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The Unusual Beggar

At the University of Ibadan, beggars are not an uncommon sight. I think this may be as a result of the closeness of the premises to town. Virtually anyone can walk in unchallenged and without stress. It is unlike University of Ilorin or Obafemi Awolowo University, where getting inside the school’s belly requires not only traversing a great distance but possible security checks.

FA Cup Final Or Giving Your Life To Christ?

“So, brother,” he cut in, “you see the world is coming to an end and the signs are everywhere. The bombings, the kidnap of the chibok girls, the wars, these things have already been predicted by our Saviour. It is one thing to give your life to Christ and it is another thing to live a Christ-like life. It is not going to be easy with all the distractions around, girls going about almost naked…”

Will I Find ‘The One’?


A lot of people say that you should look at all your failed relationships as a sort of experience, a way for you to discover what you truly want in your life partner, and what you wouldn’t tolerate. But I feel like I’ve gained enough experience already! I’m tired of experience. Can I just have the love of my life now?

I Know I’m Fat; Now Go About Your Day

I have grown tired of trying to apologize for my weight. Yes, it’s something I can work on, but you can work on your stupidity and I don’t see you doing that. I’m not asking for sympathy, and to be quite honest, pity isn’t what any fat person wants. Personally, I want to be left out of conversations that revolve around stop eating this or exercise is good for you.