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Dear Ibiye

For everything I have become or obtained at any particular time, whether good or bad, it has been largely as a result of the people I called friends at that time. So I say to you, if you have found good friends, the ones that spur you on to success, hold them closely. They are rare, sometimes once in a life time.

Laaroye Oba Ejola

Giant Cobra

Oba Ejola sunk his fangs deep into Adebola’s forearm as the hunter let out a cry of pain. He managed to switch his cutlass to his left arm and struck with all his strength severing the snake’s head. He staggered backwards, into a wall, watching as the remains of the snake danced and writhed in pain spurting pungent dark red blood everywhere.

Memories: Fate Gave Me Chills

I ran until I reached my deserting classmates who didn’t notice that I was missing until I rejoined them. “What happened? Where were you?” I realised that none of them saw what just happened, so I kept mum. I didn’t answer their questions. I only folded my arms across my breasts, my shivering hands stroking them in the dwindling heat.

There’s Something About Rain [4]

Abraham’s apartment was a two-bedroom. They sat in his bed. Regina knew what was going to happen and it was just a matter of when. She knew she wasn’t just there because of DVDs. When Abraham stepped out of the bedroom to turn off the TV in the sitting room, Regina got a WhatsApp message from Hakeem: I’m really sorry. Can we talk tomorrow?