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Poster Colour Sunset

Memories of her flood my brain, some from the time we spent together but even more from the time after. There were a lot of things I didn’t know about her until we broke up, like how she had a lopsided gait when she wasn’t wearing heels as if her left leg was shorter than her right. I guess I make a better stalker than boyfriend.


It’s going to be fine, my dear. Things happen and we ask God why, we have every right to ask. It’s very painful but we just have to believe that God knows best and he is working things out for our good.

Crayon Painting

It is Friday, the sky is gloomy as if it is in collaboration with the mourning too, today is the funeral service. Your father has been charged and transferred to white house prison where he awaits trial, you still don’t go to visit him or think about it.

The Pee Partner

They say he went out one night with his pee partner Jimi, but on their way back he fell and slammed his head on a stone. Jimi told the school authorities that he didn’t know Nedu wasn’t behind him that night. The next morning, they found his bloody body on the corridor. He had bled to death.

A Week After My Funeral

I was still in an awe when I was jolted back into reality and the time now was 5:47 PM and two nurses came to move my body to the morgue. I walked out from the Hospital this time not through the doors but through the walls. I spent my time on the streets watching as people went about their daily business

A Favour from God

James was my elder brother; he was two years older than me. My father had just died, and we all sat in the blindingly white waiting room in the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital—James, our Aunty Grace, our help Agnes, and I—waiting for my mom. Aunty Grace had called her immediately it happened.

The C.L.A.U.S. Chronicles [3]

African woman in santa hat

Their outfits were equipped with invisibility holo-cloaks and a range of small devices that Yukino thought they would need. The plan was to travel light and avoid a fight as much as they could. Seun did not believe avoiding a fight was very possible so he brought his twin knives just in case.

The C.L.A.U.S. Chronicles [2]

African woman in santa hat

During her time, she never got to meet older C.L.A.U.S. agents until after two months of training so she waited for two months before actively searching for him. She’d been looking for him for a month now, checking the ‘new recruits’ database on the North Pole and asking around.

The C.L.A.U.S. Chronicles [1]

African woman in santa hat

The entire scenery began to flicker and then distort right in front of their eyes. Santa’s Cottage became a huge fortress barricaded by high walls. The beautiful lights were gone and in their place were cameras and some other equipment that she didn’t know. Seun and Lindsey took a quick look around and realized that everything else had changed.

The Old Man and the Camaro [2]

Today, we drove to Tarkwa Bay. This was something I should have done with Mr. Kiepenfocker a long time ago. I am not a great surfer, but I try. I patted Celina’s hood and gazed at the beach. The sun was peering out from the clouds and the winds pushed the whitecaps across the surface of the water.

The Old Man and the Camaro [1]

The first time I saw Huenis Kiepenfocker, he was red, out of breath and absolutely frazzled. The right side of his hair flailed recklessly in the arid Lagos wind, giving him a temporary Mohawk. He looked like a thin Donald Trump on a very bad day. I wasn’t faring well either. I just had yet…