Writer: Sports, Pop Culture and Lifestyle at TNC Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria

The Naked Convos (TNC) is Nigeria’s largest open publishing platform. TNC is the only platform in Nigeria that does what it does: we give Nigerians the opportunity to tackle politics, relationships, sexuality, religion, sports, finance, feminism and more in their own words. Our contributors are not journalists, they are not attention seekers, they are not politicians or policy makers; they are just young people who need to speak, on a platform where they will be heard.

As a way of guiding our public contributors, we have an in-house team of writers spread across different categories who contribute regularly. We are currently in the process of expanding our team of in-house writers and this is where you (or someone you might know) come in.

We are looking for great writers who want to define and answer the big questions that will drive these categories. We are looking for new voices looking to challenge the norm and tell untold stories or old stories in new ways. These positions are an opportunity for entrepreneurial writers to help shape and build these categories here at TNC.

The ideal candidates will have:

  • At least one year writing experience
  • A deep passion for and expertise in sports, pop-culture or, lifestyle
  • A track record of writing stories that perform online
  • An entrepreneurial spirit

If this describes you, please send: a cover letter/mail with three links to existing articles you’ve written and three story ideas you’d write this week for your chosen category if you were an in-house writer at TNC to hello [at] thenakedconvos [dot] com.


    1. Miz
      Yes…that’s how to ask a potential employer about your submission deadlines and working hours -“Yo!….Some weekly ish?”

      *slow clapping*

        1. Banky
          Why are you apologising, Tam? Come on, the categories include pop culture and I’m sure there’d be short story somewhere there. You are not being interviewed yet, this is a social media conversation. You don’t have to be so uptight from here. No be Heineman Series you dey apply for abeg! Someone wrote in patois and won the Booker Prize. Send in your work, you’d be shocked. No one should tell you how to write on the comments section of a call-for-submission; this is 2017.
  1. Bolupe Adebiyi
    This comment section is almost as interesting as reading an actual story… a tad deficit in one of the areas but sending in an application and the stories anyway… May the best ‘ (wo) men’ win…
  2. Okeoghene
    I know i’m 2million years late at this point but i will still ask!

    Is the vacancy for writers still open?
    **asking for a friend**


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