Like ageism, and other isms, I’ve often thought the concept of classism as a boring ‘bushwa’ construct. I think of it as some imaginary yet concrete line drawn by the rich to remind everyone, especially the lower class, of their place in the grand scheme of things. And the more I try deconstructing this concept, this discrimination brought on by the middle class against the lower class in light of simple pleasures; sexual satisfaction, the more intrigued I am.

What is orgasm like for both classes? Does classism exist under the sheets? Can the lines be blurred, or erased when it comes down to the basics? Do both classes of men grunt, make incoherent sounds as they are about to reach climax? Do the women fake orgasm, or find other ways to pleasure themselves? Do they ooh, and ahh, or cry as they cum? Does either scream in local languages like, ewo! chineke! O ti pami oo! or use big grammar or swear words? I’m sure even the most learned toss grammar out the window during sex and revert to the good ole’ Ooh! Ahh! O my God! Oh baby!

I could go on, and on, but I’m sure you now understand my fascination. This wide chasm between classes become narrow when put in context, and in this case, style preference, sexual etiquette, and orientation. However, it would be cocky to dub the middle class as progressives, and un-missionary to assign to the lower class the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am position.

I should state, therefore, that I think lust, unlike love, isn’t abstract. It transcends class, and is the ultimate leveller. It is a universal language of attraction: A mere case of wanting to see what the other person looks like underneath the clothes. Because you can’t know how they look, or smell like until you do it. Sometimes you regret it, and sometimes you don’t; as long as both parties are willing and aren’t too drunk to remember it happened.

So do you still think orgasm is classist? Well, I’ll attempt to answer my question, and say, “Inasmuch as the sexual orientation and desires of the lower class aren’t obsolete, one thing the bourgeois can’t do is pretend the other class isn’t alive as they are. To do that would be inhumane. After all, science already proved we are all ‘Homo erectus’.”


  1. thetoolsman
    hahaha.. This totally cracked me up. Awesome awesome. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t spent considerable amount of time wondering about this same thing. Do you want to take this beyond an article and go into proper research?
  2. Bkd
    As a kid, I used to wonder how the local bishop had sex with his wife.were they adventurous, or did they always pray before every round, etc

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