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If You Have These 15 Childhood Memories Then You Street Cred As An Ajepako Is 100%


1. The official neighbourhood ‘baiday’ party that every Ajekpako attended One Fanta, One Coke, One Sprite, One Ginger Ale. Plus popcorn (aka guguru), groundnut and chin-chin. BUT NO CAKE! 2. All the games Ajekpako kids got to enjoy  Confam! 3. When it is 4 p.m. and you hear ‘War Start’ in the neighbourhood I cannot…

13 Things People Who Grew Up In ‘Face-Me-I-Face-You’ Compounds Can Relate With

TNC / Via Imgur

In the heart of different cities in Nigeria, lies certain aggregation of houses known as ‘Face-Me-I-Face-You’. The life over there is on a whole-noda-level, I tell you. So for those that had the ‘luxury’ of growing up in such quarters, these are some of the things they can understand perfectly: 1. The struggle to bathe…