I wish someone, anybody, had told me and guided me on living with intent but the persons in the position to do that didn’t know about that either, I guess.

I wish all the advice I got while growing up and as an adult weren’t filled with what to do and what not to do. But hey, it’s not their fault. Most of them never had half the opportunity I enjoyed even in my supposedly deprived state.

I wish someone had really sat me down and had a real heart to heart talk with practical examples and steps in living according to who I truly am.

I wish someone had asked me,

‘Adeola, who are you?’

‘Daughter of The King’

‘How would the daughter of The King live?’

‘With vision and consciously walking in that vision daily.’

‘What’s the vision?’

‘To be the best,living above limitations while impacting lives positively.’

‘How do you intend going about that, daughter of The King?’


That is how every meaningful conversation should go.

That is how every piece of life advice should be.

That is how to bring awareness to self by living purposefully and being conscious of one’s self worth.

That is how every mother should converse with her daughter.

That is how every father should advise his son.

That is how every mentor should guide his/her mentee.

When you sit a person down and dish out rules without making him or her aware of the purpose behind these laid down rules, you abuse the true purpose of communication birthed by nature herself.

Let me tell you a bit about nature.

Nature hates laws that lack positive purpose.

Nature just wants to live freely.

Nature wants to sleep, have fun all night and cuddle with anyone available.

Nature can get desperate and cling to the slightest bit of attention.

Nature is more concerned about what people say instead of what God says.

Nature hears ‘Do not’ then proceeds to drop the ‘not’!

Human nature tends to wander off towards the  negative lane 90% of the time.

Want to test nature? Post a video of a ghastly accident and a birthday celebration. See which one goes viral.

However, when you have a conversation that makes a person think for himself and provoke him/her to want to suppress nature’s fallibility, you make such person want to do the seemingly unattainable.

With conversations like this, you stir up the giant in people and not give ‘rules’ on how to tame the giant.

You make that person want to go all out and prove that they are who they’ve recognized themselves to be.

You stir up something massive and enormous in him/her.

Such people starts to see differently as the scales fall off their eyes and behave accordingly.


Because you’ve succeeded in showing and not merely telling him/her what a person of vision looks like and how such should tackle life.

I really do wish I had that.

I wouldn’t be here ranting over something that should never have seen the light of day.

I wouldn’t be here worried to death wondering if a legal bond that took less than five minutes to cement wouldn’t mar the things to come.

I wouldn’t be here, looking back and shaking my head in bewilderment, asking, ‘How the hell did I even get in this mess?!’

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

But I’m here, alive and breathing.

So, here’s another chance to have that conversation someone should have had with me a long time ago.

Here I am, extremely blessed to ask:

‘Adeola, who are you? ‘

‘I am the Daughter of The King.’

Now, over to you.


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    This is so so beautiful.

    Posted from TNC Mobile

    March 19, 2017
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    What’s the guarantee that your younger self would have appreciated such conversations? Is it not with hindsight now that you think such conversations would have made the difference?

    March 19, 2017
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    Nelson C.J

    A post that urges a sigh out of one’s being. I strongly do not underestimate the importance of heart-to-heart conversations.

    Our younger selves my not have understood then, but they’d sure guide our paths as we grow older.

    March 19, 2017
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    I am so into the crown in that picture… Can I have it?

    March 20, 2017
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    Nice one, as much as I believe the heart to heart would have helped, the only person that will make you into what you are at the end of the day is you. You hold the knife and the yam, the way you cut it that’s the way it comes out.
    Yet upon growing up, we find that reality often contends with those very heart to heart. We find that the reality of growing up is perhaps less lovely than we’d envisioned. We find that the only thing we really want back is our youth and our innocence, and the cruel irony is that these are the very things that will never return.
    You are the only person that can show you how to you, no one else.

    March 21, 2017
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    I agree with @oluolu
    Even if someone did all you mentioned, you will probably blame them for talking too much/ lecturing you.
    And like @ceecee said, the power to being you lies with you.

    March 23, 2017
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