Our Best Friends Wedding: Episode 12: El Capitano

This was not the expected outcome. Nobody was supposed to get hurt. Not him, not any of the chosen 19. Especially not Jade. It had been a month since he’d done the nasty with Jade. The nasty. How could he even call something so awesome by such a distant misnomer? “The nasty?” he thought. For…


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This was not the expected outcome. Nobody was supposed to get hurt. Not him, not any of the chosen 19.

Especially not Jade.

It had been a month since he’d done the nasty with Jade. The nasty.
How could he even call something so awesome by such a distant misnomer? “The nasty?” he thought. For it had been anything but. Life had to go on though.

Two days after he and Jade had hooked up, he’d gotten a call.
“Hi. Who’s speaking?”
A gruff voice. “It’s me.”
“Me. The Captain as I hear you all like to refer to me…” Charles’ blood paused in mid-flow as he tried to catch his breath.

“Ggggood evening,” Charles stuttered.
“Coward. You hear the voice of a real man and you start stammering.”

Ordinarily, Charles wouldn’t stand for such insults. Especially from someone with whom he’d had relatively little interaction. However, today he offered up no protests. He couldn’t deny to himself that he probably deserved it…

“You’re lucky you didn’t sleep with my wife all those years ago. You’d be missing your penis by now.” Charles eyes widened with fear. Life without a penis would be unthinkable.
“I’d never do that now. Never. What the hell men?”
“Good. Now what is this I hear you’ve done with Jade?” Silence. Very awkward. The Captain sighed loudly. Must be a horrible snorer, thought Charles. The Captain chose to continue:
“I heard about it and I’d like to ask: why?”
Why, Charles thought to himself. He couldn’t bring himself to answer. Why? He spoke up: “I’ve been asking myself the same thing for a while now.”
“And what have you come up with?”
“Nothing worth saying, I assure you.” Again, the Captain sighed.
“You’re a man Charles. At least I hope you are. You have but one mandate: fix this. For all our sakes. Please.” And the line went dead.

Charles dropped the phone and ran his fingers through his hair, cursing under his breath as he did so.

Why? And had it been all worth it?

He brought out his writing pad and wrote at the top of a free page in bold type:

He drew a crooked line underneath the words then he paused while staring into the ceiling. He looked down, fighting tears,
and continued to write…

Midway through, he stopped again. He pulled his phone out and began typing a message with a wry smile on his face:
“I think we’re all clear babe. All clear.”
A few moments later, with his eyes glued to the handset the whole time, a notification came up: “Delivered: Eno.” He maintained the wry smile and went back to writing…


It seemed out of the blue, surreal even, when his phone rang and he saw her name on the screen. He held his breath and counted to five before he picked it…
“Hey. Guess you’re all still mad at me…” Her chirpy voice cut him off.
“No, you numbskull! You’re not that important!” That admission stung Charles but the brightness in her voice told him that the ugliness between them might be at an end.
“Alright, Kemi. What’s up?” He sounded drained. Defeated.
“Don’t be such a whiner. Ahn ahn, who stole your cookies? Don’t sound so beaten up jo! Look I have info. Serious info. It’s about Jade.” Charles perked up. The emotional rollercoaster was becoming a bit much for him to handle.
“Go on,” he said.
“Well… It appears you weren’t the only one she screwed or was screwing as it is.”
“Uh huh…” He answered,
“Yeah… Well… Jade’s kinda pregnant right now.”
“Holy Geronimo! Wh-wh-wh-whaat?! How pregnant? Ho-wh-whe…?!”
“The Captain WAS right. You DO stutter under pressure! Hold your horses. It’s not yours. Thankfully.”
“Thankfully,” he repeated. Right then, Charles didn’t know what to feel.
“But that’s only part of the gist o…” She continued. “The guy responsible, Mayowa, is keen and it seems your little mixer with Jade the other day straightened her out. Helped her understand her feelings. Charles are you there?”
“I’m here.” He muttered,
“So the major gist I called to give you is this…” Charles braced himself and sighed.

“Our best friend is getting married!!!”


Hey people. We’re up to the final episode. You won’t want to miss out next week… If you haven’t been following the series, use this link here to read the previous episodes. OBFW is jointly written by @cikk0 and I and we’d like to say a huge thank you to the guys at Barows 21 for sponsoring it. Now to today’s magazine giveaway.

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  1. kayshawy
    Good twist to the story after-all! Jade has been a bad geh all this time sha, kpanshing Mayowa steady and forming love for Chacha! U go girl NDU!

    But Eno and Charles…hmmmm

  2. cupcakemouse
    Oh my fuckiddy gosh… .jade shudnt get married to sumone else na.. No matter how stupid charles is, they belong together… 🙁 so sad..bt I can't wait for the final episode…*dancing windeck*
  3. dammydiva
    nice one o…c twisting…lol.. d charles running his hand thru his hair put an image of a white man with long hair in my head….okbye..good one
  4. nycegurl
    All i can say is good for charles or is it bad for charles, i get that phrase all mixed up. But this is an eye opener for charles, whatever will dear sissy lover do now?
  5. foxy
    So I just had a feeling that toolsman won't let it bcum sumfn frm nolly wood *rme* na wa o … Me I sha knw there must b a sequel !
  6. 0latoxic
    Love the twist, mehn! Thankfully, I don't have to eat my pomo of a shoe now… and once again, I hope I'm not speaking too soon *pulls hood over head*. It'll most defo be sad to see this series end though. Beautiful story. And I'm confident I can say this even with an episode left to 'air'.

    Great job, 'repairman'. Nice one, 'sicko' 😀

  7. bimbo
    Gpu tula and cikko for dis twist mehn. Ahn ahn ki loi de gan naaa. U think u can just be playn with us any how??? Wat rubbish! Mscheeew I'm actually angry.
  8. audrey
    Woooooow is all I can say so loving this erm first time I tried I got top 10 issokay my report card says good try harder next term
  9. Sam-Sam
    Asin, I'm pissed. What is wrong with a nollywood story, it gives us all a respite from the realities of this messed up world. Y can't Charles and Jade just end up together???
  10. @eznira
    Let me jst say…..Finally!!! I've been waiting for this post for what seems like months! And I dunno what y'all are excited abt… really not finding this twist funny! 🙁
  11. Sam-Sam
    Infact, Tula, u just ruined my day. I know it seems kinda ridiculous but I've gotten attached to Jade and charles. 🙁

    I kinda have a feeling that the Charles/Eno gist is the real shocker of the series though.

  12. Rose Anne
    i dont care for this twist that you just added to this series, Charles and Jade had better end up together. #TeamCharles
  13. bimbo
    I hope we all understand y nollywood movies continue to sell. Sumwhere deeeeeeeeeeeeep down in us, we like predictable endings
  14. Jasmine
    LOL.. I predicted this twist a while back.. I'm bad like that. 😉
    I'm going to get a lil corny and say: no matter how much love there is between too people, some things just aren't meant to be.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah its just a story but Woohoo!!!! My girl Jade is getting married. 🙂

  15. Sir Fariku
    I ve said this before and I ll say it again, great story guys. The denouement is to die for, I hope the climax would be equally awesome. Poor Charles. Sometimes you act so late when you have a friend you really like and you forget that they might have already fallen for someone else. He played way too many games with her. Sometimes its good to be straight up.
  16. MsWaspy
    Okay! Fuckiddy wowzerrrrrs! Ogini? Kilode? Menene? Wetin?

    But next thursday's not far again sha, I can't wait to see the fantastic turn that all this shenanigans will take.

    Thumbs u to thetoolsman and cikkO 😉

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