The ‘Killing’ Of Homosexuals


“Bienvenue monsieur Uche! Presentez-vous et saluez le professeur qui vient de Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.” The above words filled the room immediately I sat down to face this panel that included who is who in the department of French and Foreign Languages of my school, University of Jos; it was the day set aside for…


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“Bienvenue monsieur Uche! Presentez-vous et saluez le professeur qui vient de Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.”

The above words filled the room immediately I sat down to face this panel that included who is who in the department of French and Foreign Languages of my school, University of Jos; it was the day set aside for defense of projects. When my HOD said it, I looked around to catch a glimpse of the people I would be confronting. I nodded my head in acceptance and took a deep breath. What he simply said in French was:

“Welcome Mr. Uche, introduce yourself and greet the professor from ABU, Zaria”

I did as instructed and to the business of the day, we headed. Just when I thought that I had done justice to the topic I chose to write by defending it very well, one of the senior lecturers asked me a question that took me off balance for a while. She asked:

“Are you a homosexual?”

I wondered why she asked me that question. I turned around and looked right in the faces of everybody seated in the room. What went through my mind in the space of 6 seconds was; “did I defend the homosexuals so well today or did I project myself as gay?”

I answered confidently after yet another deep breath with a smile that I wasn’t a homosexual but a heterosexual who had never conceived anything otherwise in his thoughts. The visiting professor from ABU looked at me with a smile and nodded, I think it was in acceptance of my response. I felt I touched every part that needed to be touched as I presented my case. Little wonder my level coordinator at that time followed me outside after the defense to congratulate me on how I enlightened them especially him on an issue he didn’t give so much attention to.

Normally, while defending your project in the department of French, students are asked to explain the reason why they chose their topics. I wasn’t exempted from this; L’HOMOSEXUALITE DANS L’ENFANT EBLOUI DE RACHID O (Homosexuality in ENFANT EBLOUI by Rachid O) was what I wrote on. My explanation went thus:

In the space of five years after leaving secondary school, I had been accosted by 3 homosexuals on different occasions. The first one met me in a party organized by a female friend of mine and decided to ask for my details. I couldn’t decipher his motives at that time not until when he invited me to his house and started telling me what I termed “nonsense”. He stopped bothering me when he realized I wasn’t responding to his vibes. He gave up on me and left. I never saw him again. I told my friends about his approach and we laughed it off and moved on.

We ran the streets where I come from. We were legit in all we did at least when it came to making ends meet. As a student who had his eyes and mind set on gaining admission into the famous University of Jos, I made sure I reduced the pressure on my parents at least financially. It was on one of these ‘hustling’ rounds that I met this man who started telling me about how he was going to transform my life if I made him my lover. I said to myself; “not again.”  I didn’t know why I was calm with him. He invited me to a spot where we would “chill”. As a teenager, I was scared to my bone marrow. The slightest thought of being in a place with this man was nauseating to me. It made goose bumps take over my being. I resorted to telling a few of my friends about this man, and our plan was to confront and possibly beat him up. Yes, we wanted to beat him up for trying to initiate this move. We did meet; my friends were lurking around the corner waiting for me to give them the sign to do the needful. Our plans never came to pass because I told him to tend to his wife and kids and back off me or risked being mobbed. We never met again and my ‘homies’ never had the chance to rough handle him.

Before meeting the above mentioned gentlemen, I had already suspected a grown up man in my area that would always cry and beg for the attention of a particular boy who refused coming to see him again. I enquired because I was confused about the whole scenario. I later found out that these two were engaged in amorous acts. It didn’t go down well with me, but I felt it wasn’t my business and indeed, till this day, none of this is my business.

I couldn’t tell if the panel taking down my scores was satisfied with my explanation or not, I just knew that I had to tell them what prompted my choice of this topic.

As students of French from my university, students ripe for projects are mandated to get their topics from books written by French speaking authors. I came across a French novel written by Rachid O, a Moroccan who in an autobiography talked about his sexual orientation as a homosexual. This book made me think about the reasons why people are homosexuals; the hatred that exists between heterosexuals and homosexuals; the challenges they face considering the humiliation that welcomed him especially when he was being laughed at by his peers in school and when his brother beat the hell out of him. I went ahead to ask myself if there is any solution to this ‘problem’. In the little research I did, using the above named author as a case study, Rachid O was born in a family where the grandfather is a homosexual who almost slept with him in one of their encounters. Even though some people have argued that homosexuality is not hereditary, I know Rachid O was trying to relay to us that it is. In the cause of defending the project, I highlighted that being gay is largely dependent on environmental and social factors (my opinion, lest you forget that).

Even though the major character in Andre Gide’s L’immoraliste  (the last book we read in school in pursuit of our degree) was accused of being gay despite the fact that he wasn’t seen performing the act, the author was the first gay man to receive the Nobel Prize for literature in 1947. Gide was one of the most revered French writers who had a penchant for stirring up controversies in three facets of human interests – religion, sexuality and politics. He faced a lot of condemnation at that time. In the above mentioned book, one of the reasons why the major character was accused of being gay was because he never felt a thing for his newly wedded wife. The argument has always been; why didn’t he have any feeling for his wife? Was the author reliving his life in the novel?

Gore Vidal died in 2012 at the age of 86 while I was putting finishing touches to my project. He was an American novelist who was accused of promoting homosexuality in his works. His popular works include; The City and the Pillar (1948) and Julian (1964). Tim Teeman in an online publication, Daily Beast, wrote that Vidal claimed he had had sex with about a thousand men before he turned 25.  I did a little research on him and got his side of view on homosexuality; in one of his favorite quotes on the subject, he said:

“Actually, there is no such thing as a homosexual person, any more than there is such a thing as a heterosexual person. The words are adjectives describing sexual acts, not people. The sexual acts are entirely normal; if they were not, no one would perform them.”

Taking Vidal’s works, lifestyle and quote into consideration, the question I ask myself most of the time is; what triggers this feeling? If this feeling is considered bad as most of us heterosexuals claim, is there a remedy to this?

Africans and particularly Nigerians in their numbers on daily basis condemn homosexuality. They frown at it saying it’s against our culture, tradition and religion. Sometime last year, some suspected homosexuals were flogged publicly as punishment in Bauchi, Nigeria. For how long would this scourge be on and is there really a cure for this problem if really it’s a problem?

My stand on this is…

Most homosexuals have argued that they don’t see anything bad in what they do. Some have even declared that, if it was a bad thing, they wouldn’t have been born this way (for the ones who claim they were born this way). Rather than throw stones at them at the slightest opportunity we get, I advise we rather find a way of talking them out of this act (that’s if we think they are not acting right). Most of the religions found in Nigeria abhor homosexuality and as a Christian, I totally condemn it. Little wonder Paul while addressing the Corinthians said;

 “Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Cor 6:9-11).

I don’t think hate would solve any problem, let the Christians go down on their knees and commit the lost ones back to the Lord.


  1. Ashabi
    Gbam gbam gbam… Triple gbam for you!!! Lovely lovely piece… Hitting it right on the head!!
    “I don’t think hate would solve any problem, let the Christians go down on their knees and commit the lost ones back to the Lord.” That right there is it.. Afterall, christianity is supposed to be about love!!! Bless you dear… Love not Hate…
  2. Coker Yinka
    Brilliant piece. Unfortunately, I doubt the many christian and muslims in Nigeria will heed to your tactful advice to pray for homosexuals. A sin is a sin though, so being homosexual or being dishonest is the same in God’s eyes. Right? So if we are being practical basically no one will make it to heaven as we all sin one way or another everyday.
  3. Elf
    Una don come again abi!!!
    This homosexuality thing is a “live and let live” situation for me. Any sexual practice between two consenting adults, na der yawa be that. I have a problem with “them” trying to shove it in our faces, and making a whole ish about their sexual practice, and forcing me to accept or condemn it. I don’t go around telling people what i do in my bedroom, so why would you come tell me what you do in yours. Toh!! Make i clap for you abi??

    That is why i won’t pray for you abegi!! Abi prayer point don finish??

    Posted from TNC Mobile

  4. Labigah Batna
    I totally disagree with the practice. I wonder why they claim it is natural. Natural indeed, yet not homosexual relationship has ever procreated. i stand to be corrected.
  5. Onyedikachi
    Have always said it: Our religions – Christianity, Islam, etc. – need love. I am a Christian; and I know a verse in the bible that says, ‘God loves sinners, but He hates sin. Therefore, He, God, does not want sinners to perish, but to turn from their sinful ways and live a holy life’.

    But I do not know why we still condemn, why we still judge people. Love, as Ucheya opined, is the only thing the can solve the problem. Let’s love them. Let’s not judge or condemn them. We, whether gay or straight, are all sinners. Let’s pray for them.

    Thank you, Ucheya, for this brilliantly rendered piece. Jisie ike!

  6. francis
    Its quite interesting you’ve demonstrated your dexterity on this piece of write up , you have applied so much creativity.Thumb up for this resourceful effort.
  7. Lovethnanret Thompson
    Bravo UCHE! This is my best piece. Quite didactic! The truth has been said. Love wins, love surpasses goodness or evil, love directs, love teaches, love conquers, love softens, love is the greatest. So, let’s go for love and watch situations turn around.
  8. Lawal
    Dear Mr Uche, i see what you’ve done here, trying to be politically correct and at the same time condescending. Gay people certainly don’t need your prayers, if you’re interested in tarrying in HIS presence, i’ll suggest you find more important causes to commit yourself too, like for example working out you salvation with fear and trembling and also dying to self that apostle Paul couldn’t stop admonishing about.

    gay people are not responsible for the rot and chaos and utter mess that the world presently finds itself and the answer to your supplication which i believe will be to turn all homosexuals to heterosexuals will not make the world a better place.

    Being gay is not in any way synonymous to being under a siege, spell or a curse, it is just what people are naturally and you might not be able to wrap your head around it but people are actually comfortable with being who they are despite the poison and bile flying around.

    What gay people need from you is to begin to try to understand and convince yourself that this is actually a way of life and you’re not better o just because you happen to be attracted to the opposite sex. We need people like you to gradually come to an understanding that being gay is normal and your brother, sister, co-worker, that bus driver, your boss, your church member or even that old class mate might just be gay and this does not in any way reduce their worth or make them less human.

    thank you.

    1. Ucheya
      ,for the fact that you want to support any cause or promote your belief(s) doesn’t give you the right or effontery to second guess anyone. You don’t know me and you don’t have any idea of what I stand for.

      Do you think I have a problem with the homosexuals? I dont. My problem is with the act because i am a christian. Maybe your religion and your values support it; it’s time you took a chill pill and look within.

      On the issue of political correctness that you earlier mentioned – probably you don’t know me, I don’t write to please anybody. I think I am ‘rebel’. I just wrote about what I feel and how i think about it.

      You are already speaking like their spokesperson. Go ahead and enjoy your sexuality for I am not judging you.

      1. Lawal
        Awww…. You wanted to be their spokesperson so much right? The progressive rebel who is not afraid to throw his cloak behind the gay propaganda, huh. I’m sorry to deny you that satisfaction but the truth is gay people do not need you saving them, all they ask for is for you to leave them alone na let them be in peace. Is that too much to ask?
        1. Ucheya
          You might need to read the piece all over again. I am not sure you truly understand the what you read. I can’t save the world, only God can. I just wanna let out some pain.

          You made mention of me being condescending. Don’t you think that’s too harsh to use on me? I didn’t in anyway make my self better or a saint.

          But if you have any beef with the subject, there are better ways intellectuals pass information across.

          Like I said before, if you are their spokesperson, go ahead and enjoy your sexuality for I am not being judgemental.


          1. Lawal
            Here he comes again, the proud and daring intellectual brave enough to lend his brilliant voice to campaign for a stop in the killing of Homosexuality. Bravo! Here’s your medal.

            All I’m saying is this your show of support is weak and it amounts to nothing because apparently you believe something is not quite right with the heads of homosexuals, there must be a demon lurking somewhere underneath their cerebral which is causing them to misbehave and the only way to reset their brain and make them normal people like you is to pray for them so they’ll be delivered from the evil spirit that is tormenting them.

            We get it, you’re doing more than your home phobic brethren but then it’s as though you’re doing nothing because homosexuals are absolutely normal and there’s nothing wrong with them, if at all they need any deliverance it won’t be from any demon or evil spirit it will be from this insane world and people who feel justified to tell others how to live their lives when in actual fact their way of live is not in any way bringing any harm to anybody.

            From me to you brother, you might want to channel your prayer into more profitable ventures.


  9. Ucheya
    Honestly, from my point of view something is not right with being a homosexual. Did I beat you on political correctness? Yes I think so. Anything Christianity condenms is bad and is a sin. Same sex amorous acts is against my beliefs and that of humanity – the holy Bible condemns it.

    See where we differ: I have them as friends, in school, on my street and everywhere, but I still love them because Jesus does the same thing. From your tone, it’s like you already hate me because I am a hetero.


  10. Ifeoma
    The best thing I can say about this is: It’s probably the best written Anti-gay rant I’ve seen out of Nigeria and I’ve seen a lot. Before you say it’s not a rant: There’s a land called Passive-aggressiva and I’m their Queen. This is how I can see the veiled but nonetheless solid uppercuts. You keep saying this piece has nothing to do with you;it has everything to do with you. It’s your mind on paper. It’s flagrant arrogance but be proud of it. It’s small mindedness properly hidden
    1. ucheya
      , Of course, it’s my mind on paper, no doubt about that. It has everything to do with me because from the part that has my personal stories, I was clearly visible there. In other to drive it home to you, I AM NOT GAY and I don’t hate gays either.
      1. Ifeoma
        I don’t think you’re gay. Someone said that in a love-hate relationship, the hate usually dominates because we can’t stand feeling soo much affection for someone we hate. Before you say I don’t love… I’m using it as a loose metaphor. I don’t think you hate gay people. You just hate the fact that they are gay. If all you know about the sun is that it’s bright and you hate brightness, one can correctly infer that you hate the sun. All that you see of the people that are gay is the gay which you want to pray away because it’s not the norm. Don’t be patting yourself on the back talking about how you don’t hate gay people when that aspect of them you know drives you to your knees asking the Lord to take it away. I don’t think you’re gay. I thought you were an intelligent/sly bigot. Now I just think you don’t even know that you’re a bigot.

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