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The Seven Year Canon, and An Album featuring Duncan Mighty

It would seem that an artiste for which 2018 has served as a year of maturating and of becoming; having enhanced her understanding of the Nigerian music industry is Teni. Following decent singles in 2017, Teni in 2018, particularly through ‘Askamaya’ makes a strong statement of intent as to the manner through which she’d exploit her unique position/contribution in the big pot of Nigerian pop.

Why Abortion should be Legal in Nigeria

With the high cost of living and low income plaguing the country, raising an unwanted child is very expensive. It is time consuming, it drains you financially and emotionally. The onus is on the woman to bear the burden of taking care of the baby alone in majority of the cases of unwanted pregnancies. If she’s lucky, the baby’s father or family members help out.

Between Celebrity Garb and Political Expectation: An Anonymous Interview Converged On Suits!

When a celebrity artist dresses say with buttons open and parts of the body exposed, we find it palatable because they are artists. However, when a politician does this, it is unacceptable. There is a strong relationship between fashion, the position you are as a politician or celebrity artist, the reputation you built prior, and what people expect of you.

Burnt Petal

I have to kill you before you kill me!” he quoted a bible verse or two, the one about training up a child and not departing from it as he fussed with the greatest hate I have ever seen. Ann my younger sister rushed in crying already, she heard me cry that was all she needed to join the chorus

Orubebe Time?

The distance between their individual capacities and that of the President are not miles apart, if any. The PDP and its candidates want power at the centre for the PDP, and not for Nigeria. The APC wants the same, but it appears the lesser evil for Buhari’s defiance to unfavourable electoral will is steeped in the benefit to Nigeria, of sustained leadership

V: Conversation With Him

That’s one thing I know I did consistently today. I laughed hard and loud. Even the fact that I attended to customers back to back till about 3:30pm didn’t stop me. I found reasons to laugh at almost everything because I was super happy. The thought of having 2 work-free days did that to me plus, I was coming home! The journey home, however, was quite bumpy. I was about 30 minutes away from home at 7:00pm and already jubilating

I Remember When I was a Soldier

People calm their nerves in different ways, I calm mine by looking good. In fact, I dare say my beauty is directly proportional to my nerves. That is to say the more nervous I am, the more made up I look. I might not be intellectually ready for an exam, but best believe I’d be physically ready, a girl has to win some way.