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Urushi [3]

Now standing there all by himself, lost for words and scared to death, not knowing exactly what line of action to take next, he turned and regarded the house one more time. It was then he saw the house proper. Almost dilapidated, dirty cloths, empty sachet water nylon flew about the approach to the house.

Urushi [1]

On his way to the living room, the call stopped again for a few seconds. Just as Folu paused to decide what next to do, like some strange pianist who had suddenly found his keys, the voice resumed, but this time from one of the empty rooms in the flat which he had converted into a store where he kept household items which he considered useless but still kept with the hope they might one day again become useful again.


She needed to act along till she knew what the weird woman was up to before she unleashed the power within her. So she sat still. While still contemplating Aunty Funke’s response, Ocheche was distracted by a sound. The sound that assured her the night would go in a direction she had desperately hoped it would not.

Life in Bodyville

“So this madness was almost over?” Brain thought. How could they really come up with this crazy argument..! He had the answers already. But he had to see this to the end, for others had spoken and it wouldn’t be fair to deprive the rest of the same chance to do same.

Dear Child

The white asbestos was the last thing she saw as she fell back. The pain and the blood were the first things she remembered when she fully regained consciousness, she had never seen so much blood before.

Almost Perfect Rendezvous

valentine sex

All through the flight, he had managed to suppress his anxiety; he was finally going to see her again. The first half of the year was tedious for him; he had gotten a promotion at work, so he decided to take a break. Having never been to New York before he was delighted when this girl that he liked suggested they meet there.