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Nabila has yet to build an immunity against the irritability of her mother, so unlike her kid sister who would outlandishly forge excuses for her dearly beloved mummy, Nabila makes no effort whatsoever to suppress her disgust with her old lady this time. When Nabila’s mother staggers past her, Nabila’s senses are bludgeoned by a violent stench of waywardness and its frills.

For How Long . . . ?

Six continents experienced this, it happened simultaneously. It hit the continent of Africa most. Her topography changed–nature disappeared in cities. Green plants and forest trees became brittle and could turn ashes just with a strike of a match on its box. But the villages still have their nature. It was as if God was angry with people living in cities.

Don’t Shut The Door

You have decided to never remember him again. You have gotten rid of images, of chats, of clothes, of memories….the same memories you fought so hard to preserve initially. You don’t even want to hear his name or speak of him ever again. You think you deserve to be happy, to live….after all you did not kill him, you didn’t cheat, you didn’t lie. He was the one who bailed out of the relationship.

You Asked Me To Write

There are so many things I wanted to say to you, I kept thinking, would it make Dee feel sad, will he choose to kill our friendship with silence? I think I was afraid of that for a long time, so I kept mute. All the times I should have told you to your face that what you did was bullshit I kept quiet.

Think Big For Nigeria

Greatness awaits us. We only just have to find a way to prepare and bypass mediocrity and distractions. Like in the case of Nigeria, going out to cast your vote in the up coming 2019 general election as a youth, without perpetrating violence of any sort is also part of that mind preparations and development been referred to.

Confession of a “Church Boy”

When in a relationship, because of my faith and desire to be celibate, it’s a struggle that gets the best of me from time to time. I meet a great lady. I put my belief and desire to be celibate upfront. She accepts it and states that although that may or may not be her desire, she will succumb.

But every once in a while the flesh of passion rises and I succumb to my own desire of pleasure. I feel a bit guilty afterward (that’s called conviction). I repent and strive to do better.

Africa is Africa

There was starkly no bias in one’s appreciation and acceptance of Africa irrespective of the source of information. To this extent, one’s appreciation and acceptance was primarily at par whether the dispenser of African knowledge was Ali Mazrui, Chinua Achebe or an outright non-African in the mould of a westerner. In the case of a…


To understand ass is to understand spirituality. How else would you explain why one part of the body will cause an innocent man to defy the laws of physics and biology and turn his neck 180 degrees?. If you think I’m joking, just go to the market place or live in a neighborhood with yoruba people (pepper is not their only trademark) and you will see miracles (TB Joshua is an apprentice).

Na Bonus

He shifted his gaze to the girl. She was quiet, still, and noiseless. Her eyes were restful as the unstirring calmness of the moon. No, not the moon, he thought. The dead will be a better analogy. But she was dead, no analogy. Her body lay in the safe embrace of the sands. Flecks of sands crept over her mouth. She had a nice smile, her smile could charm the dead to life

What Does Religion Really Have to Do With Women & Our Contraceptive Pills?

Women have had a tumultuous relationship with the world for almost the beginning of time, I cannot imagine what it was like centuries, but today, it’s still a bloody mess. One major breakthrough for women was the inception of contraceptives. It turned things around for women. Although it still sucks that the sole responsibility of avoiding pregnancy is placed on women who are only fertile a few days a month as opposed to men who are fertile as loamy soil every single day is a patriarchal agenda that needs to be amputated.

Okafor’s Conundrum

Monogamy is a farce. Who says you were meant to love one person alone? I mean, out of seven billion, nine hundred ninety-nine million, nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine people in the world, is it possible to have just the one soul mate? Think about it for a minute- or longer if you wish.

Falz – Transactional Sex/Prostitution/Legalization

Germany makes about $18 billion dollars from legal prostitution annually, with 400,000 registered sex- workers. The Nigerian government can also benefit from taxation of this industry. And since we boast of a massive population tethering on explosive proportions due to our love for sex and ‘procreation’, and currently being the extreme poverty capital of the world,