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The Dreaded Red

perfectly single

Then there’s the diaper rash! Two days into my period and my inner thighs are beginning to chafe and my butt crack is all sweaty and uncomfortable. Alas, a normal period for me ends on Day 5, so I have to endure the nappy rash and hope for the best.

Dear Him

I cannot stop being myself because it is inconvenient for you. I cannot stop loving certain people because it hurts you. I can’t ‘magic’ myself to emotional stability or regrow my hymen because those things are inconvenient for you.

For The Love Of TNC

There were articles that shocked me beyond belief, articles that made me cry, articles that reverberated through my soul, articles that made me want to hug the person nearest to me. The best part, INFORMATION! Yes, I honestly can say that I never needed to watch the news or even go on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media app, because it was always all right here on TNC!

A Woman’s World

Why treat your son in a different way than you treat your daughter? Why does he get to have more pocket money? Or get to further his education and go for a masters degree,?but your once your daughter earns a bachelor’s degree, you are all hands off, the next questions is, Don’t you think you should be looking to settle down and have children? Who says it has to be that way? My father has always been someone I admire.

Adelaide’s Sin

He pulls my head down and kisses me pushing off his pants. I watch his face when pleasure takes him, I watch his face as he pushes into me. The same way I watched him beat me, beat me while I begged for the life of our child. His boss had insulted him and I was the scape goat, me and my unborn child.

The Hypocrisy Of Condemning BBNaija

People wonder why multinationals do not sponsor educative stuffs but rather BBN. When they sponsor concerts of musicians that shame your womanhood in their lyrics, you give them a sold out concert. Actually, there are numerous scholarship for education savvy individuals but inspite of that, people leave school with more exes and body counts than as in their transcript.