Read some of the best short stories from our award winning columnists and public contributors

The Spirit of Ecstasy

The smell of her cheap perfume and toxic fumes made the air very unhomely. She put the little pride she had left aside and slurped him until he bust a nut. That’s what they call ejaculation. Some of her mates were working in oil companies. Some others were with their husbands or wives and children. There she was rinsing semen out of her mouth. Cursed generation!.

A Crack In The Head

I didn’t know when I smashed her head into the dresser where she had been packing her makeup kit. I can’t even remember standing up from where I sat. I calmed down when I saw her front tooth fall out, I started begging her not to tell anyone but she took that time to sneak out of the door and run.

The Smiling Woman

He drained his glass at a swig and she refilled his glass again. Johnny held his drink with one hand and tickled her breast with the other. She took in the smell of his perfume as she snuggled up close to him, spilling his drink and they kissed. She traced imaginary lines on his hairy chest; she knew he loved it, she knew it from his breath.


“If I know anybody in need of catering services, the first person that comes to mind is Feyi and that’s what I want with you. There is some writing to be done and I refer you immediately and not just because of your ability to write or that you are my friend but your quality too.”

One Uber Ride

The first two minutes were quiet which was broken by him asking how my day had been. I was going to lie but no one had cared to ask me, so I told him the truth about it being my first day and how stressful it was, after which I noticed a smile at the corner of his lips.

Violent Prayer

“Tell your neighbor ‘Give me chance, give me chance!’ Move far so you can really give them the fire”. The congregation moved as necessary. Legs widespread to balance him well, he no longer cared whether he spoke into the mic as he shouted “OH LORD GOD MY FATHER!! CONSUME THEM WITH YOUR HOLYYYYY GHOOOOOSSTT!!”