I’m Dating An Extremely Endowed Man And I Never Imagined It Would Be This Difficult


Some years ago, I met a good man. In my head, I figured, “here is the one in whom my heart is well pleased”. I imagined the white house and picket fence. This guy was an orator, when he spoke, people listened because he had charisma and all that but with most things in life, there is the huge BUT!


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Some years ago, I met a good man. In my head, I figured, “here is the one in whom my heart is well pleased”. I imagined the white house and picket fence. This guy was an orator, when he spoke, people listened because he had charisma and all that but with most things in life, there is the huge BUT!  After almost a year into dating him, I was clueless about his bedmatics but since we had mutually agreed there will be no premarital sex, it was not out of place. I got curious after several ‘safe’ make out rounds and I did not feel any kind of bulge down there. I insisted on seeing it one day and for a man this close to perfection, he had the smallest junk when I saw it, I was shocked! Worst still, it did not make any attempt to rise to the occasion . . . literally!

Side bar: How do you know if a guy is impotent?

That said, I tried to stay with him but I had lost trust in him because I felt I really had a right to know in the early stage of the relationship, seeing as we were planning a future together. It was obvious he had a problem down there and as much as it was okay to think toys and other stuff will make up for the short fall, his bruised ego and my feeling of betrayal could not stand the test of time. I never found out how sex would have been but I was certain we would have had a lot of ‘are we there yet?’ moments. Sigh.

Then I met an average guy, nothing fantastic there. It was just normal, and of course being a girl that is kind of boring in sex affairs, I did not get to experiment with him. It was BASIC. I longed for something different. I wanted to be in a loving relationship, be satisfied sexually and unleash some kinky stuff (still working on this aspect) which helps when it comes to bedroom matters. Most importantly, I prayed not to meet anyone that was like boyfriend 1 above.

Well, I must have unconsciously prayed TOO much to God for a BIG guy downstairs because I met my ‘boyfriend of life’ a couple of months ago and for obvious reasons, someone decided to play a joke on me because sex with him till date is kind of scary as he literally has ‘King Kong Junk in the Trunk’! Sex can be painful especially as things stretch down there. He says it is because we aren’t doing it regularly and says it will get better if we become active lovers *shivers*. Basically, my lady part will expand to accommodate him as the landlord.

Well, you know how they say there is a particular person for everyone on earth? Yeah, I did not believe it until the first time we tried to have sex. I just figured there and then, God must have made some girl somewhere with something more elastic /wider to accommodate what I was staring at in that very moment!  Won’t let him go to her though, love him too much for that. Plus, I  feel like the luckiest girl right now because he is patient and extremely gentle, makes sure I am extremely lubricated and all but feeling that after-sex-throb a whole day/two days after the do get as ḗ be!

We are in a great place now and hopefully for the long haul but I have these crazy thoughts in my head during sex with him…

  • This is what crowning (when a baby’s head is coming through at child birth) must feel like …yea, that’s extreme but you get the gist.
  • If/when he leaves me, the next guy will think I am like a hole with no grip/end in sight . . . yea, I know they said that place recovers quickly but…
  • He will go right into the womb and deposit there at this rate.

Those are the extreme scenarios for me and I do know some of you guys have had at least one experience with these kind of guys and maybe know how to handle these situations. Please let us know if you have had an extreme case before, especially for the big ones and how you handled it so a sister can learn because I think my relationship is struggling in that area as we are basically mainly missionary (No crazy styles with this man and although doggy hits the spot, is sooooooo filling and seems safe, there is still that small pain). Epp me!

I have focused mainly on extreme small and big but please tell us what scares you/seems tricky when it comes to the junk in the trunk! Is it when it is too big?  Too small?  Curved sideways/backwards? Circumcised/uncircumcised?

Do tell….

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    1. Nadia
      Very arkwark experience, all I did was run from mr too tiny and too big down there,sex was never fun with these two esp.the later;so pain filled.
  1. JADE
    So in my booty call days i met this guy off twitter and we planned to meet up, i got to his place and every thing was fine and dandy till i saw his junk, omo. we used lube, we played around and i had the big O and was sooo wet, yet the thing no gree enter, it was just humongous. Three days later i still couldn’t walk straight. Another guy from twitter i met, his dick was so curved to the right it looked like the greater than symbol, omo i run o. I just prefer it moderately sized abeg and circumsized too. I mean how do u do the electric slide if his kini is too small?
  2. Ebi
    There is a thin line between big enough or too big.
    i think you may be happy with what you have, as long as it isn’t large enough to make you feel like your womb shifted everytime you shag bros. lol Trust Me! i know.
    I also think you may grow into it with time.
  3. Blaqlotus
    I’m still worried about number 2, especially if the next lover has a small/average junior.. Anyway, it will get better. you’ll be able to take him with ease after while, just keep at it. Doggy was always awkward because as he thrusts forwards, i kept pushing forward too, and i never rode him. My liver no gree. So learn a lot of styles that has to do with you being on your back or side, don’t let that big boy stop you from having fun dear.
  4. omolorlah
    On d same boat with u sis…it happened last year November and since then av been in ma crib cnt bring masef to go to him for now….fear of what myt apen cos it took me weeks b4 I healed….guess we av to sit back and wait for experienced peeps to guide us……
  5. Nkon
    Boiii, you haven’t seen the one that basically ensures you have your period every session. Everytime, helping me tie and dye and his sheets white and red.

    Very lovely chap too but decided my cervix, walls and womb were too delicate to be suffering assault and battery.

  6. Itua
    Lol. As Beyonce sang once upon a time, “it’s too big, it’s too wide, it’s too strong, it won’t fit, it’s too much… but I love his big ego”. Sometimes you fall madly in love with a guy but his ego really is just too damn big. How I’d handle it? Both me and Mr. Right would just have sex with other people. The person you have sex with doesn’t have to be the person you’re in love with/building a family with or whatever.
    But seeing as most people are too possessive to free the D for someone else, there are two alternatives: suck it up and take the D, albeit less frequently than you would otherwise; or break up and find another Mr. Right with a smaller ego.
          1. Don Flowers
            Oga Tula, preaz hurry up and post that Itua write up, can’t wait to read it, especially it’s practice in Nigeria. It raises too many burning questions
      1. Miss James
        Lol at outsourcing sex. Why are we even going to be together? And please don’t tell me about company and shii..We can’t be together if I have to endure sex with you, I can’t be enjoying sex or having sex with you at all if we are not together so just carry your chunk and goooo.
    1. Gio
      Outsourcing! Lmaoo. I don’t know if am alone on this, it’s okay to know that bae has been with someone else before we met, what I find hard to swallow is knowing that bae is seeing(doing) someone else when we’re suppose to be exclusive. I have seen open relationships and all but none ended well coz one party gets sentimental which in turn throws it off balance coz of the first point(knowing she/he was doing someone else simultaneously). Nah! Can’t deal.
  7. stubborn geh
    Wawu! All them experiences!! When I was younger,say 2006, my family friend used to lament about how her boo used to hit the walls of her womb during sex. In her words: “every thrust sent a sharp pain to the back of my brain/head”
    Being a virgin at the time, I used to think she was either crazy or jazzed cos she kept going back and I would be the one to boil the water she’d use to “cook-heal” the vajayjay!
    As if hot water and dettol and alum would shrink it to its initial size! Mschew!
    But i agree with you vanilla, there are girls made for such guys. #my family friend
  8. ibiela
    I’d never have sex if the D’s too small. I think this chick’s problem is she’s too tense and can’t shake the size out of her mind. You really do adjust to accommodate him, but she’s gotta calm down. Wish I could give a practical lesson for this cos words won’t quite cut it. It’s a lot easier when you’re on top with well endowed guys cos you get to control the depth of penetration and know which moves to avoid to prevent the pain. You’ll soon ease into it and be loving that big toy God blessed you with.
    1. Itua
      Speaking as someone who has tried what you suggest, I can tell you that sometimes the girl really is just too small, or the guy really is just too big. Not always a mental challenge or the girl being too tense; sometimes it’s a physiological issue. Some women have a narrow set pelvis and this is based on bone structure, not muscle which can actually stretch to accommodate a larger D.

      Also not everyone wants to accommodate a larger D anyway. The stretching process is not fun for everyone.

        1. Einsteinette
          Wait o, she said they are dating, it’s not marriage, if she mistakenly let’s that happen, she has to keep going bigger from there even normal will appear small… i should find a mathematical equation to explain this.
          1. ibiela
            That’s very untrue. The vagina really is a muscle that stretches and contracts. Any woman can go big and go small whenever she pleases, if she understands her vagina and how it works.
          2. Einsteinette
            Lmao!!! You think!!! cool… use rubber band and defend your hypothesis because my physics taught me there is a breaking point for any elastic thing.
          3. Einsteinette
            Dear Ibiela, Giving birth gives you a 9months break ma, it’s not a daily, weekly or biweekly occurrence ma. Do you know anything about the law of use and disuse, wear and tear, constant use… madam… even rubber band slacks… anything elastic is capable of slacking ma with frequent use. If you make braids, and use some sort of elastic band on it, you’d understand ma.
          4. Einsteinette
            *In Don Jazzy’s voice* Aunty Ibiela, if it’s slacked vagina is what you call fun biko take it… I’d find other ways to have fun. Arigato sensei
      1. Ibiela
        Also, you mean “anatomical” issue, not physiological and that description you gave is a problem with childbirth. I’ve never heard it used with regard to sex.
      2. *kira_writes*
        lol, everyone stuck to d idea of King-kong, didn’t consider the fact that she could just be tight…. although if that’s d case bf 1&2, lool.. well that aspect not for me to say, (let a lady connect the dots)
      3. Eagle
        itua and Einsteintte are so endowed with Graphical connotations…ur xptessions comes with an astronomical language cynoptisims..lol…Have not learnt anything like this in my entire years of adventure n romantic spree
      4. EAGLE
        Itua..You are amazing in this threads..You,einsteintte, ibea n co…You just made my year.
        In my entire year of adventure and romantic spree have not heard such a magnanimous way of expressing words in an astronomical imagery of not mixing words together..u guyz rock…itua..that name keeps ringing after going through this threads…I think some of us are not too big but we still have testimonies…Lol
    2. Miss James
      Calm down? No way…some women are not that deep and a slightly long D can hurt the cervix real bad. There’s no such thing as opening up to accommodate it o, I’m not sure about this but i think the elasticity is width-wise not length-wise.
      1. Ibiela
        I didn’t mean length wise. And that’s why I said she should get on top, so she can control the depth of penetration. Plus, we pretty much have the same internal anatomy.
      2. Frankie
        Truth be told dear Miss James, you said it all. In my over 20 years experience of having getting laid yeah, I have come to note to not all Vaggies could stretch that much. Despite not being Huge like Huge, some would complain, while some would take it all up, some would even tell you they still feel you right inside after hours of straph. I think to sum it all up, the same way men varies in sizes, length, gridth, curves, skinny and long, short but huge are just the same way the women vaggies are designed too. Some holes are just too tight you come faster, some too loose you have to discover a style to get some friction. My thoughts though yeah.
    3. Vanilla
      Lol gift from God. I bet the boo would totally agree with you on that one.

      This ‘on top’ business…. Hmmm, that is how some one will slip while at it and have the ‘D’ reach your oesophagus…. That is always the fear!

      Will see abt that….*shivers with fear*

  9. butterflymind
    Never paid attention to this before since i’m not sexually active, but now that i think of it that could be a real bummer. My babe once talked about sex with a guy being difficult– it felt like she was choking every time LOL.
    But if you’re married to a guy without testing the junk and then sex becomes hard, which way then?
    1. Miss James
      I used to have sex before I decided to wait so I know exactly what D would be perfect for my something and yes, I must see it o, sex is too important for me to be forming what I dunno plus I have first hand experience from this messing your cervix up thingy, you don’t wanna experience it.
  10. Afrohippie
    Err I think there are sex positions which help to accommodate size matters whether big or small… Just a little research should help solve this issue… There are books that would teach you how to take as much as you partner in that size would be a non issue 🙂 Same way bae likes fluffy girls because according to him, slim girls can’t handle the D and fluffy girls have more cushion for the pushing
    1. stubborn geh
      The names though…gusher? Really?
      one of my colleagues tagged gushers as “water Carrington”
      These names are ridiculous I swear
    Ok, all comments got me cracking on my sit. My experience: Edo boy, dull thing like that, Sule (fits the description) that’s his real name too. got the biggest junk ever!!! Thankfully am way more experienced that he is and even a handjob gets him there, but when he wants d real deal, i never fully let him get in as i end up faking the “O”. Never reached a real “O” with him. But then there’s Mr B, the very big rite sized Mr B… he used to be my Boo, hasn’t been for a while, been tapping that and would still tap that if i get the chance.
        Sule was at one point supposed to be a distraction from Mr B… Turned out he wasn’t gd enough and made me hunger more for Mr B.
  12. boom
    I feel you girl, being experienced myself.

    experienced a very tiny d (not worthy of being written in caps), 4 thrusts later dude was grunting like he had done a workload of 7 men.

    then the tiniest I ever saw, very fine well dressed guy…he toasted me for so long and then I caved he became all touchy by I wanted to chill abit, one day we got down, his d was smaller than a 5 year old, I was disgusted and left that night and never spoke to him ever, he was too embarrassed to approach me.

    then I met this guy with a “D”, like ’em porn stars (dream finally coming thru)… I cried the first few times. I vanished when he insisted on anal and I refused, one day during a quick e! he slipped that humongous truck up my ass, I got torn…poop came out freely(ok too much info) but that was the end of us.

    alum, lime and Hausa herbs work still…pinkie is back as ever, tight as a V and waiting for Mr. proper size.

    oh and yes, sampling before marriage is a safer deal.

      1. JADE
        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, HOHOHOHOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHHO, This right here is the funniest shit ever! sorry o Boom, please how does alum thingy work?ive heard alot about it and i wont mind trying
          1. Frankie
            Dont advice that that’s too dangerous btw, no matter how shrunken alums could get the vaggie to be, once you are wet and penetrated in a short while, you just would open up to your original size. Some of us men are way too experienced for such tricks lol. Just be real and learn how to contract your vaginal muscle, gain control on that dick and grip and release it at every thrust. see how fast the guy would offload his cum and thank me later.
      Boom!!!! I don’t know how the ass feels, never stuck around a guy who asked long enough to know. Them Vjayjays were created for the “incoming” and the Ass for the “outgoing” nt the other way round. However, I like a gd sizeable D, I never really feel satisfied with just the normal ish. I guess the fluffy, thick theory applies…
          1. MISS SHAGALOT
            Einsteinett, that’s why it would be nice to know who he is too. Since we are on the topic of “D’s”.
      1. boom
        lol do not be scared. i read to that constant usage of alum can be harmful. but northerners use it, they’ve used it for ages and i haven’t seen or heard anyone die from cancer.

        regardless, the Pinkie is elastic and some are lucky it goes back to shape.

        I’ve been lucky to meet MEN (D) not men (d). my next boo had better be big, thick, veiny… OK bye

        1. GOD OF WORDS
          HAHA I guess the assecration (Ass desecration) is not enough lessons learnt!!! What’s the worst that can happen from here on out yeah…..except the nigga gets interested in your ear!! *runs away*
      1. Frankie
        Shit happens, drunken sex, faster thrust and it just slips out and in it goes through the wrong hole. Its just an accident. Btw some butt holes are tighter than some Vs. Dont judge me, so I heard lol.
  13. Kikiotolu
    I don’t seem to understand oh. Please am a monk and don’t know how to come in….but you all know premarital sex is bad so just wait till the night of your wedding and check the package wey your guy gather. …you might be lucky

    Click on the link below to read the most hilarious story I have ever come across


    Trust me you gonna laugh your gags

  14. Nelo
    Wahala dey o. I once read that the Vagina being an elastic organ can expand to accommodate any size of dick. Interestingly this might not be the case(judging from comments here) .
    Babe, get a good lubricant
    (they abound in Pharmacies)and engage in
    longer foreplay before penetration.
    All the best.
      1. Sandy Strongone

        This is true Ibiela. Frankly speaking I like ur submission, most of all I like you. May I know you….
  15. Morenike
    Am just cracking up here in the office, my colleagues are like whats wrong wiv this babe…… the illustrations are so funny. I don’t think i can deal with the large chunk, cos i get a cut/tear most times when i go too ruff with sex with my boo who has a normal chunk….. am one of those girls that think sex is a punishment after having those cut, but i enjoy sex alot. The good thing for me, it heals up quick.
  16. highlandblue
    I’m delighted to hear that these resources are in plentiful supply. I can imagine the curiousity that goes with hearing someone is well endowed and wanting to go outside your relationship just to test it. May God provide for all of us according to our needs and may he lead us not into temptation that we cannot handle. Amen.
  17. Stubborn Boi
    This post and comments made my day literally, please keep them coming.

    By the way, what size does too big start from?

    I’m asking for a friend,

    I think before the width would be too big, it would be about 6inches or more but a girl with a 4 inch vjayjay will hurt if she meets a guy with a 6 inch dick.

    Again, I ask: what size does too big start from?

      I don’t think there’s a particular size tagged as too big… It all depends on the girls Vjayjays and experience I guess. Well except we talking some 10inches thick D, then u know that’s just a Bazooka and na die u dey. We re wired differently so the size of D your friend can accommodate may just be a pinky finger compared to what u can.
  18. Deeza
    I used 2 date a guy with a huge D years back, the first time we had sex I couldn’t pee afterwards till the next day, he’s so tall and huge and so frigging handsome.. I just couldn’t resist, whenever we did it it seemed like he would take out my whole womb, lol, but with time I grew to love him and just relax and I stopped focusing on the size mentally but just relaxed and u know sex has a lot 2 do with your mind, the more in to it you are the wetter you get, babe so free yourself, open ur yansh and relax.. #realtalk :p
      1. Deeza
        stubborn geh, sorry love or anyone else that imagery upset.. i’m so sorry, Lolz what I mean is actually for one to calm down and enjoy the experience, it’s all in d mind…
  19. chuka
    I should need a couple o’ days to get over this post and the trail of comments… Fear catch me sha…@itua…#outsourcingsex,electric slide… The lexicon is big..
  20. Madam Ye
    I remember I dated a boy when I was like 18…Tall, thin and lanky and hella cute. We had been dating for like 3 months touchy touchy here and there and I was fine with it.

    Till the D-day came *wink*…We were at his house house and the touchy touchy has progressed. We go upstairs to his room and lay on the bed…

    Then he whipped it out. At that age this was my first time seeing such a thing. I was quite appalled to be quite frank. The first thing that came out of my mouth and I can never forget was ‘Where do you want to put that?’

    Being that strong ting was obviously doing him, he was upset and definitely in a hurry to have a dip of my honey pot. He used like an hour to convince me to actually do the do. And I reluctantly gave in.

    To be honest, almost every sexual experience before and after that I can remember but for some reason, I have no recollection of any of our fun times that me and this boy shared (man now) shared. I know for sure it was definitely my first time of experience a very well endowed sumting…But after that nothing. I don’t know if it’s trauma memory loss, I have no idea.

    But fast forward 10 years later, I know what I like like.. And it’s the bigger the better. You just have to work it. Be in control. Don’t let the guy just dagger you down anyhow…

    Long sigh…Tis’ been a while….

    Back to work.

    1. Frankie
      And you ladies just put up comments that makes 5ft, 6ft averaged dicked guys like us feel less wanted. But the goodnews is we still get shagged now and then and the ladies keeps coming back and so am proud of my size. Not getting any enlargement down there period. #Pained #SoPained lol
  21. Einsteinette

    I don’t know what to even comment again. I think a guy needs to know how to use his D, big or medium… Small doesn’t count, I’d have just done a guy with fingers than a small “d” because fingering is even more profitable. What’s even more annoying is the confidence big guys have, they would now be going hard and barging the walls, like they want to make a point. Oh well… sex compatibility is everything for me. I can’t marry blindly and since I’m not one to cheat, I have to first put one leg before I put both on the floor.

  22. Einsteinette

    One more thing, you see that open space there, you don’t want your vjay to be looking like valley of death/no return that boys would be jumping and passing. Vanilla saw extra large D (Ctrl + B did not work on the D), she dusted her slippers, put it under her armpit and Vamoosed!!! Vanilla is a wise girl, be like Vanilla.
  23. Jaybaby
    Okay, totally hilarious post!!

    Hmmm, about 4 years ago. I started a long distance relationship with this guy. We were all fun and cool, Dude was really good looking with abs to die for!!

    The day came when i finally agreed to go down south with him. Prior to that, he always used to tell me he was really huge but i thought he was joking till i saw it myself.

    I practically felt like he was hitting my womb each time we had sex especially after a long while. But with time it got easy, one important rule is; no full penetration! Need i say Sex with him was good plus he was more experienced than me which was good. Just relax and with time your body will accomodate him.

  24. JanJan
    How tall is the writer? I dunno why but I feel like your height counts for something here. I am 5’8″ and I generally prefer the big ones (titanic to be precise. no speed boats welcome here). I’m currently seeing a guy who fits the description above and I am LOVING IT. I think the trick for me is to be very attractive to the guy because that helps with arousal. The women may agree that its different doing it with someone you’re attracted to and someone you’re not. When you’re heavily attracted the man, you can get wet without him even touching you and by the time yall start touching, you’re close. Also the whole interconnection with the ANS (it’ll take an entire book to explain this. But you should find Vagina by Naomi Wolf. worth the read).

    My advice is, when you can control it, you should do stuff that relax you and loosen you up. It could be exercise, a massage, alcohol or weed. Sex is more sensual when you’re less tense. For me all the above work. Find what works for you, let yourself go and enjoy the sex. He loves you, which is why he’s gentle, but missionary gets boring. Relax! Big dicks are rewarding (MULTIPLES AND SQUIRTS). I agree with the person who said getting on top puts you in control. When you’re on top, you can do the reverse cowgirl and just bounce on the tip. Do it as a routine. Dip the tip 10 times then gently slide it all in. repeat this 5 times and see how wild he gets.

      1. JanJan
        Well, I’m a woman and I won’t mind lending a guy some tips. After all sex is something shared between and a man and a woman. The woman therefore deserves as much satisfaction as the man.
      1. JanJan
        I’m still reading it and sexperimenting along the way. She is dope indeed. I’m learning things about my cooch that i didn’t know.
    1. stubborn geh
      My advice is, when you can control it, you should do stuff that relax you and loosen you up. It could be exercise, a massage, alcohol or weed.
      This where squats come in very useful. I do a minimum of 110 squats everyday and there’s no anaconda to test its effectiveness. The irony!
      1. JanJan
        You might wanna learn booty clapping to go with those squats. They’ll come in handy when Anaconda arrives. Remember this day when he grabs your booty and spanks it while you bounce and clap.
    2. Einsteinette
      Dear JanJan, I think you should pioneer a sensual arousal simulation class… we’d call it sas. It would be like Yoga, you teach, I’d do business development and branding… 50-50 profit. I believe in the business and it would be more viral than yoga.
        1. Einsteinette
          What if we focus on the result, the juice… we don’t have to make it just about the women… more business. Our target market would be people interested in hitting the peak of the “O”, this would be fun.
    3. Snow
      “Dip the tip 10 times then gently slide it all in. repeat this 5 times”

      The last girl who was smart enough to try this while ontop of me didn’t get to repeat 5 times, by the third time, my synapses were frying. I just held her waist in the air and went all in. It is not my brain you will melt IJN

    4. Snow
      “Dip the tip 10 times then gently slide it all in. repeat this 5 times”

      The last girl who was smart enough to try this while ontop of me didn’t get to repeat 5 times, by the third time, my synapses were frying. I just held her waist in the air and went all in. It is not my brain you will melt IJN ………..

      1. JanJan
        I swear your comment had me roaring with laughter. That is the expected reaction though. Your brains are supposed to jump and move you to take charge( I mean the brains in your lower head). The girl sounds like a woman who knows her body and exactly what she wants. I applaud her. Some people are way too prudish.
      2. Gigi
        LOL. So 6 months after this post, I tried out this trick and oh my days! My man literally grabbed my waist and drove the big guy all the way up.
        Can’t say we weren’t pleased with the results.
    5. woyi_oc
      I’ve heard of this technique. The one i heard was a little different though. it was like
      9 shallow then 1 deep
      8 shallow then 2 deep
      7 shallow then 3 deep
      …On and on till you reach 10 deep thrusts.

      I can’t remember if you start the 9 shallows again or you go for broke with deep thrusts from that point on…

  25. Babe
    Haha ! Average size curved downwards any day .. Huge dicks are too stressful. Sometimes the pain lingers up to a week. The pain when you pee or sit or when you touch it. Even when you lube there’d still be a little discomfort sometimes bruising.
  26. Shaded
    Wow! Now i understand why i never enjoyed sex with my ex (only one for now). The D* was hitting my cervix and he was huge (i thought that was how they all were). I can relate to the pain when urinating et al.

    *Taking notes.*

    Good read.

  27. Vanilla
    Thanks for all the comments, its good to know the post was relatable to alot of people and mehn……I have learnt some things from comments above. I have laughed a lot too!

    All in all, It only gets better from here.

  28. padre
    well am a guy Don’t know were I belong… weather average or small No one ever complain or compliment about my size… but there love the sex though and always come back cause I gat skills… I know am not a D but how can I find out where I am?…should I ask my sweet sugar puff?
  29. aDe (With a capital D)

    Quite funny comments tho, the girl I’m casually shaging now is really good in bed, she’s got a beautiful body and she copes with my “25-minutes-a-round sex. There’s jus one thing, it’s either my D is slim and long or her vajayjay! is jus very wide.
  30. Deejay
    Well, if the ladies are all complaining about the pain of a big D, then why keep going for them and keep saying it has to be big. I guess in a nutshell, its more of quality than quantity. and more of performance than size.

    Well, I don’t know where I belong but I don’t think I carry last when it comes to shagging for hours, maybe that’s why I don’t do daytime shagging. Oops!!!

    Read someone is into outsourcing, trust me, I am more than available and capable for outsourcing jobs…Smiless

    In all, this is the best and craziest I ever read in a long time. Couldn’t contain it in the bus and it got the babe beside me wondering. I think I got my self a shag mate because of this… Thanks.smiless.

  31. fola
    damn! Lotta exprienced folks outchea with different stories to tell…well as i guy i think you should open up and let him work you gentle and with time you both can increase the speed and thrust, cos i’ve got a medium buh long D and it works for me
  32. Ablegenius
    Men, I laughed, my stomach arched. Leaned a lot too, am also endowed. With all what I’ve learnt. Nah die for any bae that’s gona come my way. Please keep the post rolling
  33. fabio
    ah didnt wana drop a comment cos am currently mourning. but am here talking abt vjays and D’s. well i think its not really abt d size, its all inda head.sex starts in da mind first. ur v jay can contract for a small D and expand for humongous D. ihave never seen a D a size of a baby”s head, so if a head and midwife hands can go thru, so wat are we talking about.so just “open your yansh and relax” . enjoy sex jor. at least dats d only thing keeping nigerians happy in dis very unhappy change Govt. and bookmarking dis page and sharing to my friends.
  34. diva
    this really got me laughing hard especially from Itua. Well last year i met a guy and though he was big on the outside but mehn his d was the same size as my pinky finger and he even had the O before he penetrated. Well my present boo have a big D and at first it wasnt fun because it do touch my heart (lolz) whenever we are on it but with time, i got used to it and am loving it and sometimes i wish it will get bigger. Actually a big D is fun if you can accomodate it
  35. Otunba O
    …lwkmd…pls make this into a book. .i’v been scared,learnt,reminisced and a whole lots of other things reading the comments….thing is as a guy,be a pro exchanging your baton, cos you never can tell how much area your baton can cover on the track…..thanks to all the sharers @boom*****(5-star)
    ……*anal kinda gay*..my view
  36. Mahoganie
    I once dated a guy with a minuscule “d” (not big enough to write in caps- Using someone’s words). He was all fresh, so much charm, bear in mind i met him after a 3 year hiatus when i wasn’t sure if i was still a virgin. But i had it in mind that i would finally give up whats left to this guy. After talking on the phone and skyping for a while, i planned a trip to his. He was everything and some i thought i wanted in a guy. Through out the day, we made out and ish but no bugle, i figured he was good at packaging or he wasn’t turned on. When the appointed time arrived, i was in shock, he tried to use a condom but unfortunately, they don’t make condoms his size so it literally didnt stay on, he was also from the school of thought that constantly ramming would make up for it, i just lay there with “kuku kill me on my mind” i totally never experrit it. Permit me to say i left with what was left of my virginity. I got back to my house and kept on looking for ways to break up without outrighly saying why and then one month later my graduation would come up and we would have a silly fight which i capitalized on and ended things. He tried everything to get back but that was no way honey i’m gone.
    My almost husband is just the right size for me – happy much even though some times he hits my cervix and i have lower abdominal pain for a couple of days or soreness. (Just threw this part in).
  37. Chenko
    seriously, u guys got me jerking on my seat. buh that 10small penetrations and full thrust can kill. the last time I was serviced , I almost forgot mai DOB. buh forever a fan of heading.
  38. mystique
    Thank you all for the not so encouraging comments,am scarred but am hoping not for life though,I Have been dating my b.f for two years now and there has been No sex as in penetration,but we Have been naughty in other areas,the first time I saw his work-man tool(He’s an engineer) I told him it was too big for him,*he’s so slim* and I Have not realky been lookinv forward to having sex with him cos when he slipped in a finger one time during our semi sex,I felt like all these stories we hear Where mothers put pepper in their daughters V’s,I was just fanning myself and crying pepper,he had to take me to the a/c at one point and spread the lips of ny V to cool it so I would stop crying…IT AM ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED.
    P.S I *shivered along with your *shivers* literally Vanilla.
  39. Sniper

    I am with a length size of 6inch,width size of 3. Inch,but would be sincere that sometimes I still feel small underneath,cause when u plunge into some ladies,all I do is try to stay afloat…that makes me question myself what size is xtreme and what size is average…I think I need help there ASAP
  40. Gladys
    Ahhhh. And I thought I aff spoil finish. Lord have mercy. I dunno how I stumbled on this post abi thread but it’s killed me, brought me back and killed me some more.
    The boyfriend is so endowed. Almost too endowed. First time I tried giving him ‘a head’, I was surprised it was only the D’s cap I had in my mouth. I can begin to explain just how bittersweet sexx is with the brother. I am sha hoping he’s the one or else I fear my vajayjay might need all the alum and hausa herbs I can lay my hands on.
    By the way JanJan, thanks for the tip. I’ll try the booty clap and the squat ish. I hope he freaks out.
  41. SB
    Y’all need Jesus.????Giving yourself to a brother you are not sure would marry you? This generation tho. What happened to wait till after marriage. And some of you wonder why you get so depressed when the brother leaves you
    it is well
  42. ay
    Wow! This is the most hilarious (funny pass doz stand up comedy sef) buh true post I have ever come across.. Eyah the ladies made us knw wat they go through wen they get down with the men, sorry for the pains tho d post just enlightened our understanding about all d drama and shallah to d ladies loving d D.. Itua, janjan, deeza, stubborn geh, einstenneite boom, yall made this Worth reading… pls o let d posts kip rolling.
  43. Ade

    I really enjoy the moment. I take my time to read through all the comments and I can say I learn a lot. Not only that, I can say this is one of the best conversation I ever heard, no insults and all this blabla. Please keep it coming. My name is ADE. Email:[email protected]
  44. Ufuoma Joel
    Like seriously, this is really educating, but wait a minute, i am one of the endowed and my sister always use me for advert to her friends, not surprised though cos i really got a reasonable size, my girlfriend for 4 years now anytime she sees my D, she always have that fear but smiles having the confident on me assuring her of less pains which i always make her cum 4 to 5 times as she has always confessed, i dont rush it with her, i allow her adjust right in there given her hard but gentle penetrations, she always have her mouth wide open not really wanting to scream for pain but the mixture of ecstasy, sweetness and the very size entering into her, as it finally goes half way, she twist again and spreads her legs wider to allow deeper penetration, i see the juice all over my D as i trust in and out still on the gentle level not to cause damages to that beautiful tissues in there, when she finally swallows as much as she could, she calls the feelings that comes in during the thrust “Gbigimn Gbigimn” thats how she feels it deep inside her……Well, what i am trying to say is that, guys with big size D has to understand the body system of their partners, dont rush it in, its still yours for that moment, be gentle, be hard, and use the D to play with the wet P while you look deep into her eyes not letting her know when its all going to hit in,try do some oral, for those who like it, foreplay and all, remember doggy is very much enjoyed too by ladies only when the pains is also reduced so be sure to play your game well, so it will be a satisfaction of both and not just one…….i can tell you we do it anyhow and everywhere (but not in public), we just explore all that is involved, when she wakes up in the morning, she always ask for it, thats what gives her the gingerment to do her chores. In all, its really not about the size often but how the size play its game right in there, but a huge D with better skills completes it all, cos you feel it huge and deep and that satisfaction is also running alongside…….You look cool when you have got the best sex.
  45. EAGLE
    In the midst of this all : don’t let us be selfish…How can we help the Guys with small D’s to Grow Bigger…#BrothersKeeper
  46. Oa
    Big dick any day….. am big n proud life. I dnt ever want to be that guy with the small junk. I listen to girl who complain about their relationship cuz their guy can’t perform and I cringe
  47. Wandyvirus
    I’m currently in a sexual relationship with a very experienced lady(she has had sex with quite a number of men and she is understands the rhythm and language of sex,it’s science and the art of it).
    She is with a huge sized guy and the experience has not been pleasant to say the least. She says I have the perfect size and we have mind blowing sex three times a week (except she waves the Russian flag). She shags the guy once in three weeks(they live together)
    Size matters.
  48. Timmy
    Hmmmmmmmm………………. Well i read all the comments carefully and i must say,you guys really did a very good job analyzing and all. I’m a guy,very slim,not built in anyway and averagely tall,the thing is i don’t really know wat size i’m on or how its been measured all i know is my D is kinda thick. I have had sexual experiences with just 2 deff ladies all my life and i must confess none of the 2 came back for more after the second time,when i asked i got responses like “you want to kill me?” “do you take sex enhanced drugs?” and so on(i’m not bragging here). It really got me worried alot and kinda scared to go near a lady ever since(i’m talking of closed to 5yrs without having sex)cos of fear of loosing another person for the same reason. So please wat do you suggest i do,cos i’m really missing out alot in my sexlife and can’t really date a lady for a long period cos i don’t want it to lead into sex which might make her run away afterwards. Please i really need help on this.
  49. TC
    I was shagging one girl I met during my NYSC Period and she urinated on my D, she was crying all through the day, telling me that I have tore her bladder, but this did not stop her from coming back for more even though she complained that my D expand her V. It all boils down to using your joystick well.
  50. #i.care
    v nursed a patient with a 5cm coital acquired cervical laceration b4. Nt funny at all. pls b safe girls. nt every size is fine for u……….elasticity aside
  51. Jeff

    This for me is an eyeopener…been involved in sex for a while plus I got this huge cucumber..good submissions guys..plus i like the analysis of Itua…it was #lifetransforming… would like to know you…
  52. dara
    d first tym i had sex was lyk hell. My bf is a kind of slim guy and i was suprise with his possesion. Den it used 2 b painful cus we only do it once in a month due 2 my fear. He later had 2 take me 4 counseling and nw we are ok just dat i still cant go more dan one round.
  53. Elsupridad
    Penetrative sex is not the only kind of sex, oftentimes it’s not even the best for a woman. A focus on Foreplay may reduce some of the challenges of genital Assymetries. However it is the case symmetrical genital (yoni and lingam) pairings are better than assymetrical ones. Manual and Oral sex might be better options in situations where the dimensions of paired genitals are assymetrical.
  54. MyLady
    Woah! I dont knw hw i stumbled upon dis page bt i real glad i did cos you guys hav really widened my horizon….
    Was grinning from ear to ear reading thru ur posts…..learnt a great deal ????????
  55. KAS
    Ok so, I’ve been reading this post for about an hour! Wow, I don’t know about this but if girls could come out and explain to men what they want, there will hardly be divorce in marriages or “girlfriend run leave me” issues. I was telling my boss today that truly, women don’t need the money if you know how to use your “SCREW DRIVER”… Every woman will tell you “am securing my home bcos of my children”… what if the children now left for either school or their own homes, what are they still securing? D or Kids?… That’s the truth. Its the D that is delaying them. Tell you what, a girl can decide to die for you even if you are poor ‘IF you sabi shag her”… The next good thing which I see is, size doesn’t matter! O yeah, you heard me well guys. I got 7.2 inches long and 3.0 inches width “screw driver” that work at least 25 to 45minutes on each round except the first round… Tell you what. From all girls I’ve had, they never always leave me! Na me dey run. You wanna know why? They will want to repeatedly keep having sex. I remember one of my ex that want me 4 times everyday of the month even during her “4 days of bloodshed”!!!! Wow wow wow. “How do you do that bro?” Don’t ask me, try using your d well. I like learning from girls too about this sort of things. Would even like to have a whatsapp forum where we talk about it and girls should dominate it. If there is any… Pls add me or ask me to create it. 08067713924 (whatsapp only)
  56. WISDOM

    Wao,… It was a stressful day at work 2day, I ws so tired, bt bumping into dis page got me relieved… I love dis kind of platform wer matured minds ar rolling freely,….. Thumb up 4 d initiator! I also support d whatsApp opinion..! Add me 08033321316
  57. Shocker

    Lwkm.Na Waah Ooh. Nd i tot i ws a spoilt Brat by sleeping With so many gals Cos i Häve a sizeable D Turns out its a Blessing .Tank u all 4 Liking it. Contact Me here IF u r interested in it 4 d gals dem [email protected] so We knw eachoda beta Nd Janjan im Interested in Dat class Too.
  58. kenny

    hahahahaha.. this is the largest interactive sex debate and contribution online conversations av seen throughout this year, it’s got comedy, horror, sci-fi, drama and true life stories.. thanks to itua, boom, Jan Jan, Einsteinette and Co… Am in support of d whatsapp group too!!
  59. Lubricant
    Well I read it all and I cane wait for this to keep rolling on a whatsapp group. My number is +233245595633. I have female friends that will love to join this group in ghana. Hope to be added soon
  60. James A
    I totally concur to having a group chat. In this present living conditions, convos like these help relax d brain. I would love to know if/when one is created
  61. michael decency
    The major thing is to arouse the juicy part of the girl by long foreplay if you are endowed guy, I have a sizeable dick coupled with experience too cos my last girl always call me to knw if I’m at house and she will say I’m just passing by ur street so I decided to call to knw if u are around and I guess she dnt want to be open which I always respect that i.e going for wat u want and knowing wat u want. Well I support d whatsapp and I love d maturity of dis page that’s why I’m commenting @Itua and I really love u guys boldness and I’d love to meet u guys in person I will soon be in Ghana hope to see u pls dnt miss to be in d whatsapp pls.
  62. D boy
    Add me on whatsapp group. +2347038505383. God endowed me with a Very big D. i normally told my gf, that, that’s y they always come back. And i can stay upto 45mins, making sure that she reaches her O b/4 i bow. i love this group.
  63. D boy
    I’m hot but my wife don’t like sex. she can stay up to a month without sex. And is really disturbing me. Although, i meet her as a vagin, even when she was 28yrs and has a good character, she wasn’t into boy or girl things. That’s made me go for her.
    But me, I’m hot and knows more about sex than her. Having sex with her is like reaping her, cos she will always tells me she s weak and b/4 u knows it, she will dried up.
    I’m thinking of outsourcing outside. she s just a leaner in sex.
  64. Chris

    I have been craving for guy with extremely D all my life but from this post I rest my case cos I don’t want to have terrible experience
  65. Babyface
    Nawao naija with too much complain about size. Size no matter anything. Fuckology matters go for the course. Am a PhD holder in the field and now with my 6.3 inches d*ck I can f*ck till day break no be mouth. Today I prefer the slack n wide p*ssy to tight ones were I can flex all corners without holdup. come calabar jare for the lesson no be mouth.
  66. MarcDBig

    I tell guys who i tutor about sex dat having a big Johnson in ur truck is a great advance advantage over d average sized guys or d small sized guys.
    The bigger d Better and d more satisfying to d woman.
    However, one tin is for u to av a big black cock and another tin is for u to no hw to use it.
    Not everyone nos hw to make love, love making is an act and u must no and master d act of love making and it’s craft.
    Even jst by fingering a lady wit one finger can b painful to her pussy if she is wet enough let alone d monster black cock like mine.
    A guy dat nos hw to play and swim in d ocean of foreplay won’t av his lady complaining about pains in her pussy.
    Yes am so proud to say am blessed wit a monster black cock of 10inches in length and 8.9inches in girth with thick fat veins but I use it like a guy dat has a 4-6inches cocktail Dickson.
    What am trying to say here is dat size matter especially d girth of d cock to d woman’s heart felt mind blowing orgasmic bed rocking satisfaction.
  67. Shizzi
    This thread is tha bomb… Jux one hour of reading d posts here has made my century… Lolz… Will appreciate to b a part of any watsapp grup created in this stance. Am a guy and really thick nd long. My ladies are satisfied!!! 08061165421
  68. Olumide
    Honest post ????

    If you liked this one, the following TNC post is very much similar and very expository…

  69. Tom
    The goal of love-making is to give the women earth-shattering orgasm.
    The few girls that i have banged with my 10inches thick veiny fat D never complained about pains because of my skills and thrusting patterns and they always thank Me and come back for more roasted plantain, some times , I can bang same girl for like 3-4 times in a week.
    So if any of you ladies feels that you are always in pains after sex or after having sex wit a big D guys, that means these guys are not skilled enough , they have the tools but don’t know how to use there Tools in the box. In spite of my big fat D , I use it like the average sized D guys or the small sized D guys
    I have a lot tell you guys, just bbm -563F8A22 Me , especially those ladies that are scared of big D.
    And for you Chris, don’t stop looking for that big D because that’s what your body wants and I will like to meet you in person.
    You can add me on WhatsApp – +2347088067180, letz chat for real
  70. Danshiki
    Kudos to the op and every honestly naked truth contributor on this post. Wish we could – in real life – be this so nakedly & honestly factual in all our dealings. Casting my vote for the whatsapp group also.
  71. Motunrayo
    Hmmmmm… this is really an eye opener , couldn’t help but read through all these comments even when I should be sleeping. About the big D, I think I just learnt something. No more fantasies about that bouncer-like macho of a guy, Mi le wa ku! To think am even practising celibacy! That would be an extreme one chance! I can’t accommodate that in future! no way, but am not gonna break that decision for a trial anyway. I think an average D with just enough experience is okay for me…
  72. Tinalex
    wow! me thinks all these should be experimented in marriage so one won’t create a permanent picture in another’s mind

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