Today, we are giving you the readers the power to decide how you want the story to end. Our job today is to serve you our perfectly prepared dish of pounded yam but the choice of the soup to go with it is absolutely up to you.

Our pounded yam was made by @JadenTM. Enjoy.

His lips taste like rubber and he needs to shave. Kissing him is like brushing my face with a hairbrush. I wrap my arm around his neck to hold on, the movement brings my hand to the front of my face, and there, sitting on my finger, is the one thing that’s supposed to make this all worth it.

I bend my fingers to get a better view, watch as the rock catches the light and I think, my mother would be so proud. A sigh forces itself out of my mouth into his, and as he grunts in response his doughy fingers dig deeper into my back. Ouch.

Believe it or not there was a time my eyes closed when I kissed, when my stomach grew a million tiny wings and my heart spun my head around in dizzying bursts of bliss. Love, I called it, until the day a hungry danfo driver forgot to put his left foot on the brake pedal of his vehicle, as a young man crossed the street.

I see him still, sometimes, when I close my eyes; he smiles down at me, reaches out his arms, and I hear the strange sound of my own laughter as I run and run and run to hold him. I never get there.

They said I should move on, so I did; that love was a choice, so I let my mother choose for me. She sat me down and said to me, “Arike, love is like pounded yam, it can go with any kind of soup, you just have to get used to the new taste.”


To continue the story, select your ‘soup’ of choice below:

Efo-riro  Soup served by @Nerdychique

Egusi Soup served by @CeceNoStockings

Bitter leaf Soup served by @Terdoh

Banga Soup served by @HL_blue


  1. mrWolf
    Efo Riro anyday anytime abeg!! nobody needs sadness or misfortune in a supposedly eternal affair like marriage..but still i think the best piece is banga soup..funny as hell!

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