She was young and free,

Loaded, and as pretty as can be;

Shalewa had it all,

Except for a beau, handsome and tall.


She had read books and seen movies,

Had just attended Tolu’s wedding in May,

But she too had it all—looks, brains and boobies,

Her own true love was surely on his way.


Her weekdays she spent at the office,

Where there was Biola, Yusuf and Chris,

But which of them would be the one?

When indeed, her heart they all had won.


At home, Mommy and Titi tired of hearing about them,

For she swore there was something special in all three;

And of course there was the guy from church, Dubem,

If only he would loosen up, become wild and free.


And so the search for her man continued,

Clubbing and partying every weekend, sometimes almost nude;

Her friends had given her a name, desperado,

She had turned into quite the “prayer commando”.


Bae—the name she gave every guy she met,

Albeit everyone telling her to tone it down;

If only they could get her to realize: not just yet,

But Shalewa couldn’t wait to be in her wedding gown.


Weeks and months went by,

Ever so often she would lay in her bed and cry;

Then there was Kola, with whom she had once refused to speak,

Yet if given a million chances, Shalewa he would still pick.


It wasn’t long before she realized what was happening,

Her luck had turned and she had finally found the one;

But it made no difference ‘cause no one else was listening,

They all ignored her and assumed it was just for fun.


Turns out Kola wasn’t all that patient;

He was yet to meet anyone, friend, sister or parent,

And they’d been together for five months already,

So he took it to mean that Shalewa wasn’t just ready.


The following week Kola called with some news,

And just like that, Shalewa was in search of a new bae;

In between tears, ice-cream and Drake’s Views,

Shalewa met a new guy on Instagram, his name—bae.


Previously published on WriteItLoud


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