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One Uber Ride

The first two minutes were quiet which was broken by him asking how my day had been. I was going to lie but no one had cared to ask me, so I told him the truth about it being my first day and how stressful it was, after which I noticed a smile at the corner of his lips.

Violent Prayer

“Tell your neighbor ‘Give me chance, give me chance!’ Move far so you can really give them the fire”. The congregation moved as necessary. Legs widespread to balance him well, he no longer cared whether he spoke into the mic as he shouted “OH LORD GOD MY FATHER!! CONSUME THEM WITH YOUR HOLYYYYY GHOOOOOSSTT!!”

My Neighbour, Demola

But that’s not all, the grass is indeed greener on his own side of the lawn. I know because I snipped a few clippings and compared it with mine when no one was looking. I think I once saw a rainbow end in front of Demola’s porch one rainy Sunday evening, but I am not sure.

Urushi [3]

Now standing there all by himself, lost for words and scared to death, not knowing exactly what line of action to take next, he turned and regarded the house one more time. It was then he saw the house proper. Almost dilapidated, dirty cloths, empty sachet water nylon flew about the approach to the house.

Urushi [1]

On his way to the living room, the call stopped again for a few seconds. Just as Folu paused to decide what next to do, like some strange pianist who had suddenly found his keys, the voice resumed, but this time from one of the empty rooms in the flat which he had converted into a store where he kept household items which he considered useless but still kept with the hope they might one day again become useful again.


She needed to act along till she knew what the weird woman was up to before she unleashed the power within her. So she sat still. While still contemplating Aunty Funke’s response, Ocheche was distracted by a sound. The sound that assured her the night would go in a direction she had desperately hoped it would not.