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  • A lazy Doctor, a lazier writer and a music junkie.
  • A word artist with a talent for words that excites, educates and persuades all at…
  •   Writer. Assistant Creative Director of my mind. Humanitarian. Food, Music and Travel Lover. God works in…
  • Introverted, open-minded, humour-lover and Arsenal-crazy!
  • Poet by nature, unintentionally funny person. A writer lost in the jungle of her…
  • I'M Princewill Ifeanyi Kalu Uka Ok, here's a small bitty note about me I love being…
  • I'm Unfolding...
  • Gone insane. Should be back before dinner.
  • Just a new blog addict and a proud father.
  • Aspiring Writer | Film Critic
  • By no means average!!.
  • Youthful humanitarian and passionate change agent with a thirst for love and God… Follow…
  • I write, cook, sing and photograph amazing moments, in no particular order.
  • A mad one.
  • She is a diehard believer in Nigeria. She is a journalist every other day…
  • I have opinions and I like to share them. Human, Christian, Lover of God.
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