Recently, I was with my kid sister when she was having her teeth fixed with braces and the orthodontist said, “you don’t find kids with braces in public schools.” That led to this write up.

I don’t know if there are; but in my over twenty years of living, I am yet to meet a poor man who is suffering from severe depression. Now I am not insinuating that poverty is a cure for the above stated health issue but I think it seems likely to occur among the rich. The poor man has little to keep him apprehensive. They seem easily excited. Look at it this way; what class of people do you see playing bare-chested on draughtboards in public with a drink to savour the moment? What class do you see holding street carnivals at the end of the year, partying away in ecstasy?  The rich simply travel out on vacation. It is only the poor you see at beer parlours drinking and socializing while discussing the state of the nation. The rich man on the other hand will go to a Chinese restaurant to unwind or host an exclusive party at a five star hotel where everyone will act corporate and posh. There is definitely no warmth in the rich man’s fun.

Show me a poor man suffering a food allergy and I will show you a groom who proposed without kneeling down. The poor eat nearly anything regardless of the hygiene or nutrition standard and get away with it. If a rich man eats a meal not well made, he will fall ill and the doctor will diagnose food poisoning. Same meal eaten by the poor and it will probably nourish his body.

Now have you also noticed that the poor hardly ever find childbearing an issue? They get married and within six months the woman has conceived. But that is not to say that all rich people find child bearing difficult but it points to the fact that most people seeking fruit of the womb are well to do. If you doubt me, go do your research and revert with your findings. Why do you think we have so many quack pastors? Among other reasons, is the fact that there are so many rich married women desperate to have kids and these wolves in sheep clothing get rich off them. Do you know how much some rich married women pay for prayers in some quarters? Go tell a man who is not sure of the next meal to pay money so you can recommend whatever for him to bear children and watch the look he will give you. Doctors also smile to the bank thanks to some rich clients who are yet to give birth. The doctor (genuine as he is) recommends so many things and the woman on the other end of the table eagerly buys it. Unfortunate!!!! But that is the fate of some rich people.

Now have you also noticed that there are some diseases that seem to afflict only the rich? For example, bipolar disorder. That is a psychiatric disorder characterized by extreme mood swings. It is humorously referred to as the CEO’s disease. That is because majority of its victims are big shots in the business world. What about Parkinson’s disease? All the victims I have heard about are well to do. What about obsessive compulsive disorder? The list goes on. Please I have to state again at this stage that I do not intend to spite anyone but just using this medium to express some life puzzles to which no one has successfully provided a balanced answer.

By no means am I advocating  poverty as secret to a worry-free life but I am only just stating that in life, regardless of financial status, there is still something about everyone that can give them cause to lift their head high among people. Money is not necessarily the only criterion by which we should classify ourselves because, regardless of who you are, all men meet at the funeral home in their birthday suit.

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  1. Iyanu
    I disagree… Poor people also suffer this things the world just doesn’t see them. Their diseases are not reported. When the poor suffer things such as bipolar diseases e.t.c., they’re quick to point out fingers to the supernatural. A lot of their infants die or are affected with diarrhea which is as a result of food poisoning. Maybe they’re freer at life, maybe they can be so merry but they do not escape this diseases. Its even worse in their case because they die ignorant and their families cannot beware of the things that killed them.
    said, nature will always find a balance, no man can have it all. Just have Jesus.
    1. Toby
      Thank you. When the unofficial garbage collector dies, they say, “Ah, that baba don die finally. Na suffering kill am.” They don’t see that it was tetanus or some other neglected disease. I would even say that the poor die more ignobly than the rich.
    2. Dickson
      Thanks for reading. Like you rightly said; nature will always find a balance.
      There is no denying that certain issues appear “peculiar” to certain class of people. We may not agree but it’s pondering.
  2. Snow
    Fam, this post is dripping with the persona of someone who has stayed his whole life on the island, particularly in V.I. I dont think you’ve even reached Marina sef (this is just banter) I swear if you had continued writing, I could almost see you writing that the rich don’t ever have Malaria, or Pneumonia.

    There are no kids with braces in public schools because they can’t afford dentists, they can’t afford it
    The Poor man has allergies almost as much as the rich man.

    Those seemingly mad people that roam streets and are dressed in rags, Did they tell you they are mad because they don’t have where to stay. or you just think mental issues affects only the rich man.

    Cancer, Kidney and Liver failure, diabetes, Mental issues, they don’t care what you are. they affect both rich and poor and alike.
    The difference is the poor man is ignorant, he probably can afford the consultation to better diagnose his condition.

    1. *kira_writes*
      lmao!! barely got tru the first line in your comment before i began to spaz out with uncontrollable laughter. Snow! but why? why you think the writer is island based? what are you trying to say about people who live on the island?. lool that was unfair bro, (this is also banter).

      I thought the write up was nice, at the start though. Then the benight thoughts began to rise. Although not all points are misguided,

    2. nO2_EFX
      Well….While I agree with you, I have observed that there are a number of illnesses that plague..not necessarily the POOR, but those who live in rural areas.

      Cancer for example. The causative factors are radiation from microwave foods, insufficient intake of raw foods (fruits and vegetables) etc. The rural dwellers are also less likely to have things like heart attacks and high bp, because their daily lifestyle, unlike the average urban dweller, is very physically active.
      My mom used to tell me of women that went to farm when they were expecting to give birth in her village. these women would prep for the birth themselves, have the baby, clean up and come back after they were done with farming. Honestly, that’s some gangsta stuff. But the point is some of the points made, though not entirely accurate, are plausible.

      1. Nnanyielugo
        Your mother is almost as ignorant as you are.
        Give birth and go back to the farm? Such tall tales.
        As for Cancer, heart attack (cardiac arrest) and high blood pressure being restricted to urban dwellers/’rich people’, if you knew an iota of anatomy, you would realize how utterly preposterous that completely ignorant statement was.
        ‘rich’ people need to learn about other things besides their ‘richness’, to avoid embarrassing themselves.
        1. woyi_oc
          Wait…did i just get burnt…? And no, my mother is far from ignorant. I’d give proof of this but that’ll ruin my secret identity swag. But no, she wasn’t lying. “Women would go to farm pregnant and come back with yam on their head and baby on their back.”.
          1. Nnanyielugo
            “yam on their head and baby on their back”
            Chi’m o!!!
            People of God, just look at this one!
            One question, did the women use the umbilical cord to tie the babies to their backs?
        2. woyi_oc
          Also I dint say poor people dont get diseases like cancer and what not. I said that it’s less likely. Because the number of causative factors that contribute to the inreased probability of getting cancer is higher in urban areas. It’s the same why that there are illnesses that are more likely to be contacted by people in rural settlements. I think cholera is one of such. But that’s more speculation on my part.
        3. Afuye
          There was a time diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney diseases (most chronic diseases) were referred to as diseases of affluence. Actually, a rural dweller is less likely statistically to suffer from diabetes, hypertension, e.t.c than an urban dweller, all other things staying equal due to
          (1) a higher level of physical activity and thus higher cardiopulmonary fitness than his urban contemporary (all other things staying equal)
          (2) your diet contributes in no small measure to a number of diseases. More fruits, fibre and vitamins got directly from their source would most likely place the rural dweller at a slight advantage over his urban contemporary.

          Conversely, the rural dweller is likely to suffer from “diseases of poverty” such as diarrhoea, food poisoning, e.t.c or in events when the prevalence isn’t higher than in urban contemporaries, the severity might be.

        4. K. Rukia
          I think you owe NO2_EFX and their mother an apology. You might not agree with what they said, but that gives you no right to insult them.
    3. Dickson
      Thanks for reading. However; my ribs nearly burst when reading ur 1st paragraph. I wish I had lived all my life in V/I.
      However; Have u ever stopped to wonder those who suffer food allergy and food “poison”, what class they belong to?
      Certainly; it’s not carved in stones but somehow; I could be wrong but i think certain things in life are mysteries and the points above might just be one of them
    4. Dickson
      Thanks for reading. However; my ribs nearly burst when reading ur 1st paragraph. I wish I had lived all my life in V/I.
      However; Have u ever stopped to wonder those who suffer food allergy and food “poison”, what class they belong to?
      Certainly; it’s not carved in stones but somehow; I could be wrong but i think certain things in life are mysteries and the points above might just be one of them
  3. Serical
    i see your point of view but as snow and iyanu have pointed out… all the things affecting the rich affects the poor too… just lack of exposure and ignorance leaves most of the things undiagnosed or not revealed until too late.
    poor people also suffer from infertility… as a Doctor working in a General hospital I can tell you that much. same thing for mental issues too….it’s not only rich people that are psychiatric patients.

    we can just say that due to the differences in circumstances, the poor may seem less troubled and happier because ignorance really IS bliss.

  4. Nnanyielugo
    This is another stereotypical rant (it seems to be on a roll these days, people focus more on mundane things).
    If you bothered to stop yourself from being over excited about Kim Kardashian’s latest nude pic, and instead channeled same energy to learn about society as a whole, not just the glamorous side, you’d understand that everyone suffers same illnesses in similar frequencies, only that the less privileged lack the necessary education, opportunity, and interest to learn about the more ‘exotic’ illnesses (they prefer to focus on more important things, like feeding).
    Diabetes, cancer, cardiac arrest, etc affects them too, they cannot afford necessary medical services to diagnose, much less treat said illnesses.
    As for bipolar disorder, they chalk it up to a minor form of madness……, or ogbanje/satanic influence.
    I hope this helped.
    1. Dee
      Ma/Sir, who hurt you? I have read a couple of your comments on different posts and you always seem up in arms & ready to bludgeon anyone who dares to cross your path. Like those comments up there about someone’s mother. You might think you were shooting straight from the hips, but I think it was just plain rude & disrespectful. Life isn’t that serious.
    2. Suyi Davies
      “If you bothered to stop yourself from being over excited about Kim Kardashian’s latest nude pic…”
      You have to be this way? Really?
      And then, that sarcastic “Cheers” at the end.
      Why all the aggressive behaviour? Where did you learn that it’s okay to do this, verbally or in text? You’re aware you can just say what you think without being condescending and impolite, right?
  5. Toby
    Everything you’ve observed is due to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

    The Physiological needs (breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, excretion) are the basic needs and must be met, before the Safety needs like security of body, which is where health comes in.

    The poor man will eat that tainted food and have food poisoning, same as the rich man. He just doesn’t count it worth going to the doctor- after all, it will pass in a few days. The rich man is farther up on that hierarchy of needs, and will be concerned enough (and will have enough money) to go to the doctor.

    The only point I somewhat agree with is the fertility issue. Poor people do seem more fecund. Then again, as the saying goes, sex is the poor man’s television. What else are they going to do at the end of a hard day? By the time they have sex every night for a month, no matter the fertility issued they might be having, the likelihood that one sperm will contact one ovum is pretty damn high.

    I have to strongly disagree with the idea that mental disorders affect only the rich. It’s just like the food poisoning example I gave above. They simply don’t get treatment or attention for the OCD or mania because they are too busy trying to stay alive, stuck at the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid.

      1. Toby
        You’re not poor if you’re on the internet, or on the comment section of TNC. At least you can still laugh at some Twitter bants or watch some videos on Youtube before going to sleep. If there’s literally nothing else to do for fun except sex, kids are coming, no matter the poor quality of the sperm or ova.
  6. Dickson
    It appears many people dont seem to agree with me.
    Notwithstanding; thanks to everyone for reading.
    however; some examples above are apt; others may be hypothetical.
    however; I believe that holding income and lifestyle constant; anyone can do his or her own research on fertility and revert with their findings…
    You might be suprised what you discover….
  7. nO2_EFX
    Hmmm….You might have a point on the fertility angle. But from what i hear it’s still being debated by scholars.

    “Generally, expectations are that urbanization reduces fertility because urban residence would likely increase the costs of raising children. Urban housing is more expensive, and children are probably less valuable in household production in urban (vs. rural) areas. Furthermore, urbanization (or urbanism) may be associated with ideational change, that is, beliefs and attitudes surrounding large families. In addition, urban residents may have better access to modern birth control, allowing urban residents to more effectively act on any desire to reduce childbearing.”

    Got that from an abstract on the effects of urbanization on fertility.

  8. Larz
    I have been told that most contraceptives messes with your natural biological circle of a woman. When you add morning after pill and abortion to the mix, and the age they start child bearing, I can totally understand the stats on fertility.

    Mental sickness: whether they are schizophrenic or something else.
    Mad is mad to poor people. Some will even say this mad person has a lot of good days where you can have reasonable conversation with him. I was once told of a man in my dads village who apparently was cursed with alcohol becuz ppl saw how successful he was becoming. In rich mans term, I would say he was addicted to alcohol and would have perhaps ended up in rehab instead of some dibia house or alfas.

    Finally, almost 30 years ago (shortly before I was born), my grandma died in the village. It wasnt until my dad had diabeties that he told us that he suspected that his mum must have had that to becuz they had similar symptoms plus his siblings (his mums children) had it too. The difference is that, he lived (still lives) for almost 2 decade after he started having his symptoms and she died within 5yrs. Also, his children are aware of what ails him and are taking measures to live a healthier lifestyle and minimise our chances of getting it.

    In conclusion, I disagree with most of the view you have raised on this. I also agree with Tobys point on hierachy of needs.

    1. nO2_EFX
      “I have been told that most contraceptives messes with your natural biological circle of a woman. When you add morning after pill and abortion to the mix, and the age they start child bearing, I can totally understand the stats on fertility. ”

      Hmm…I actually didn’t think of that. Good one 🙂

  9. Olushola
    I can particularly empirically prove a bigger part of this post wrong… However it’s an interesting point of view and it (only)seems true…
    Life is what we make it… And it’s really that simple.
      1. Olushola
        Ooh.. My bad… I get the point now. *I’m blushing o*
        I think a lot of people on here do that too. Life is to short to believe your opinion is superior to another’s.
  10. Dickson
    Someone mentioned contraceptives+abortion + morning after pills= increased chance of infertility.
    While that maybe true; It is important to note that not all urban childless persons have these variables in their lives.
    I have seen promiscous persons who get married and conceive in a short while; while people who were decent got married and have child bearing issues.
    Life is unscripted…..
    I believe there are certain realities of life that are beyond man’s ability to unravel…..
    Afterall; isn’t our limitedness one of the beauties of our humanity?
  11. Ufuomaee
    Omg! You’ve captured my thoughts and written them on paper. I’ve always speculated on this, and the examples you gave are just spot on. Great insight… thanks for sharing. I’m sharing on Twitter 🙂

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