Family Business


Through the nuptials, he thought about their affair and how they successfully kept it secret till the end. No one found out about their escapades and vacations, not even after the merger with the Reginald Group of Companies that saw her leave the company while her boyfriend of five years became the CEO.


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His eyes followed her as she walked down the aisle slowly and happily. She looked up, saw him and winked at him through the thin veil. It was meant for him only and they both knew no one else saw it. When she reached the end of the aisle, she kissed her father’s cheek, grinned and stepped forward.The love of his life had never looked more radiant.

‘She is stunning!’, he heard someone say. He smiled and nodded in agreement. She was magical.


‘I want you.’

The voice had sounded seductive and familiar,low enough for him to know the message was meant for him, loud enough to know she wasn’t coy about what she wanted. Him.

He still wondered why she had chosen him. What attracted her to him?

‘Excuse me?’ he said as he raised his head from his phone. The woman facing him looked like she always did. Magical.

‘I want you.’

She still said it often and made it sound fresh each time. He could never resist her; she had magic and she knew it. Her brown eyes bore into his soul like they saw all his secrets, her full lips sucked him in, literally. Her body, oh her body…. Pear-shaped with a full bossom and buttocks so round and soft, he got lost in them every time. She was hourglass in flesh and she was rich in charm and intellect too. It was evident when she dished out orders that she didn’t take no for an answer.

It had been two years since that company party, he had fallen in love with her that night.

‘Do you go around telling your subordinates that?’, he had asked her.

‘Just the smart ones with nice lips and well-built bodies wearing blue shirts and staying away from the crowd because they feel too nervous to join the party. Blue is my favorite color’, she said then took a sip from her wine glass.

Her comment about his lips and shirt made him smile. She had read through him, he was standing at a corner in the room suffering from ‘the new guy nervousness’.

‘I also have a thing for men who prefer their vodka straight and can hold their liquor. It makes me wonder what else they handle so well, their women maybe? I thought to come over here and find out for myself.’

He didn’t know if to be flattered or wary that an executive director of the company, the Chairman’s daughter, had been watching him for a long time and was interested in him. Against his better judgment, he decided to engage her and have some fun.

‘So what do you want me for?’

‘What do you think?’

‘When the general manager introduced me to you on Tuesday, you didn’t pay me much attention. What changed?’

‘Well, business is business. That was Tuesday, tonight is for desires.’ She added, ‘I saw how you looked at me on Tuesday and how you are looking at me right now. I’m not the only one with wants.’

‘Are you always this conceited?


‘What if I don’t want you like you think I do?’

She smiled mischievously and walked past him, tucking a piece of paper into his shirt pocket with her long nails. He watched her catwalk to the exit, captured by her glorious figure and jiggling curves. He looked at the paper, ‘T’, it said just above her number. He left the party and called her when he got home but no one answered. A minute later, she called him back.


‘I thought you’d call within an hour. I wasn’t wrong.’

‘You are lucky there was no traffic. We call you Vivian at work, what does T stand for?’

‘I know you guys also call me ‘the Princess’.’ She smirked, he could imagine her rolling her eyes. ‘T stands for Tife anyway, my middle name. Forgive my forgetfulness, what do they call you again?’


‘Hmm I’ll call you T.’

‘Are we doing pet names alrea-‘, the line went dead.

He saved her number and was about to call her back when he got a text message.

‘Cancel your plans for Sunday, T. Radisson Blu, 2pm. Come ready to be lunch.’

He laughed after he read it, he wasn’t naïve or new to seduction but her confidence enticed him. He thought about how attractive she was and her witty replies, they both knew he was being toyed with but he wasn’t one to ignore such clear signals.

‘Come ready to be filled up’, he replied.

He caught himself thinking about her several times and looking forward to seeing her the next day.


‘I missed this’, she said, peeling his shirt off and tracing her fingers along his chest. ‘I want you.’

‘I know’, he said cockily.

She looked up at him and smiled, ‘You are learning.’

It had been six months since the night they met, she had rubbed off on him well.

‘Show me how much you want me’, he responded.

She drew closer to him, bit his lips and kissed his neck. His moans pleased her, her tongue strengthened his desires as it circled his nipples and coursed down his midline. She knew his buttons and enjoyed pushing them. She got on her knees and wrapped her lips around his manhood, her nails stroking his balls as he grabbed her hair and lost all restraint.

‘Damn, I love you’, he moaned as he emptied himself into her mouth.

She finished her mouthstrokes, swallowed his seeds then replied. ‘I know’,

This woman drove him wild and he loved her for it.


‘They look so good together’, the lady next to him said, reminding him that his lover wasn’t really his. ‘I can’t wait to see how cute their kids will be.’

He cleared his throat and glanced at the lady, ‘yes, absolutely.’

Through the nuptials, he thought about their affair and how they successfully kept it secret till the end. No one found out about their escapades and vacations, not even after the merger with the Reginald Group of Companies that saw her leave the company while her boyfriend of five years became the CEO.

As the ceremony drew to a close, he turned back to his left.

‘Hi, I’m Tobi. Friend of the bride?’

‘Hello. Jessica. Cousin actually. You?’

‘The groom is my boss’, he said as he recalled all the things T had said about her favourite cousin, Jess.

’I have a thing for dark, beautiful women with natural hair, red lipstick and nude nails. Red is my favorite color.’

Watching her laugh made him smile.

Tife Reginald had closed a chapter of his life, it was time he opened a new one.


  1. Slake
    Ohhh, this is… I love it. See how I am tripping for Tife and wishing I was Tobi. Very well-written and very graphic. Arrangement is A1. The plot is A1. The flirting is next level. Give us moreee.
    1. Ray Post author
      Hi Slakeeeee!
      I like to think Tobi was lucky to have been chosen by Tife. Keep hyping my stories and maybe I’ll write that novel you want someday. Thank you. ????
    1. Ray Post author
      Thank you, Ore.
      Well, Tife might have had an affair but she wouldn’t leave her relationship for Tobi. They belonged to different classes and had distinct statuses. The affair was something of a game to her, maybe just another conquest. Her relationship involved power and love. Tobi understood that, so he knew his place and the odds of their affair.
  2. Nonso
    I couldn’t take my eyes off it till I finished! Very matured writing. The introduction is very captivating, and I was actually misled till the very end. Last last T na Yoruba demon ????????.
  3. Tobi
    Lool the theme was superb and plot twist was epic, didn’t even see it coming that they won’t be married . Highly visual and graphical , what’s the use of a story if it can’t give my imagination a run for its money
  4. Jane Pius
    I love the story. The most thrilling part is how Tobi and and Tife could maintain the relationship secretly and end it without any drama.
    Simply captivating.
  5. misterbigdreams
    Lovely piece. I think the transitions in your writing made it more interesting. More grease.
    P.s. I don’t think Nigerians know how to flirt like this though. I’ve taken a few notes.
    1. Ray Post author
      Haha Nigerians can flirt o, when they want to come out of their coy shell, some people are really good at it.
      I’m glad you picked up a line or two.

      Thank you for reading.

  6. Bukola
    There is this intricate style of story-telling that is peculiar to you, the type that draws readers so vividly into the plot that strong emotional bonds are formed with the characters in the most subtle manner. Add to that the fast-paced, witty dialogues and I am left wishing the story is but 280-pages long. Thanks for sharing!
  7. mr.smith
    so I should have read this before now but the title “family business” made me image a boring business story…nice one Ray I’ve missed juicy stories like this on TNC, thanks for bringing sexy back.
    Though tobi is on to the next but hopefully okafors law will always bring tife back whenever he wants to hit that

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