Inner Monologue Of A Very Naughty Girl During Happy Time…

Giving an impromptu blow job pretty much grants automatic street cred to the dick sucker and in that way, it’s a total win-win. He’s gonna get his dick sucked; I’m gonna get off on controlling his mind, body, and penis for the next 15-20 minutes. There are no losers here. [moments of unconscious sexual enjoyment]…


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Giving an impromptu blow job pretty much grants automatic street cred to the dick sucker and in that way, it’s a total win-win. He’s gonna get his dick sucked; I’m gonna get off on controlling his mind, body, and penis for the next 15-20 minutes. There are no losers here.

[moments of unconscious sexual enjoyment]

I’m legitimately confused about how penises (penii?) taste so wonderful. I mean, it’s just skin, but it’s not salty or sweaty or… I don’t know, it’s like penii are immune to forces of nature that the rest of the body fall victim to. A penis doesn’t taste like an armpit or a foot(not like I know what those taste like). A penis sets the bar for how flesh should taste. Or maybe it’s just this particular penis I’m sucking. Maybe this one happens to be perfect.

[moments of unconscious sexual enjoyment]

What never ceases to amaze me about having a dick in my mouth is how smooth the head is. Like, were you designed to be slobbered on, honey? Why are you so flawless and adorable? There is no part of the human anatomy that deserves the warmth and wetness of a mouth more than the tip of a penis. Even when I’m not in the mood, I see a hard penis all erect down there; and then the head, the icing on a shining penis-beacon of hope, and I’m like, “This beautiful specimen is proof that there’s a God, hallelujah.”

[moments of unconscious sexual enjoyment]

I could seriously fall asleep right now with just the tip in my mouth, but that probably wouldn’t be much fun for the rest of the penis or for the person who’s attached to it. Better move my way down a little. I guess I’ll get some hand action in there, too.

[moments of unconscious sexual enjoyment]

God damn, this is a family affair. We’ve got hands, there’s balls, the head, the shaft, my mouth… I mean this takes a fuckload of coordination and I’m not necessarily athletic but I’m gonna try my damnedest to see this thing through. I’m gonna suck that head, work that shaft, and mind those balls — I wonder if this guy knows sucking his dick is a freaking blue collar job. Seriously, I hope he’s prepared to offer me workers’ compensation because if he doesn’t come soon, I’m gonna have to take medical leave from penis-related activity.

[moments of belabored, but purposeful, sucking]

Should I suggest we have sex instead? Unless I get some pre-cum to work with, my reservoir is about to dry up. There’s only so much saliva in one mouth. Is it poor form to take a water break? I’m just gonna sit up for a second and jerk him off so I can replenish my natural resources.

[moments of hoping visual of breasts/ hand job is enough to suffice until strength has been regained]

All right, I’m back in the game. He’s making affirming noises. Please, keep making those noises. I’m a vampire and your moaning is the blood I need to keep me alive. Seriously, keep clapping or I will die down here.

[moments of summoning every ounce of moisture from mouth onto penis]

My hand is covered in my own spit, I’m developing tennis elbow and possibly carpal tunnel syndrome; but on the bright side he’s telling me he’s almost there. I know that means I’m gonna be on my knees for another 10 minutes, but I need all the positive reinforcement I can get.

[moments of sucking like there’s no tomorrow]

It’s coming. I mean, he’s coming. Like right no–oh, that’s… well, it’s not water, but I’ll take it.

P.S I’d would love to read a guy’s inner monologue. Any volunteers?


  1. Od
    Is vulgar better than judgy? When someone says that I’m “not necessarily insulting” but am “very rude”, does he mean something like how I feel when I read something I don’t like, something like this post perhaps?
        1. JAL
          There is no hypocrisy here. Religious folk talk here. Non religious folk talk here. You choose what content you want and you choose what you do not want. Nobody’s opinion trumps anyone else’s.
          1. Od
            Well, it doesn’t seem that way at all. Christians write an opinion piece about moral behavior in the society they share with other people and a bunch of people get on their case for being judgy but it’s cool to treat things that Christians hold sacred like they’re common and not expect them to complain. I think that’s the exact meaning of hypocrisy. Either everyone can say what they think and be challenged intellectually and dispassionately about it or nobody can’t. There really is no middle ground. TNC has got to make up its mind soon.
        2. A.
          What exactly is your problem? If you want to comment, comment. You were the first one here and you’re shouting hypocrisy when noone had commented. Creating problems where there’s none. Smh.
    1. Sparks & Tingles
      Vulgar is better than judgy. My default response to a “vulgar” post is to judge the writer and the people that clicked on the “recommend” button. What is better than being judgy? Closing the page as fast as possible, slamming the laptop shut and moving on.

      Sex, we engage in it, fantasize about it and excel at it but we neither admit it nor want to talk about it.

      1. Od
        Exactly why can those people who attack Christians for preaching sexual and moral purity not also close the page fast and light out fast? Why do they feel the urge to attack the judginess of a post that they can ignore as easily as you think we should be ignoring lewd posts like this?

        Oga, we all take a dump. If you’ve ever been constipated in your life, you know that it is one of life’s greatest gifts to be able to clear out the warehouse. Do we talk about it too? Would you not find it weird, if not rude, that someone should make a point of talking explicitly about the pleasures of taking a shit? Some things are too sacred or too indecent to speak of in the gross manners that we do. If we still accorded sex its due respect, do you not consider that our relationships would be more sane and people would be less psychologically messed up than they are these days?

        1. Sparks & Tingles
          Two different things. One person is trying to impose his/her lifestyle on people and condemning non-adherence while the other person is just documenting her lifestyle, she was neither preaching nor enforcing it. Two different things.
          1. Od
            What does it mean to preach? And why can one not document whatever on her blog or diary and not offend my sensibilities by posting on a public forum in which I participate?
        2. Nosa
          Errrm, when you get to the part of the post where the writer is condemning or basing your value on your lifestyle choice, please let us know

          Posted from TNC Mobile

          1. Od
            Alright, Snow. When someone writes porn on a public platform, is that an assumption that people should be cool with porn or not? In other words, does that very act not already impose values on me as a participant on a public platform?
          2. D
            Dear Od,

            Please close this tab and unsubscribe from comments to this article. You are obviously not the intended target. Key words are “you”, “not”, “intended” and “target”. No need to carry unnecessary beef from a previous article here and ruin everyone’s take on the article. Be the bigger person. Jeez! I am going through your comments and if I was to profile you based on what I have read here alone it would be very unflattering. I have seen your comments on other articles and have refused to be drawn into your comments. I believe I even read the articles you are referring to and I believe the commentators there were given a chance to air their own views without the fear of Od. Please, ignore this article, unsubscribe from comments and if that is not enough, open your own blog. Thank you in advance for respecting peoples’ opinions and views. That is very normal and peace fostering behaviour.

          3. Nosa
            I am now gonna to compare this post with dodo (YES PEOPLE. THIS IS INTENTIONAL????????????????????)

            Now when someone writes about dodo on this platform, i fail to see (not from lack of trying) how that act is imposing values on me as a participant.

            If the person now went ahead to claim i’m less than then simply because i don’t eat dodo or that my worth is tied to how much dodo i’m consuming or not consuming, Now you can see where i can want to call out the person for vindicating me.

            I dont see how someone writing about their lifestyle choice is an imposition of values on you. Now if these writer, along the lines of her post, went ahead to condemn your lifestyle choice or devalue your worth simply because you do not subscribe to her lifestyle choice, then i would understand your faux-outrage.
            That’s why i’m patiently waiting for you to show me

            Posted from TNC Mobile

        3. JAL
          Err…less psychologically messed up? More sane? Do you have data from the last 400 years (only) backing up your “facts”? Data that has been subjected to the same filters, same experiments, resulting in that infallible conclusion? Peoples and cultures change; that does not make one culture or time period saner than another. That sex is openly talked about now and 50 years ago it was not does not make now less saner or more psychologically messed up. Or how do you in your analysis account for billions of case of sexual suppression or assault that happened during the “saner” times because you were unable to speak about it? How do these saner times do with the spread and availability of information compared to now? If you were to say advanced then we have a discussion. Please do not fall into the pit of the elders who look down on change with reproachful eyes because they cannot fully grasp all the pros and cons. Grow with the times. The times will always be changing, and hopefully advancing humanity further. But saner? I await your indisputable facts.
        4. Professor High
          ‘Oga, we all take a dump. If you’ve ever been constipated in your life, you know that it is one of life’s greatest gifts to be able to clear out the warehouse. Do we talk about it too? Would you not find it weird, if not rude, that someone should make a point of talking explicitly about the pleasures of taking a shit? ‘

          Best believe i know a guy who wrote a poem about taking a shit!! Fucking Awesome!!

    2. Farida
      Od, you need to grow the hell up. You always do this. You see a post and then you come to the comment section and deviate everyone’s mind. If you don’t like it, oga waka pass. You mustn’t comment on everything. What has the post got do with the garb you just put down. Sheesh! Grow up abeg!
  2. AB
    I think the writer could have done without the [moments] in brackets, and made them a part of the story somehow. Other than that, this is a nice, cheeky piece.
  3. Don Gonzalo
    Nice piece. But sadly for me, i get timid in the presence of even a wet p**sy! Lost my sense of sexual fantasy since i got married!
    I was a god on bed! Taking any woman to ‘heaven’! My girlfriends’ come for a bite after learning about my ‘sexnical’ skills! Av tasted every kind of woman!
    I’m 30 and even stronger but i now fear what i gloriously enjoyed when i was single!
    This writer steered the hornets net in me. Hmmm
    1. JAL
      Let the hornets’nest within blossom. Get naughty tonight. Remember that you have to give some to get some. Make her weak. I mean real weak. Do something you have never done with her tonight. Dude, get her juices flowing! And get some tonight!
  4. JAL
    Love this piece. Sending it to babe now. You have outdone yourself . You are indeed a blessed woman.

    A good bj is the way to a man’s heart. Some might argue that it trumps “cooking” sef. Never underestimate the “power of the tongue” ( I think it is in the bible somewhere). No matter whether you are righteous or not, play yea not with a good bj. It solveth many problems. It soothes many wounds. Blessed is the woman who is a lady in the streets, yet a freak in the sheets.

    Oh a good bj. Learn its nuances, learn to enjoy it, learn to appreciate it, learn to revel in it…otherwise be yea not surprised that thy spouse or partner seeks succor in another’s arms (or mouth).

    And dear Ms., when all his moans are done and gone, demand some (head) in return.

  5. temi niran
    lmao this was hilarious!!! This part in particular: “My hand is covered in my own spit, I’m developing tennis elbow and possibly carpal tunnel syndrome; but on the bright side he’s telling me he’s almost there.”

    I have ummm friends that can relate.

  6. Peters Light
    Even when I’m not in the
    mood, I see a hard penis all erect down there;
    and then the head, the icing on a shining penis-
    beacon of hope, and I’m like, “This beautiful
    specimen is proof that there’s a God,

    now this part really got me crushing.

  7. YouSee
    I’m a girl. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE giving him a blow job. It’s equivalent to having his power in your mouth. Literally.
    And guys, please makes does little/loud freaky sounds for us. It does the work of a crowd cheering for you.
  8. James Agagzy
    I just can’t understand why some people are natural buzz killers, debbie downers. Jeez, when u see d title and know it doesn’t conform with ur beliefs, why bother to read? This aint no PG 13 website, and I hate hypocrisy.
    @lipglossmaffia, thank u for this juicy monologue. I must say I feel d exact same way about a very wet Vjj. Esp when it’s a pretty p***y – smells like water, aint no smell in. Dripping all over my lips (in Plies’ voice)
  9. Od
    I’ll probably be back to answer all the arguments made in direct response to me but that’s when I have the time. For now, for people like James Agagzy, I have this to say: I have always said that I really don’t mind anyone posting whatever they please here, I just hate it when people think that their preference should be everybody else’s preference and then try to guilt everyone with accusations of a judgmental attitude for looking at life differently than they do. I really wouldn’t even bother to say this because it really is none of your business but I love sex and I talk about it. I just make an effort to do so in the right context. Now, if you want to get out into the middle of the road to have mind-blowing sex naked as the day you were born at high noon with not a cloud in sight, I could care less. Your problem. I will only react by treating you like you may be a mental case. But for you to think that that is legitimate and then complain when someone else has an opinion about how human beings should behave considering that they too share society with you is demented. If you enjoy being free to do whatever you please then other people must be free to say whatever they please. It’s not like my thinking that your worth as a person is linked to the physical state of your sex organs does really do anything tangible to you. It just offends you. Suck it up and move the hell on. I do the same every time I see people who should know better talk and act like lunatics.
    1. Chiebuka
      I think that if this post offended you, you should probably have stopped reading and closed the tab.
      I must admit that after a few sentences, I stopped. For your peace of mind, you could have done the same thing.
      1. Od
        Chiebuka, the easy thing to do is to make this about me. It is not. It has never been since I got on this platform. Until TNC makes it wrong to attack Christians for having opinions about human individual and social behavior, I will very likely do stuff like this. It can’t be cool to push porn in everyone’s faces and then foam at the mouth that somebody thinks that having sex outside of marriage affects your value as a person. Personally, I did not read this post beyond the first paragraph and I didn’t even bother to read that much of that paragraph either. But that is not the point. The point is that we don’t have sensible rules of engagement that are fair to everyone. I hardly ever bothered to make an issue of posts like this until I saw that TNC sanctions those attacks on so-called ‘judgy’ posts. Now I do. And if one more person makes one more ‘judgy’ sound without some sensible argument behind it about a post here, you can be sure that it will remain a priority for me to show up on posts like this to “kill the buzz”. Unless of course I stop caring for some reason or the platform kicks me out.
        1. thetoolsman
          Dear Od,
          This will be my only comment to you on this so you may chose to reply or not but I’d really appreciate it if you take out time to read slowly and understand every point.

          1. If Christians/Muslims or followers of any religion can express their opinions without imposing their values on others like this writer did here > then this platform is theirs to use.

          2. At no point in this post did the writer condemn or attack those who do not agree with her lifestyle choices and this is why it was published. Moreover our submission guidelines are clear on sex and sexually themed stories/opinion pieces.

          3. What you have done here directly goes against point 13 of our community rules (Keep your messages on topic for the particular discussion you are involved in.) and this is why it was brought to my attention.

          Point 12 of the same set of rules (If you have a issue or question regarding our administrative policies or actions, contact us via hello [at] thenakedconvos [dot] com.) clearly states the proper approach for lodging complaints.

          4. If you go ahead with this statement.. (you can be sure that it will remain a priority for me to show up on posts like this to “kill the buzz”), I guarantee you that we will have no choice but to effect point 11 of our community rules.

          Again, our rules are clear and if you don’t consider them fair then I guess this platform is not for you. Thank you.

          1. Od
            Thanks bro. That’s all I wanted to know. Free expression here does not really mean free expression. It is limited for the religious ones you choose to tolerate.
          2. Flow_ryder
            Well said toolsman, Mr. Od has subconsciously killed the flow of the topic with his judgmental opinion thereby robbing us of the pleasure of enjoying this article. Rather than appreciate the humour and lovely use of words of the writer, we are here bandying words on his myopic perception of the article.
            Thank you so much for calling him to order and this is my first time of commenting on TNC and sadly it has to be under these circumstances.
  10. 007
    Ooo yeah. That feels right.

    ” I love the way she works it”

    Who teach this girl this thing sef!
    “Subtle grunts”

    ….That’s right. Easy on the balls. They hurt.
    … A little deeper. You need to take it all in!
    “More grunts with eyes closed”

    …Continue. You’re getting it.

    Mhen this babe dey alright. Shet…

    F$&k I’m going to come.



    Thanks babe.


    Posted from TNC Mobile

  11. James Agagzy
    @od , if only I truly know where to start from. I find it quite ironic that u would come back to follow up on the comment section of a post that doesn’t bode well for u. Someone rightfully stated above that arguing with u is a trap, I totally concur.
    I do like and appreciate that u stand for whuchu believe in. But ur ITK self would always like to criticize, correct, or kill everyone’s buzz. This post is so not abt u, and somehow it’s beginning to feel like it’s centered around d “almighty” @od.
    I’m assuming u are a christian blogger, or something of that nature. I’m also assuming u love sharing d word of God to d “worldly.” But I must also say, there are d likes of , or sth, I dont know these people personally, but from their comments I can kinda deduce what they stand for. Rarely, and I dont think I have seen any of them, or other christian blogger coming to make arguments on a “worldly” post. It’s like walking into a nightclub and tryna tell people such n such is wrong, nobody in a party frame of mind would take u seriously. This post here is d nightclub. It’s ok for a drunkard to walk into a church for whatever reason, cos it’s d church but not ok for a believer to walk into a worldly gathering in d name of preaching, it aint gonna ever work.
    Brother @od , I ain’t got beef wichu, and I wanna believe why u tryna make an argument here is for winning souls to Christ, that at least I can respect, but u would have to go write ur own article for d sole purpose of doing that. It’s a buzz kill when people just wanna laugh reading comments abt different monologues, or experiences and u are here taking that away from us. It’s d weekend let’s enjoy our lil laughter in this sorry state of affairs. Come Sunday, maybe I might take u up on this preaching d gospel thing (winks). Back to my Henney n’ Coke, and dude abeg, biko, let it go. Thank u in advance
  12. Reny
    When i was smaller, my sunday school teacher said if they show a film that has people kissing on tv, stand up, politely ask the older ones to change it and if they don’t agree, then leave the room. Don’t let anyone make you watch what will spoil your eyes. I always admire Sunday school teachers for keeping it simple.
    If i was still smaller and have not read more than my fair share of naughty literature in the past or have a passing interest in the naughty writers writing today, (neva read this author b4 today) I’m sure i would hve stopped after getting the point in sentence 1. I would not have read this story to the end, swallowed all the juice/cum of it then come n be forming offended in the comments section. I didn’t mention any names.

    , story was funny, quite intentionally nonsensical and with very high ‘rme’ factor. Like I piry u ds woman, d way ure going, u will soon tell us dere’s more to the slush than there is and end up sounding like those men marketing agbo in molue. “Headache e cure am, cancer sef if u take am everyday e go cure am”

  13. Tj
    @od, I think you could have created a post based on your opinion instead of commenting. Only then, would you have had the right to judge your commenters’ judgementalism. Especially since she didn’t push her opinion on the reader. Alternatively, you could have just voiced out your dislike for the post. It’s also highly possible you are speaking from the guilt of opening the link, because you could have simply not done so.

    As a mid-teen, I can’t recommend this site to my peers- especially the naive ones – because they will end up with a demented sexual orientation, because at this point, we are still forming an idea of the world. I guess that’s why the site is aimed at 18-year-olds and older(I’m sure most people don’t know that).

    This post made me check out the terms & conditions and the community rules, and I just found out there is an age restriction. Why the hell will you put that in the corner of the backyard of the site? At least give a disclaimer. With all frankness, although in the past 2 months that I’ve been following this site I’ve benefited a lot from it, in sexual matters, it is no better than a soft-core porn site.

    Asides from that, thanks to @Thetoolsman for creating a platform for youths to express themselves freely.

  14. Buzz lightcentury
    @od but I don’t see any tag on you name in the post that would have enforced the writers idea on you…. It was your choice to read it and it was the writers choice to write it… Now it’s also your choice to get offended or ignore it or enjoy it…. Damn… That’s a lot of choices I wish I could have that many in real life ???? anyway key word here is choice… I don’t see the post as a deliberate attack on “Christians” neither do I see any imposition of values… So please just let us enjoy Tnc and stop having an opinion about everything…. It really sucks… We know you’re intelligent and can make an argument put of nothing but really WHO CARES?
  15. Flow_ryder
    I am miffed. Mr Overdose just killed the flow of this article. One has to meander through his judgmental comments and funny comments of other posters to really enjoy the article. He has annoyingly made the article all about him when what we should have been enjoying in the comment section is the hilarious and open minded opinions of what people thought of the apt description of God’s gift to man…second base jare…..
  16. Toby
    Okay, @lipglossmaffia is my spirit animal, lol i so much identify with this post you have no clue.
    Now about your Comments. Don’t you just love it when your post sparks a philosophical war (not like i would know) I am now going to frenzy feed on everything you have ever written (I literally read every comment posted, word for word)

    P.S. the Od guy should literally be ignored.


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