The Naked Truth

Why Abortion should be Legal in Nigeria

With the high cost of living and low income plaguing the country, raising an unwanted child is very expensive. It is time consuming, it drains you financially and emotionally. The onus is on the woman to bear the burden of taking care of the baby alone in majority of the cases of unwanted pregnancies. If she’s lucky, the baby’s father or family members help out.

A Crack In The Head

I didn’t know when I smashed her head into the dresser where she had been packing her makeup kit. I can’t even remember standing up from where I sat. I calmed down when I saw her front tooth fall out, I started begging her not to tell anyone but she took that time to sneak out of the door and run.

He Wants More!

1. I love him. He loves me. But I’m not feeling this relationship! He doesn’t care as much as I wish. He doesn’t express his love in the fairy lights I want him to. I don’t want to hurt him but I don’t think this relationship is working out even though it looks like it’s…

The Naked Truth Show 02: Sexting

Hey people, Toolsman here, back with another episode of The Naked Truth Show. We got a lot of positive response from the first episode and going forward, we’re going to try to do this once every month. Today we are discussing something really exciting… Sexting. Yup, you’ve probably heard about it but do you really…