, gele delicately shaped like spiral steps and the men in agbadas that showed off…