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The Age of Innocence


Staring still into the sapphire sky, blank was my state of mind as I failed to notice the beautiful art works made on the sky by the cloud streak; wondering if growing up was a trap or we made a trap out of it. Now growing has deprived us of our innocence and naivety, fun…

America: Death of an Empire


Veni. Vidi. Vici. Empires come; are felt; are feared… and with the passage of time and temporality of human weakness, are conquered. With the era of human progress, however brute and savage, the Roman empire had grown and festered like ubiquitous bacteria, stretching influence as far as the regions of human thought and volition. Yes.…

Artsy Enough?


What if I get my inspiration for writing while sober? What if I’m a poet who doesn’t suffer depression? What if I have no cool backstory for my life? Will they take me seriously if I stayed this clean cut? Am I artsy enough if I hate the galleries and art exhibitions? Am I artsy…

One Simple Afternoon


The Beginning Before the beginning, work was work. That was how Boyega had always viewed it. He never got excited or bored by it. It was just work. That was how he knew he was in the wrong profession, because work should have meant a little more. So he decided to choose passion over a…