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“Have you written your toast?” Anna asked as we turned into the avenue bordered on both sides by dead fallen leaves occasionally being disturbed by the freezing cold December evening breeze. “No.” I admitted. “Not yet.” I replied as I took in the brown-gold landscape, against the sunset to our right. It was a very…

The Art Of Saving Face


He smells like sex and cheap Hausa perfume. I know instantly where he has been. He kisses me hurriedly and then flops on the bed, tucking his hands underneath his head and letting out a yawn as he closes his eyes to go to sleep. Are you already going to bed? I ask, even though…



Libby’s eyes wandered across the array of shades and hues until she decided on Ruby Woo, admiring its vibrant yet subtle tone. She held the lipstick close to her face before smearing it carefully, finding the result flattering. Just as she was about to rummage through some matching lip pencils, a shrill ear-splitting voice caused her…



 Lagos, Circa 3096. The streets of Victoria Island wore a sophisticated look. Old folks, in every house, lived with a gadget called Lagoonborg; other cities were still struggling to surmount the logistics involved in the acquisition and distribution of Lagoonborg. It was more of a robot than a gadget; a robot for the old. Lagos…

A Lady Without A Gentleman


“Not right now,” I said, but he persisted like I knew he would, wanting to be the saviour as always. “Then when are we going to talk about it? We need to, don’t we? We can even see a marriage counselor if you want too. I mean, I…I don’t mind, I don’t mind going.” “Not…

Room 101C


I got a room in a ramshackle hotel that night in Ife. Room 101C. It looked better than I expected for the four thousand Naira I paid for it. “Budget cuts. Change has come” my editor had said, as if we didn’t all know. My travel allowance was almost half of what it used to be and money isn’t…