How can our friend know what we need if we just only have a thought about it in our hearts and not say it out? How do we know how to ask for what we need when we don’t know the character of the person from whom we ask? How can we get a reply from the person we seek help from if we don’t wait to receive it? How can we know how to use our gifts if we don’t get guidance from the giver? How can we be children to someone we know nothing about? How can we know what our father expects of us when we don’t even make out time to ask him what’s up? How can we be in a relationship without communication?

Answer these questions, think about your answers and then ask yourself if you truly love God. Do you even know who He is? If you do, you won’t starve yourself of His love. God has so much to offer us. He longs to be with us every second of the day. But we are just too busy with our lives- the life that He gave to us. God made us that we might fellowship with Him and we can only do this by establishing a good personal relationship that involves constant communication.

Though there are sometimes we’ll need quietness to talk with God but He’s available 24/7 for us; He doesn’t have a timetable of when to talk with each of His children. I desire to reach a level where I’ll sit in my room and have a chit-chat with God like I do with my mother. Here is what we should know:

  1. God loves us immeasurably and has a lot in store for us
  2. We need to establish a relationship with God by first, repenting of our sins, accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, getting baptized with the Holy Spirit and then resolving to ride with God in everything we do
  3. To maintain a healthy relationship with God, we need to know who He is and this can be achieved by studying His word, the Bible and meditating on it day and night
  4. Discover how God speaks to you so that when you talk with Him, you’ll hear Him speak
  5. A relationship is sustained when it is fed rightly. Feed your relationship with God by spending quality time with Him daily
  6. God knows what we need at each point in time but He can only give it to us when we ask Him according to His will. You’ve got to understand that He might say ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘wait’; He alone knows why but He may give you reasons sometimes
  7. Whenever you have a need, don’t cheat on God by running to another fake lover (the devil as himself or through a mere man)
  8. A relationship isn’t meant to be one-sided. Do not let God do the giving all the time. Give Him gifts too! Give Him thanks, minister unto Him, praise Him, bless Him!
  9. Put God first in EVERYTHING and you’ll have EVERYTHING
  10. Don’t keep the knowledge of God to yourself. Share it with others and make God rejoice

May God guide us all. Amen


  1. Bkd
    I have a feeling you talking about the Bible God. I think the Bible contradicts most of those qualities you mentioned. I’m sure you would never accept it but even Christians don’t seem to know the God they claim to serve. Just saying.

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