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The Crisis of Bad Nollywood Films

Alter Ego Movie

A large chunk of films produced this year hewed closely to comedy, a tried-and-true formula that props humour as the new gold rush, considering how AY Makun keeps making box office-impacting, travel comedy films. By this, we become forgiving of these films and their lapses. Atrocious acting only increases the comedic value.

Do You Know Passion?

You want a new job, don’t just say it, get passionate, act like you really need one, don’t sit on your ass and whine to everyone that cares to listen. You want to start a business, get passionate, start a plan, a plan can take you places, just a plan and every other thing will fall int place.

On Nigeria & Jungle Justice

Dear Nigerians, we owe a sense of responsibility to ourselves. And so, the next time we offer our very colourful show of concern when a bomb goes off in France, or a nuclear leak in China, or flood in Florida, let us also speak out in concern when a suspected thief is beaten, molested and burnt in Lagos.