Star Studded Projects Are Overrated. Yes, I Said It.

We’ve had “30 days in Atlanta”, “A trip to Jamaica” “The Wedding Party” and now, Genevieve’s yet to be released “Lion Heart”. I think several top stars sharing the screen is coming all too soon. I don’t want to see another big project with a congregation of famous faces. I honestly don’t. It’s not just…


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We’ve had “30 days in Atlanta”, “A trip to Jamaica” “The Wedding Party” and now, Genevieve’s yet to be released “Lion Heart”.

I think several top stars sharing the screen is coming all too soon. I don’t want to see another big project with a congregation of famous faces. I honestly don’t.

It’s not just that star-studded movies tend to be wack because such films usually have nothing much going on other than parading celebrities, it also takes away the ‘mystery’ effect surrounding A-listers. I’ll explain the latter.

As much as we’d love to see several recognisable faces in the same room having fun together on set, I think having several A-listers together should be like a rare, once in a life time thing. Fans shouldn’t get used to such sightings. Let there be an element of intrigue surrounding who gets to work with who.

For example, in the music industry, every big name has done a collabo with another big name (some, more than once), quite very early in their careers. Right now, there’s nothing worth anticipating from A-listers collabos, because they’ve all done joints with each other. There’s pretty much no one left to collaborate with. Psquare vs Phyno, 2face vs Psquare, Olamide vs Phyno, Omawumi vs Waje, Tiwa vs Wizkid – you name it, we’ve seen it.

Sadly, we see a lot of A-listers – singers, comedians, reality show stars, together on several projects no thanks to our movie producers who use a star-studded cast to boost watery story lines.

The thing is, a movie will still break the box office if unpopular leads and names we don’t know kill their roles and if the storyline is well crafted. Game of Thrones is a great example of this. This is why my love for film producer and director, Kunle Afolayan, stays strong. Kunle doesn’t need to cast household names as main characters to make a hit. For example, I didn’t know the talented Nse Ikpe-Etim, until I watched Phone Swap. Kunle is smart. Be like Kunle.

That’s my grouse – star-studded parodies. Can’t we have brilliant movies with fresh faces? Does anyone out there agree with me?

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  1. Asake
    Nice write up, i didn’t watch any of those moves except ‘The Wedding Party’ and i loved it. That will be my 1st Nigerian movie since Jenifa… Before Jenifa ? Maybe 8years ago…. You get the drift. They are usually very predictable so i don’t bother
  2. Don Flowers
    I agreed up to the point where you mentioned Kunle Afolayan as some sort of benchmark. I saw the much anticipated October 1st and I still can’t contain my disappointment.

    Nigerian producers don’t care about scripts, they want stuffs written in two weeks, something they can buy for N100,000 or less.

    1. larz
      October 1st is probably his least interesting movie in the past 10 years. I suspect that he was forced by the strong political powers to edit his work severely.

      Just my take….

      Figurine, phone swap were both very good

      1. Don Flowers
        I saw figurine, it wasn’t spectacular. I’m talking about great movies like gone girl, with story lines that will make your head swirl.
        I watched Ije, it was not perfect but it beats most movies from Nigeria. I’m yet to see Phone Swap so I cannot judge.
      1. Don Flowers
        The props were amazing but the story itself left too much to be desired. I already knew who the killer was even before the first killing.
        For a movie whose sole object was revealing the killer at the end, it left too much to be desired.
        Some conversations were unnecessary.
        1. Sussy
          Thank you Don, I watched the movie almost two years after it was released and could not believe how horrible and predictable the storyline was. I love his other movies though especially Figurine
          1. TMD
            Nice write up. I get what you mean. I watched “The Wedding Party” and I think everything was apt(I had a ear splitting smile on my face almost all through) but I was seeking for something deeper after the movie.
            Since you are all taking about Kunle Afolayan;please fo watch “C. E. O” ;intrigue upon intrigues and unpredictable.
  3. Eleanya Ndukwe Jr.
    This is a valid point raised by the writer.
    I think the directors and producers should earn the highest blames. The ploy to drag “stars” into a single picture is nothing but a cheap technique to make more money off the project.
    Even though we must not neglect the production value this adds, I think in a young and vibrant movie industry like Nollywood where there are so many talented but unspotted young potentials, this stunts their growth and their ability to make it to the big screen.
    It’s really a shame.
    Rarely do these so-called “heavyweights” hold auditions to the knowledge of the general public. How can we grow this way?
    Here in Los Angeles where I live, there are seasons known as “audition seasons” where people who consider themselves talented and interested in pursuing acting for instance, make the trip from across the country, to try their hands. Isn’t it evident from all the “stars” they continually dish out to the world in Drama Series and Sitcoms and likes?
    Nollywood must wake up. We can’t keep recycling these people who have made “their bones” (as Mario Puzo’s Dons would say).
    It’s becoming tiring and above all, limiting for young bloods.
  4. Maduka Ekene
    , Lol Alright thanks bro. I’ll look out for it. If there are download sites, or if you’ve a mobile version, you could send on WhatsApp 08039384116
  5. Chichi
    The Wedding Party has to be the most overrated I have seen this year, I still don’t understand what the fuss was about.
  6. a
    I get your drift, If only hollywood takes a cue, but its all about the sales and no-one really wants to risk it all. I enjoy the fresh face moments on youtube though…i.e…skinny girls in transit, Your best friends wedding…etc.
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