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Minna, Saturday: Two Naira For Alms (Part 4)

In the five years Sefullahi worked for Kazeem, he was awarded employee of the year for the last two, and everyone rejoiced with him, including Kazeem’s sons Rukayatu and Raheem, who from day one, accorded him with such venom that Sefullahi eventually decided to stay away from them to avoid being unknowingly done in. Rufiyat, on the other hand, begun with vile towards him, or he thought so, until the day she startled him with a kiss that he immediately reciprocated

Minna, Saturday: Saving Grass (Part 3)

Service lasted three hours and every time the Holy prophet raised his voice to shout a declaration of grace, the exact same sensation overwhelmed Amara. Her joy knew no bounds. Her story was changing indeed. At a point, she thought her body could not take it anymore, but she persevered. As benedictions began, the sensation took on a more lengthened stream, and along with it came a fast-rising sexual tension

Minna, Saturday: A Righteous Warrior in A Son (Part 2)

At the market front, Rufiyat jumped a little when her name was called from a distance. All the way from her son back to the market had been a sluggish drift of aloofness. Emeka, her neighbour trader in onions at the market, who had become something of a second son slash friend to her was the one who called. She touched her face to ensure there weren’t any traces of tears on them. “It’s past three, Rufiyat. You missed our break. Where did you run off to? What did that woman say to you?