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There was something in the way she called his name. She was like a drug and he embraced her aura like an addicted submissive. He was ready to do anything she asked. Before long, he was zooming past cars and buses, some of the drivers rained abuses at his reckless driving.

The Fretful Reverie

Going to school was the worst, I had to beg papa for money every morning because I needed to board  a bus,  Sometimes I felt it wasn’t asking for money but indeed slavish attention, as if he fed on my pathetic attempt to beg for money. He would later call me and ask why my skirt was below my knee, why my thighs were visible, why I looked indecorous, these unannounced interrogations followed the excruciating sound of my uniform tearing to pieces.

Morning Devotions

It started in her father’s mansion where Ogechi lived as a maid. Ogechi was a fervent Christian who always sang Christian songs while she worked; sweeping, cleaning, washing, and cooking. She started to bathe Olileanya when her parents began to travel outside the country almost every week. Ogechi asked Olileanya, one night after she turned ten, in the bathroom if she knew she was a woman now

Lunch Break

My heart was beating frantically and worst of all; I couldn’t quite control the twitch in my left eye. “Hi, can I join you?” He asked, and I looked around to see to my dismay that all other tables were occupied saved for the lone seat at our table. It got awkward for a moment as we stared at him, surprised by the sound of his voice. It was like pure honey. I felt the core of his manliness rain in my head.

How To Get Laid

black couple ready sex

We’ve all been there; you guys start kissing and boom there’s power outage. And since the temperature is humid, the room gets hot and everyone becomes uncomfortable. Make sure there’s light when she finally come. If your village witches don’t want you to lie with a girl they first make you lose access to power. They will get in sync with NEPA officials to take away power and successfully put a knock to your generator carburetor

The Travail Of A Lagos JJC

No sooner had I boarded the bus than I was struck very hard on my scapula with a gun. I clasped my shoulder instinctively and let out a loud groan of pain. I was slapped by a burly man in ankara sitting next to me. I don enter one chance
I don’t know why but my mind drifted to last week when my mum came to visit me from Abeokuta in Ogun state.

Burnt Petal

I have to kill you before you kill me!” he quoted a bible verse or two, the one about training up a child and not departing from it as he fussed with the greatest hate I have ever seen. Ann my younger sister rushed in crying already, she heard me cry that was all she needed to join the chorus



It was the same bunch of rascals who called you “pretty” and almost kissed your feet just minutes ago. So you went into full street mode, swearing on your great grandpa’s balls that no extra dime would come from you, even if other passengers complied.

A Death and Two Choices

The doctors expression quickly, shifts from hidden grief to visible anger. His mind flashes to the moment she was brought in,how could so much blood be in such a tiny person he thought to himself as he examined her. The nurse said that the victim was on her way back from school when she was snatched by some unsuspecting persons .

Daddy Missing…

On getting there, I could tell someone was very sick or they had arranged the place to pass that message. My son didn’t feel comfortable there, I could tell that too. We walked into a very large glass room and I saw his mother. Hale and hearty as I had guessed. We talked for a while and I was ready to leave. I turned down the refreshments. You don’t eat where you know you can’t close your eyes to sleep (I came up with that!).