This Is Why I Just Got The Tecno Camon C7


Let me admit that the TECNO Camon C7 carries remarkable weight—in terms of what it can do—but as a phone, it is pretty light. This seems to be a win-win situation as many people love to have gadgets that are performers like this. Though larger screen devices have gained wider appeal with more people, there…


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Let me admit that the TECNO Camon C7 carries remarkable weight—in terms of what it can do—but as a phone, it is pretty light. This seems to be a win-win situation as many people love to have gadgets that are performers like this.

Though larger screen devices have gained wider appeal with more people, there are still people who prefer 5 inches as the sweet spot in terms of the ideal size for a smartphone. I do think that the Camon C7 has really nifty specifications.

The C7 features the Android 6.0 Marshmallow and a great display—HD, but you will almost think it is full HD. It offers a removable battery of 2500 mAh, a 13MP front and rear dual flash camera as well as a premium build.

Design and build quality


Made out of plastic and easy to handle in one hand. Can fit perfectly in your jeans pocket without a noticeable bulge. The back of the phone is curved, allowing for easy gripping—plus it is just 5 inches.

My love for the Camera

The right side has the volume and power buttons, and further down is the dedicated camera button. It has a 13MP front and rear camera with dual – LED flash placed just below it. Another amazing thing about the camera is that it is centrally placed which makes the picture perfectly straight.

You can swipe up and down to switch between the front and rear camera. Out of focus speeds are fast and resulting images are great. Photos are consistently good in low light; you would have to beat yourself up to find a device that will beat it in its price range.

Testing the camera:

Is it really a 13MP camera phone?

IMG_20160811_015515 IMG_20160816_120015


I will let you decide if it is.

Low light game on fleek

With a 13MP front and rear camera, I expected the device to not fail me even in the worst situations, let us know if it did. See pictures below:

 Picture taken while night mode was disabled  


The picture below was taken with the night mode enabled.


Security; Eye print verification

TECNO isn’t the first brand to put the iris scanner on a device, but they have done well to set it up.

Below are pictorial explanations of how the eye scanner works:









Screenshot_20160816-124022 Screenshot_20160816-124137









To unlock, swipe up from the lock screen, align your eyes with the scientific scanner, and once done correctly, your phone unlocks in a split second. All it takes is; swipe, scan and unlock.

The iris scanner does not work with your glasses but you have the opportunity to register five different identities.

Application encryption

Still on security, you are also able to encrypt the applications on your phone as you deem fit. If you want to keep prying eyes away from your private photos, SMSs and WhatsApp messages, you can lock them away with this feature and have rest of mind. Screenshot_20160816-123945


The new dual SIM device is fuelled by a 2500mAh removable battery that can last up to 175 hours on standby. With the presence of the HiOS, battery is the least of your worries. The HiOS comes with a battery management tool that helps improve phone battery life.

Hardware and Interface

It runs on android 6.0 Marshmallow. The Camon C7 is powered by a 64-bit CPU with model MT6735, where the processor offers 4 cores. It renders a 720*1280 resolution at a density of 320 dpi. Camon C7 also comes with a storage of 16GB expandable to 128GB and a 2GB of RAM, which is pretty sufficient. .

Pricing and availability

It is good news that the TECNO Camon C7 is now being sold in retail outlets all over Nigeria. You can also buy it on leading online stores in the country. The device is selling between N39,000 and N41,000.


The awesome construction and intense attention to details makes the Camon C7 easily worth the price tag. It is available in Rose Gold, Elegant Blue, Sandstone Black and Champagne Gold variants. If you like big screens, get the Camon C9, if a 5-inch device is all you dream, get the Camon C7. The insane camera, the crazy design and the mouth-watering eye scanner will be worth it.


  1. Lauretta Ofulue (Whispering Hope)
    Nice one. But after all you have said, I am not sure i can sway away from apple. I am in the market for a new phone as my plan b to save my iPhone “Chic”(that’s her name) with a power bank has failed! But thanks for the info. I shall bear it in mind…But I no go lie sha I hate the name of the phone no be only Tecno na “Alhaji tekino…o na…o na na…baby kpalanga”…sorry I don sing forget myself!
    1. Andronicus
      Apple iPhone 6s is currently N230k. If you can easily afford that, no problem. I can’t spend that on a phone in Naira, I’d rather buy it when outside the country. It’s just my reality that I can’t buy many of the high end smartphones like HTC, Samsung, Apple right now because of the FX rate. So knowing that Tecno has improved is alright for me. I saw the Tecno Camon c9 at park n’ shop yesterday. N50k only.
      1. Whisperinghope
        It’s not really about being able to afford the iPhone or not because for all you know it may have been a gift, an elder sister may have “dashed” me her old phone after an upgrade,I may have won it in a competition or I may have just picked it on the street and got stuck with it not ever finding the owner. My point was about not being swayed from Apple due to the iPhone features and ease of use-for me. So you lost me there when you based the main part of your comment on “if I can afford it then go for it”. I was surprised the price of the phone was quoted as my preference for Apple is not to show off my ability to acquire it. I just have detachment issues. Once I like something I can’t easily be swayed. So even if you give me an iPhone 8, this upgraded Tecno phone, Samsung etc if my current iPhone zero is not faulty, I won’t still look sideways. My sincere apologies to you if you felt offended by a “supposed” display of affluence in my earlier comment. That was not the intention. As for the Tecno phone , I love the new features described. My only problem with it as I said is the name. Which of course is ridiculous on my part. Sadly it has made me totally unable to take the phone seriously because each time people call the name “Tecno”, I start singing ‘Duro’ by technomiles (aka Alhaji Tekino by Flavour).
  2. Dark Mode
    I want to buy secondary android phone, probably Tecno Camon C7 . I’m working in Nigeria and want buy phone there, i’m looking for used models because of my low budget from Jiji, i’m bad in Tecno phones. Can you advice me this model with your opinion, shortly. Or i should look for another phone? Is it worth buy used android phone?

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