Read some of the best short stories from our award winning columnists and public contributors

King Over Slays

When a few benevolent women praised my efforts, my hardened face gave way to a brief superficial smile, mostly so I don’t come across as rude. Gradually, it came to an end. I took out my phone from my pocket and placed it on the sink to play some of my favourite music, just to lighten my mood. More dirty plates were brought in. I washed them, moving my body subtly to the rhythm of the song playing.


“Fast forward seven years and I was in the same situation again. I was working at a not-for-profit firm in Lagos and used to frequent a restaurant across the road from my office. It was small and greasy and the food was cheap and cheerful. I hated going in at lunch time because it would be full of lawyers from a court nearby in their mostly ill-fitting black and white attires and they would be talking at the top of their voices like it was a competition to see who could out-shout the other.”

SHORT STORY: The Wrong One

Cody was beginning to feel wary. And yet, everytime Tata spoke, he could feel his heart pump more blood to his groin. “Whoever she is, she is going to be so much fun.” Cody didn’t see Tata reach into her purse. He didn’t see her pull out the little pink bottle of pepper spray.

The Red Thread

“Mummy, tell me the story of the red thread.” It was bed time, but little Ose was far from tired. Burrowing deeper under the covers, she made room for her mother to get into bed with her. Not one to say no to anything Ose asked for, the very tired mother got into bed with…

SHORT STORY: Put Your Weight On My Shoulder

‘Put your weight on my shoulders’ was one of her favorite expressions. I didn’t know what it meant but she had a way of sounding smart even when she was saying the stupidest things. Maybe it had something to do with her raspy voice that sounded like muted distortion guitar strings, or the confidence her…