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The Toolsman breaks down details of the TNC daily cash giveaway. Here’s all you need to do to walk away with our daily cash prizes.


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Hey people. Toolsman here to serve up some awesome news. It’s been a minute since we did a giveaway here – I apologize for this but you know August is almost here and in our usual fashion, we’ll be looking to put smiles on some faces.

Between Friday July 28 and August 15, you could be one of our daily cash giveaway winners. YES you read that right – WE. WILL. BE. GIVING. OUT. CASH. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We’ve had this in mind for a while and were looking for the best way to go about it when the awesome guys at ALAT – Nigeria’s first fully digital bank, reached out to us. Together we’ve come up with something we call #AlertFromAlat.

If you also hate going to banking halls as much as I do then this will benefit you in more than one way. To qualify for our daily cash giveaway, all you need to do is download the ALAT app and follow the steps listed below to register.

This alone will qualify you for the daily draw. However, to make this more transparent, once you’re signed up, drop a comment on this post with a screen grab of your account number (you can add images to comments) so it would be easier for us to reach you.

Thats all. You can do all of this in 5 minutes and the app isn’t large so don’t worry about your data. Also, the draws will be done daily and if you don’t win today, doesn’t mean you can’t win tomorrow. Our one rule is that you can only win once during the competition also doesn’t mean you can’t use a friend’s phone and win through them.

We’ll also be running this on all our social media channels so if you are too lazy to come back here, just tweet at us with the hashtag #AlertFromAlat or comment on our Facebook page and you’ll qualify. Good luck.

Make sure your account status is “Active” as shown below – this is required for you to qualify.


  1. mercy emmanuel
    Why do I like money so much? Anywayyyyy… How can upload the screenshot of the ALAT account? I cant seem to figure out how to add an image….

    The ALAT account number is 0235621696

  2. Michael Oyebade
    Here’s my alat account number: 0235632119. #AlertFromAlat

    Please note, I couldn’t upload the screenshot.


  3. Princewill

    This hustle is is sharp and quick, seems legit too. I cannot not join the hustle oo. Here’s a screen grab of my “Active” Account. …Oh God, My bank ALAT should Gbagam…..
  4. Bunmi
    #AlertFromAlat my account is active and my account number is 0235639431. I would have uploaded a screenshot of it but I couldn’t find a way to do it. Thanks TNC
  5. Princewill

    Hello, what is apening kwa. My account is active and already making transactions, and I still haven’t gotten that Alat oo. Today is 6th oo. Well 9days is enough to bless me. Lol.

    I am officially begging now, not my fault, would love and extra cash at this period. Just passing by, so I say make I remind una.


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