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Two months passed, Mama and Papa were still at war. They didn’t talk or greet, they washed separately and ate separately. But, we ate with Mama because she always cooked inside our house while Papa ate outside.

Once Bitten

See, my roomie and I had a ‘bag’ where we pooled our rubbers. It was strategically placed, for easy access so as not to stop the flow of the ‘action’, and it was always well stocked. Or it usually was. So I didn’t bother to check it when I was doing my mental rundown

Dear Ify

The fear that you’d make an immature single parent pricks you and you regret maintaining your stance on abortion. You’re confused, even now unconvinced of the decision to keep the baby. The questions surround you like a man drowning in a river. So what about murder?

I Died At 9:45am

The moment she showed up on my doorstep, I noticed something seemed off about Adaku I knew. This minute she appeared to be lost in deep, sad thoughts; then like one jolted back to reality, the next minute she was initiating endless random conversations in between forced laughter.

Worn Not Torn

Maybe, he shouldn’t even let Joke go to university in order to avoid this nonsense modernization. He however wants educated children who will  buy him that big house and new car, the type his aged landlord’s son bought him, children he can visit in Lagos when they have their own families.

The Makeup Artist

Tinuke was careful with Hauwa’s face. Her features looked too delicate, like her nose would break at the slightest bend or her lips would crack at the slightest push. As Tinuke carefully lined Hauwa’s small eyes, with a Dior black liquid eyeliner, she tried to imagine what Hauwa’s world looked like through them. Tinuke tried…

Memories of Childhood

I hate school, but I loved learning. I learnt how to speak three different languages without being in any academy, although I am not fluent in any of these languages. I didn’t need to be boxed up in a classroom to learn them, I was interested, so naturally, I learnt. My first classroom experience, the…

Due Date

Look babe, if you guys are serious about enjoying each other before kids come – and for the record I think it’s a great idea. Dave and I are doing great, and we love Jr. and this one coming with all our hearts, but sometimes, just sometimes…

Raison d’etre

The sharp ringing of the phone pierced the stillness of the night. Jared reached across the buxom female beside him, his fingers grazing her nipples before grabbing the phone vibrating on the night stand. She let out a slight moan before turning over, the navy blue quilt wrapped around her body shifting up, revealing a…

Happy Endings

​This feels like a dream come true!! Felicia looked resplendent in her bright white wedding gown as she walked down the aisle. She paused for a second as she stared at his clean shaven face, the smile on her face widening, as she struggled not to let the tears destroy her beautiful make-up. I can’t…

Love Is Pain and Pain Is Loving

He didn’t care. She was his wife and he would deal with her as he pleased. Shalewa’s mother was used to this. She knew the procedure: make up, scarf and long sleeves were just enough to cover the signs. She knew this life all too well and was sure he’d come tomorrow, sober as ever, with an even more creative apology than the last.