The Hypocrisy Of Condemning BBNaija


People wonder why multinationals do not sponsor educative stuffs but rather BBN. When they sponsor concerts of musicians that shame your womanhood in their lyrics, you give them a sold out concert. Actually, there are numerous scholarship for education savvy individuals but inspite of that, people leave school with more exes and body counts than as in their transcript.


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There has been an unsaturated clamour for BBNaija to be extinguished from our screen. Its morality has been questioned and the lack of positive insight only leaves the complainers with more reasons to shake their heads disturbingly.

However, I’ll like to inform the Debbie Downers and the Grumpy Granddads that your best musicians can’t be Nicky Minaj, Beyonce, Jay-Z Eminem and such others with explicit lyrics that shame women and promotes sex and still come here to complain about morality. We are used to blaming the West for all our shortcomings and to be honest, I’m shocked no one has blamed the whites for starting such a reality show. If you have followed the foreign counterparts, you will realize that the housemates in Nigeria are saints.

You can’t shut people of opposite gender in a house, giving them no privacy from one another for 3 months and expect nothing to happen. It is easy to sin and condemn those whose lives are under the microscope for doing what you normally do. People go on first date and they have sex. Meet for first time and end in bed. Everything these days seem to end in bed. BBN is not the cause of the rising immorality, it’s a reflection of society.

The contestants are all graduates with appreciable gifts but their proclivity towards sex trumps education and morality. Why? – that is society showing you what you do when no one is watching.

People wonder why multinationals do not sponsor educative stuff but rather BBN. When they sponsor concerts of musicians that shame your womanhood in their lyrics, you give them a sold out concert. Actually, there are numerous scholarship for education savvy individuals but people still leave school with more exes and body counts than As in their transcript. That is the reality of today’s youth.

Blaming BBN is like blaming a prostitute. The demand is high but nobody blames the patronizers only the marketers. Economics teaches us that when demand is low, there would be a proportional drop in supply. You can’t remain tuned to channel 198 and be blaming the producers. The National museum has never caused traffic in Lagos neither has Cowbell competition caused internet frenzy but when Olamide had his OLIC in surulere, it was the busiest day for lasgidi police in 2017 and a great disservice to road users who had to drive as though they tip toed. Entertainment is the pride of the new age. People want something to relax with. Globacom has a number of actresses and musicians on their payroll but no company could recognize the Nigerian doctor that successfully operated on an unborn child and the mother or gave post-humous financial grant to the nurse who died so we could live while Ebola haunted us. Obama once said, it is hard to convince today’s child that education is the way out out when they can see their folks still paying their college fees meanwhile when they turn on the tv, they see Paris Hilton in “A Simple Life” spending millions weekly or Kanye West making millions from a song. How do you convince the children on which path is better? Average salary in the USA for graduates is approximately about $48,000 per annum Meanwhile LeBron James earns $30,000,000 and is signed to a life contract with Nike. In a country where nothing is guaranteed, do you blame the youths that turn to reality show to break out of the shackles of poverty?

Developing countries have a lot of immorality gratifying shows but we watch them and yet, it hasn’t led to the collapse of their economy or affecting the tomorrow they promised their kids. Over here, our government has failed us and the elders have shunned their parental obligations in search of money. Now the system has failed and morality has crashed.

This is a generation, where sex is discussed comfortably and occur as a normalcy among teens and youths. This is a generation where 24 year olds have 54 body counts. This is a generation where the size of your manhood is more important than the size of your heart. This is a generation where guys do not appreciate virgins but are fast to condemn sexually active ladies. This is a generation where “who book epp?” is our slogan yet we are the ones clamouring for educational shows. This is a generation where people complain that every comment and post should be made brief so they can read or they just beg fellow readers to summarize – A generation that doesn’t read and can’t construct grammatical expressions in English excellently.

Who can actually say he has committed his time and money to the cowbell mathematics competition and can tell us when next the show airs live? No audience but we want multinationals to waste their money on sponsorship. Rather than blame Big Brother, there should be introspection. If BBN is what you feel is the cause of the decline in morality (which we all know isn’t), we can start by making States wide protest against the show and asking DSTV to remove the channel 198 from our package. But there is a problem, millions of youths across the federation auditioned for the show and the show has over 50 million audience in Nigeria alone – not counting those in diaspora. So who will do the march? Who is deceiving who? On the first day of this year’s show, BBN was the number one trending stuff in the world – gone too far to come back.

For our “all of a sudden” education loving People, let me point out that it was not long ago that JAMB reduced cut off mark from 180 to 120 so the youths can go to school. That shows how low we have fallen but inspite of that BBN has more applicants than all Nigerian universities combined. Personally, I find it embarrassing, seeing that the easiest exams I ever wrote was JAMB, POST JAMB and GCE but you will have to admit that who won Big Brother 2017 would forever be cherished than the best graduating student from the Nigerian Law School or School of Medicine in 2017. They can’t even be mates. It’s the way the world works. The world is not ideal!

Society is depraved beyond repair and what you see on BBN isn’t what will destroy society – it is a reflection of society. I’m not even an ardent follower but truth must be said.

Before I drop my pen, let me prove to you that the fool is actually the wisest. Encomium Magazine reported that BB made over 7 billion naira from the 2013 edition of BBA – The Chase. This is the breakdown.

BB House 10 million

Feeding 10million

Make up Artists and Toiletries 5million

Performing Artists (Nig) 40million

Crew (50 members) 50 million

Advertisement and promo(Tv,

Radio, Print, Media, Poster) 200million

Host (I.K Osakioduwa) 10million

Cash Prize $300k (Dillish) 45million

Travel Expenses 5 million


Total Expenses 375 million


Airtel charged 100 naira per SMS. Over 5 million people voted per week for their favourite housemates.

13 weeks/91 days – Big Brother made 7billion naira.

Note! Regular sms by regular fans not included in this statistics.

This is a not too precise calculation but it gives you an insight into the business of BBA/BBN. The multinationals are not stupid. Now who is the fool?

It would be better to look for what you can contribute to the success of the show next year and quietly pocket your 5 million. Ending BBN will not save this depraved society – Go make your money. The audience is too much!!!!!!

Please, this piece was not written as an attack on the personal life of anyone or a group of persons but was written to point out the hypocrisy of our uncultured existence. When your life is not on HD, it’s easy to judge!


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