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Dear Mosquito

You are a witch. Or you aren’t fully aware of yourself and the invisible powers that be, but there’s something about you that blinded me and made me fall for you so helplessly, I ended up inflicting deliberate pain unto myself.

One-Night Stand Gone Wrong

In the morning we were woken up by his mum’s call. He answered, it was the hospital asking him to come over. he hung up and looked at me like something was wrong. “it’s the hospital, they want me to come over, mum is not doing well, the last time something like this happened was when my grandmother died. My mum has passed, I’m sure of that” he said.


They stepped aside as he approached Jerry still lying motionless on the ground. Chuka squatted to feel his pulse and thereafter, placed one of his palms on the other and then began to press both hands on Jerry’s chest, he would pause intermittently to send air through his mouth into jerry’s nostrils.

The Wait

This was the 5th of their weekly ritual as a couple. Sometimes, they did spontaneous sex; sometimes it was a must-have, even if they both were at opposite ends of the world. Slamming into the core of her desires, one final slam got him grunting in satiation.

One And A Half Night

“There is no way in heaven or even in hell for that matter that a girl like me will ever settle for a guy like you,” she added.

“But Deba, I love you with my heart and all I’m asking from you is that you love me back with your heart. Should that not count for something?” Victor interjected, his voice almost breaking.

My Beautiful Mistake

Go out there and be happy, you survived mistake lots of people might not have, all by yourself, and you made it. So what are you afraid of? What could be worse than getting pregnant at 18? Having no family or friends to turn to? Running away to a strange city to have a baby when you are only a child yourself? Do not allow yourself to wallow in doubt or self-pity, you are more than that.