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What Has Happened to MTN Project Fame?

TV shows live relatively short lives in Nigeria, the reality variety not any exception. They come into our lives with pomp and pageantry, but sneak out. The list of shows that were once part of our lives is long, headlined by Glo Naija Sings and Amstel Malta Box Office. Is MTN Project Fame West Africa about to join these defunct shows in the retirement home of television programming?

The Many Times We Tried at Love

We had discussed him before, when we just met, your now estranged business partner and friend of about ten years. Let me confess here that when you told me of your history with him and the intention to be all professional and keep it business like, I saw a problem. For me, it wasn’t about Okafor’s law.

Too Strong For Too Long

We pamper our men in every way. We sort out their clothes in the morning, all laid out before they wake up. All they have to do is stand up, have their bath and get dressed. Please note that the wife is also a working mother, who needs to get the kids ready before the nanny comes, pack their lunchbox, and get herself ready for work to ensure she clocks in before 8am.

The Return of the Premier League – 2017/18 EPL Overview

And so it begins, again. The Premier League returns for a 25th season this weekend, with its blinding lights and obscene swathes of cash sloshing around the place. Everyone associated with it is contractually obliged to describe it as the best league in the world, that this season will be its biggest and best yet, as last season was, and the one before it. But does it matter if it’s the best?

What Happens at the High Table

“As he guzzles the content greedily his eyes meet that of the female Managing director of a certain federal medical centre seated at the far end of the table. The look on her face depicts: Ehen? Longa throat. You couldn’t wait? Glutton of the century.”

The End Point

“A scary thought: perhaps, humanity is an experiment gone awry: a series of nuclear chain reactions that keep multiplying exponentially till infinity, with each new “compound” more unstable than the previous and generating a much larger quantum energy than that before it.”