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  • The secret is how to die
  • *exhales* Do bios ever get easier to write? "Seeing someone reading one of your…
  • Aspiring Human. I want it all
  • MissO is my alter-ego; the person I really am but afraid to be. I…
  • S
    I Believe In Harvey Dent
  • Poet by nature, unintentionally funny person. A writer lost in the jungle of her…
  • Fabulous, Fierce, Creative, Bitchy Catty and a goddess. *This is me on a "meh" day. All…
  • The action or process of resisting authority, control or convention.
  • Ray
    I love chocolate cakes, Caprisonne, music, laughter and the colour red.  
  • By no means average!!.
  • Funmi works in TV development, which means she gets paid to make stuff up. She…
  • Spread your wings butterfly. I can be too candid. Yoruba. Female. Dodo addict.
  • Pure emotion encased in intelligence~Wrapped up in sophistication~Dusted over with sex appeal~With a sprinkling…
  • Artist. Idealist. Writer>
  • Normal is Boring
  • Nsikan Umoh,  born in 1996, is a free Thinker that was brought up in a conventional christian-Apostolic family in lagos,  Nigeria.  He sees himself more as a Creative than a Writer or an Artist. Nsikan Umoh graduated from Prime Montessori Nursery and Primary School  in 2006 and King's High School in 2012. He is currently studying for an undergraduate program in Laws. Nsikan learnt how to tie his shoes by himself at the age of 7. He still lives in Lagos,  Nigeria.
  • Hi, my name is E and I'm not sure what I'm about. I dabble a…
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