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Almost Perfect Rendezvous

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All through the flight, he had managed to suppress his anxiety; he was finally going to see her again. The first half of the year was tedious for him; he had gotten a promotion at work, so he decided to take a break. Having never been to New York before he was delighted when this girl that he liked suggested they meet there.

Moving On

He paused briefly, looked me up and down and with one brow slightly raised up, he asked, “Do you want to go somewhere?” He looked like no one had ever turned him down in his life and besides – I did want to go with him. First I needed to make that phone call.

The Parallel

Damola knew he had spent a great deal of time on the toilet seat on which he sat. His business in the toilet had been concluded several minutes ago but his fascination with the way the ants tugged, pulled and carried the cockroach he had knocked upside down by kicking at it, some minutes earlier would not let him get off.

The Battle Lost

My skillful endurance and endless prayers were as futile as taking a knife to a fight with Hitler. The harder I fought, the deeper I fell in love with him and the deeper I fell, the easier I made her job. No matter how much he wanted to be away from her, he needed her to survive and the scent of her skin always chained him back to her post.

Three In One

It bust wide open and Temitayo’s Mum asked, “Temi, who are you talking to?” He smiled. “My…” The 16 year old looked left and right for his friends but no one was there and the sudden realization he was alone put a frown on his face. “…self.”