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Complete Me

Words couldn’t describe how Grace felt during the coming weeks and months. It took a lot to get over the fact the only thing that seemed ‘wrong’ with her was the tribe she came from. If only it was for some other reason, she would do anything to change that.


Do you remember all the songs you played for me? “The woman I love – Jason Mraz”. How you made me fall in love with James Morrison? You’ve ruined sex for me, O. ‘Cos no man seems to know just how to choke me right.

Dear Ibiye

For everything I have become or obtained at any particular time, whether good or bad, it has been largely as a result of the people I called friends at that time. So I say to you, if you have found good friends, the ones that spur you on to success, hold them closely. They are rare, sometimes once in a life time.

Laaroye Oba Ejola

Giant Cobra

Oba Ejola sunk his fangs deep into Adebola’s forearm as the hunter let out a cry of pain. He managed to switch his cutlass to his left arm and struck with all his strength severing the snake’s head. He staggered backwards, into a wall, watching as the remains of the snake danced and writhed in pain spurting pungent dark red blood everywhere.

Memories: Fate Gave Me Chills

I ran until I reached my deserting classmates who didn’t notice that I was missing until I rejoined them. “What happened? Where were you?” I realised that none of them saw what just happened, so I kept mum. I didn’t answer their questions. I only folded my arms across my breasts, my shivering hands stroking them in the dwindling heat.