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Chizzy Ndukwe N



Current Location

Warri, Nigeria


I am a 24 year old writer from Abia, Nigeria.

I’ve been writing for a good part of 9 years now. I curate my opinion blog (, run an opinion/news-trends podcast on soundcloud (The Bohemian Dilettante), regularly writes lifestyle articles for Yolar Magazine, short fiction pieces for InspireCrib, and blog tech for Switx Network.

I’m kind of an all-rounder.

I’m a literary entrepreneur too, founding a non-profit for African writers (Route Africa Writers Orrganization) in 2016, and I coordinate an ongoing writing campaign for African writers (The Ozinta Series)

I also have a rather defunct wattpad profile.

For fun, I sing, dance (a lot), read books, watch movies, and play the guitar.

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Chizzy Ndukwe N

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