You Could Put Yourself In Harm’s Way!

When a man says a female who willfully puts herself in a compromising position may get molested, most females are quick to label such men potential rapists. Such blind conclusions baffle me. Just because a man has no right to touch a female who’s practically naked doesn’t make it okay for her to send the…


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When a man says a female who willfully puts herself in a compromising position may get molested, most females are quick to label such men potential rapists. Such blind conclusions baffle me.

Just because a man has no right to touch a female who’s practically naked doesn’t make it okay for her to send the wrong signals or stay unguarded, expecting that nothing would happen, expecting that every guy has the same level of self-control.

I don’t think there’s any need to put a disclaimer on this post stating that I am not blaming rape victims. But if I’m still misunderstood, well…

There’s a reason why your mothers always cautioned you to sit properly with your legs tightly closed, especially in public. There’s a reason why your mum warned you on several occasions not to stay out late, and move in groups when you’re out there.

But if your 21st century ideologies has be-clouded your sense of reasoning, sense of security, sense of responsibility, and you insist that a woman can in no way invite predicaments upon herself, as long as every guy with a dick is expected to be a gentleman, good luck!


  1. Uche
    Lol. Let me ask you. When you go to a store and you see wares displayed, do you go ahead to pick it because owner is not around?

    When your boss offends you, do you decide to slap him/her because well, they offended you?

    Why don’t you drive a smaller car so they don’t Rob you I mean, you could be flashing your wealth.

    I don’t see how my open legs are calling your name. Or how my being out late, means I want to get some. I’m​ not even on seat for this today. This thing has been overflogged and it’s silly posts like this that lead some horrible people to saying things like ‘she was outside late, she must have wanted some’ she came to my house, she must have wanted some.

    Your solution to rape is to restrict women and you don’t think that there’s something wrong with that thinking.

    1. Uche
      Oh and actually, yes. Every guy should be a gentleman. Every human being should be decent. It’s not that hard. Stop making excuses for monsters.
    2. Jagz
      I use this analogy to explain the authors point when ever I speak about women protecting themselves; we all know it’s wrong to steal, no one should steal. But that doesn’t mean I should leave my phone in a public place, say a library table and come cry hell when it’s stolen.

      The world is unfair, always has, probably will remain so till the end of time. Screaming be a gentleman will not a rapist change but taking precautions can prevent someone from becoming a victim. These precautions are not limited to adult females but also precautions to protect little children by their parents and guardians.

      Last last if a girl is raped all you can do is offer support and scream rapists should be castrated (which I think they should be) but the girl lives with that trauma for life. If she follows the author’s advice of self preservation the chance of avoiding that trauma is much more.

      I leave you with an age old word of advice, prevention is better than cure.

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    3. Jagz
      Oh and this, probably the author doesn’t do all those things but let me surprise you.

      People steal from stores, they are called shoplifters.

      People do slap their bosses, I have seen it happen.

      People collect big and small cars, they are armed robbers and it is wrong. Doesn’t mean if I know a route where cars are snatched I’ll drive on that route late at night and expect the criminals to let me be because well “It’s wrong”.

      The author probably understands that yes, your open legs are not an invitation to dive in. That being out late does not mean you’re horny. And then you turn it to mean him victim blaming. But unfortunately not every guy or even woman out there outstands these points and until such we reach such utopia, please PROTECT YOURSELF.

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  2. G B
    Even if a woman walks around naked carrying a board that says “RAPE ME! AND EXTRA-VIOLENTLY, TOO!!”, it’s no excuse to perform an act that is actually a crime. I think the post writer is just trying to point out, in his own, er, elemental way, that said woman probably should not do things like that. That’s an extreme case, however, and unlikely to ever happen. I hope.
    Women have been the victims of a whole host of social issues for centuries. And, this should change, agreed. But until all men become gentlemen, women should take care of themselves. You know you’ll get very little sympathy from twats out there, so…try not to be a victim? I can’t tell you not to go to an ATM at night (I don’t make your money for you). I can’t tell you what clothes to wear (I need pointers on my own clothing choices). I can’t tell you how to sit in public (what’s my own?). But in dealings with (male) strangers, remember that you’re at a physical disadvantage and prepare.
  3. Sapphire
    Not all men can be gentlemen. It is almost impossible. We weren’t necessarily born good. Check the evil in your heart and you will see how bad you can be. This evil finds a way to express itself differently in humans. For some its stealing, for others its gossip, and for some it is raping women.

    Having said that, it will be unwise of you to leave yourself unguarded. You are first and foremost responsible for yourself. If you believe everyone should be good, why do you become suspicious when a man starts talking about dollars in the car? Why don’t you enter a car with three men seating at the back? I mean all men should be gentlemen and no one should steal from you right? Why do you hold tightly to your bag when it seems there is a man lurking around the corner? Why do you lock up your car and install more than one security measure to prevent theft?

    No man was necessarily born good or gentle. If you are honest with yourself, you know you are not altogether good. Protect yourself and don’t give someone an opportunity to fulfill his lust on your body.

    This doesn’t excuse rape. Rape should be punished by castration or castration. Let me end with this quote by T.F. Hodge “The first law of nature is self-preservation. Cut off that which may harm you…..”

    1. Morris
      I was hoping someone would mention this…and the other factors, that cannot be covered by the don’t go out at night’ type of advise.
  4. Amazing
    I’m always sensitive about rape cases..Very… One can never be too careful. You could visit a guy (like hell there’s nothing wrong that) he gets the wrong message then the rest history….
    Decent, well dressed girls are raped too.
    No matter how it happens the society always have a way of blaming girls.

    I think both gender should be properly educated about this rape thing.
    Teach the guys to be proper gentle men,teach them to have conscience,self control
    Teach the ladies to protect themselves,learn how to say “NO” and mean….

    Sincerely I don’t blame women when it comes to rape,this is because you can never be too careful

  5. Jeff Ugochukwu Emmanuel
    I think this rape issue is a double lane in terms of perspectives, that’ll hardly come to conjoin. Everyone sees it from where they’re standing. That a woman isn’t seated properly doesn’t give anyone the right to get funny ideas. It is preposterous to even say every man must be a gentleman because we all are wired differently, even a sheep knows this! In my secondary school days, a road safety official once said “if you want to be safe on our roads, when you sit behind a wheel just before you go out. Remind yourself of the assumption that every other driver is a mad person” deduce of this what you may. As a woman never think you’re surrouded by gentlemen rather think the opposite. Put on what makes you feel good but know when you are out of line and sit well in public. If you’re not ready to be a gentlelady, don’t ask it of a man!
  6. S.C
    Lol, I have been molested 3 times. Once by my colleague at work, second time by my boyfriend third time by someone I called my best friend. Notice a pattern? None was a random stranger. None was someone I needed to exercise extra caution around. That is the thing I have with these kinds of messages. Rape is hardly ever perpetuated by a stranger. Re:

    I understand this is ‘abroad statistics’ but we read the news everyday and we know what this is really about. Cases where you remotely have no idea who your abuser is are very low, even here in Nigeria. If you want to be sure go and take a random sample of girls who have been abused.

    All of you shouting prevention, what then is your point? We should lump all men into the potential rapist basket and treat as such? Sure fine we can do that, but then you have no rights to complain about the men are scum movement. Rape is hardly ever about the sex or the attraction. You have to understand that.

    People who rape want to exert some sort of authority over their victim/target. Someone waiting for you in the corner is someone you know who you may have offended unknowingly or even knowingly, and thinks the best way to punish you is by raping you. In fact, you might be getting raped because they are trying to punish your boyfriend for offending them. No, these are not made up stories. Thus I ask again, who is your message really for? The 3 out of 10 that did not know their abuser? To the person who mentioned prevention, if you are preventing only 30% of cases, are you really fixing a problem?

    On this issue of seductive dressing, I have said it several times that I once had a friend who was attracted to women in Jalamiyas (or whatever that thing is called). Hope you know that there are more cases of sexual assault in the more conservative Arab countries? I could go on and on and turn this into a blog post, but we need to talk about telling men that a woman’s sexuality is not his right to possess. We need to talk about telling men that they should not take what is not theirs. These kinds of messages encourage rapists to make silly excuses for their actions.

    1. Bkd
      Everybody, including the author agrees that rape should be condemned and men should be taught to control themselves. And nobody is implying that rape is only carried out by strangers.
      What the author is saying is that before any of these come up, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY must be ensured.
      Why can’t you people just get that?
      I’m sorry for those who have been raped by no fault of theirs but trust me, in my own experience (keyword, “own esperience”), the allegeged rapists could also be the victim. Same way you’re probably arguing from your own experience. So if we have to be biased, I’m sure everyone will have a valid argument to support their position, including the alleged rapists. That’s why the author is asking that we put aside our biases and understand that both the (yet to be/potential) rapist and raped each have a role to play to prevent such from happening or at least reduce the chances of it happening by an appreciable margin. I think these are what’s referred to as Precautionary MEASURES right?
      I hope I haven’t hurt anybody’s feelings with my “politically incorrect” comments.
      Just a thought, but has anyone ever tried to even find out the rapists’ side of the story(excluding child rape and the likes)? May this could help better understand the most common factors that trigger these crimes. This way we can practically deal with these issues instead of all these biased arguments and sentiments we be throwing around.
    2. Bkd
      Yes, there’s a pattern of none of them being random strangers… but hey, for arguments sake, there’s another pattern I noticed. YOU.
      Now what do you make of that huh?
      I once read a story of a serial false-rape-accuser on Yahoo news. It made her feel powerful to seduce these men and then brand them rapists. Her words.
      Investigators were able to catch her after they noticed a pattern: the rapists were never strangers. This made them look deeper. Unfortunately, 2 guys had already gone to jail because of her.
      You don’t even want to hear my story. I believe I’ve shared my own personal experience on this platform before. And in my case, sex never even happened. I was the victim. Sometimes, when I think back, I wish I had raped her… or f*cked her. After all, my only offense was for resisting her advances. I’m only saying this for arguments sake. I’m not blaming you or anything like that .
      1. S.C
        Lol, I don’t know if you are insinuating that I am either a false rape accuser or that I use sex to feel powerful, of which either case would be just ludicrous.

        I hope you read the links I provided and realise that I did not spew facts that were not tested. I don’t know your story, but I am sure you can also check around without extrapolating to everybody. Yes, I am the common factor. Yes, maybe my fault was being too trusting this and that that, yada, yada, yada. You can go ahead and blame me all you like, that I can talk about it now means I have dealt with all the blaming that there is to deal with and nothing you say will change that.

        The point is simple: precautionary measures don’t change anything when it comes to the issue of rape, whether you like it or not.

        1. Bkd
          I’m sorry if it seems like that but I’m not blaming you or suggesting that’s you are a false accuser. I only said what I said for atguments sake. I’m only keeping an open mind and considering all possibilities.
          Most rape cases are usually about the raped’s word against that of the rapist(he said, she said). Now, you wouldn’t expect the accused rapists to be thrown into jail just because you say so. Questions should be asked. All angles must be explored. That’s why the accused rapist side of the story should also be heard.
          Any investigator would easily pick on the same pattern you mentioned. Understand that asking questions or critically analyzing a rape case is not the same thing as blaming.
          I’m no expert but I know there are certain tests that are carried out to determine these cases.
          Patterns are very key in investigating rape cases. That’s why in most high profile rape cases, the prosecutors tend to appeal for other victims to come forward.
          And hell YEAH , precautionary measures reduce the chances of being raped whether you like it or not. This point is way simpler.

          In reference to the links you shared, I don’t see how it helps your case. These researches didn’t contradict the authors point in any way. These researchers didn’t address personal responsibility or false rape accusations. I’ll refrain from picking holes in these researches and just leave you with links to support my point. I hope you take the time to read them like I did yours.

          I’m sure you also heard of the Thomas Kennedy story. He was accused by his own daughter of rape. Prosecutors used bruises she got from sexcapades with her bf as evidence against him.
          Permit me to make this interesting with this link listing precautionary measures for guys.

          And if you want, I’d gladly share my story with you. Not all rape cases are rape cases.

          Should you wish to read further , below are more links for your perusal:

  7. Adesuwa
    Maduka Ekene, your article is disgusting! You are a man (implied from your name and photo) and except you have been raped, you have no right to speak to woman on this subject.. are you a rapist? Do you feel the urge to rape a woman you see one “indecently dressed”? Is that why you have written this article? I am pretty sure there is no male adult that has not seen a grown woman indecently dressed. Are you part of the ones that given a chance will take advantage of the female? Everyone female adult with a functioning brain has heard of your “brilliant warnings”. You see my major issue is they are a lot of people still addressing rape with your kind of myopic mind set. What we should be addressing above all is the RAPIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you write short articles with such a myopic mind set, make sure a larger portion is spent addressing the rapist or potential rapist and warning them before you start warning the victims or potential victims! Again… disgusting article!
    1. Bkd
      I’m sure what the author is trying to say is that everybody isn’t so focused on condemning the alleged rapist that no one seems to remember that the raped also has a personal responsibility to not put herself in such a position to be raped. I think it’s unfair to accuse the author of endorsing rape or being a rapist himself. Understand that he’s particular about those who have the option(excluding children, and the helpless).
      I don’t expect you to agree with these views but it’s not enough to attack the authors character just because he has a view different from yours.
      When I was younger, my mom always made sure I escorted my sister whenever she was on an errand even to close family members’ houses. My mom forbade us fro me callin teachers and neighbors uncles or aunties because these could breed the kind of trust environments that could permit rape.
      These were precautionary measures. Does this eliminate the chances of being raped? No. but it certainly reduces it considerably. So also is closing your leg so in public and not wearing revealingly clothes etc.
      There’s something called triggers in psychology.
      Once again, I empathize with those who have been victims of rape just as much as I do with those who’s have been falsely accused of rape for I am one.
      1. Adesuwa
        In no way shape or form did I accuse the author of being a rapist or endorsing rape! I asked if he was a rapist?…… and other questions since he is coming with the view on victims or potential victims protecting themselves first. AGAIN! My major issue is, if anyone is going to write on the issue of rape, he or she should first address the rapists and perpetrators of sexual violence before addressing the potential victims or victims! NO ONE SHOULD EVER ADDRESS A TOPIC ON RAPE AND ONLY ADDRESS THE VICTIMS/POTENTIAL VICTIMS! it’s unfair and insensitive to those who have suffered rape to see this types of write ups when most have had no hand in causing such trauma to themselves. Cheers
        1. Bkd
          In all honesty, I don’t think you’re to decide what he should write about. It’s called naked convos for a reason. The author has a right to address any issues he feels strongly about as long as he’s not personally attacking anyone or intentionally crossing any moral lines.
          I have read many articles on TNC where an author writes on the flip side of a topic another author already addrsssed. And if you check well, so many articles have been written addressing the rapist even on TNC. This is only one of very few times anyone’s addressing the raped. A quick search on TNC would confirm this.
          The author noticed how much people are obsessed with attacking the rapist that they forget the personal responsibility expected of the raped. He’s only proffering solution that would most likely nip the situation in the bud , eliminating it’s chances of even happening at all.
          And yes, you actually attacked the authors character and you were equally condescending by subtly suggesting that he may have written this piece because he’s a rapist.

          “are you a rapist? Do you feel the urge to rape a woman you see one “indecently dressed”? Is that why you have written this article?”

          Yes many girls have heard these warnings… so also have the rapists and the tr criminals out there. I feel if we can keep hitting on the men to control themselves and not rape women, I think same should apply to the women to conduct themselves in a manner that wouldn’t get them raped.
          Remember, the author specifically addressed those who WILLFULLY put themselves in such compromising situations and expect that all men are saints. I’m sure the author was not addressing all rape victims. He certainly wasn’t addressing those who are raped by no fault of theirs or those who involuntarily found themselves in compromising situations.
          I like that he used the word “willfully ” at the beginning of the piece.

          1. Adesuwa
            Such a dead end with you, I cannot decide what any human being writes! My comment is an opinion. Asking questions are different from statements. You can find out difference online. Stick to your opinion please. Now, my opinion again, no one should be addressing the victims or potential victims of rape without addressing the perpetrators of this evil first! Cheers
  8. Neee
    The issue I have with this article is that you assume that every person who finds themselves in a compromising position knowingly put themselves there . I was working with my personal trainer inside my house one morning and my parents decided to go for a walk bidding us goodbye on the way out. If this man had ended up attacking me would you also have blamed my parents for leaving us together?

    There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself. Do you really believe that we go out unaware of our safety and security? However, the solution to reducing sexual assault is not telling people to protect themselves, this will not stop those who wish to rape from raping. The parents of the (female and male) children in the news last week can attest to that.

    Instead of telling us what we already know, how about the men in these forums charge other men to have self-control, to be kinder to women and to respect them. Then let’s see how society can be better with each sex playing their part ;).

    1. Bkd
      The author is innocent of these insinuations.
      Yes men should be taught to respect women, learn self control etc, just as women should be taught to conduct themselves in a manner that allows men to respect them and not push men’s control to breaking point.
      I’m sure every person has at one time or the other lost control of themselves and acted in a way they’d usually never act, just because someone tested their patience and pushed them to the limit.
      I’m sorry about what happened with your phone perspnal trainet but not to undermine your experience, I dare say that I wouldn’t be surprised if the the said trainer as a different side to the story.
      No way let me ask you a practical question:
      Considering that the trainer indeed raped you, wouldn’t you be Moreno cautious when you are around another male personal trainer? I bet you’d let yourself be alone with him in your house except you’re hundred percent sure hes super gay. Perhaps you’d resort to working with only female personal trainers henceforth. Do you get the point now?
      It’s called precautionary measures. It’s avoiding the avoidable. It’s taking personal responsibility.
      1. Morris
        She didn’t say that she was raped by the Personal Trainer, read again and be objective.

        Honestly, i have absolutely no problem with what his thoughts and the article itself. Valid advise and all that. I just know that in most cases, those ‘Precautionary Measures’ are besides the point. For real man…

        The example of things to do to ‘prevent’ is therefore, almost laughable, I’d have preferred if he told us to be wary of all men. Because, dressing, available at late hours and stuff, is just an excuse… And is rarely in most cases.

        1. Bkd
          Yes,she didn’t say she was raped and I didn’t mean to imply that she said so. I meant to say if she ended being raped(auto correct be killing me). Still that’s doesn’t take away from the fact that she’d be Moreno cautious in the future. She may even advise other women to take certainly measures when working with male personal trainers.
          As for those of you instilled missing the author’s point, read the the following out:
          1. Installing burglary proof I need your houses even though it’s your house and no one has the right to enter your house without permission.
          2. Installing security features in your car even though it’s your car and it’s wrong for anyone to steal your car.
          3: Avoiding buses or taxis with only male occupants even though you paying your fare it and you deserve your money’s worth.
          4. Putting a password on your devices even though it’s your device and no one has a right to access without your permission.

          Now, if you guys still don’t get the point, no wahalla. Continue doing what you do if it works for you. For the ladies sakes, I hope it does. I believe prevention I see better than cure.
          Humans are unpredictable, even to themselves so why would anyone want to take the risk of finding out how’s gentlemanly the next guy I see when I could easily do something that’s of no cost to me to prevent an awkward situation.
          Any man who rapes some a woman is a savage. And there are way too many savages out there. That makes it your responsibility to first avoid situations that would put you in confrontation with them. This should be the first priority before you can even consider rehabilitating them. Ask yourselves this, if a “decently” dressed woman can be raped, how much more a “provocatively” dressed woman.(quotes because their definitions are relative). The later only increases the chances of being raped.
          The author was only giving free advice. Take it or leave it but please don’t accuse him of endorsing rape.
          TAKE PERSONAL TEAPONSIBILTY FOR YOUR SAFETY whenever and however you can so that hopefully, you don’t find out the hard way that it’s a wicked world we live in and sone humans are just savages.
          Don’t forget, the author was addressing those who willfully put themselves in harms/raped way.

          I’m sorry for ranting.

          1. Morris
            Your ‘auto”correct’ is not correcting anything o, you better just remove it.

            Like i implied, I get the author’s point. The point is just not full

  9. Lape
    Why do we police the way women dress, act and be? But it’s totally fine, in fact the woman’s fault when a guy does wrong. Please this point is tantamount to victim blaming.
  10. Bkd
    I’d suggest many of you read the article again and again with an open mind.
    Rid yourselves of all sentiments and biases and try to understand what the author I say saying. He specifically picked out those who “willfully ” put themselves in harm’s way just because they assume all men are gentlemen.
    I’m sure we all agree that them no dey write gentleman for forehead, so why take such chance?
    Please, the author USB bit victim blaming or endorsing rape. He’s only asking that females should avoid compromising situations as best as possible.
    Make person no go talk say them shoot bird mama fly.
    We have a saying in warri: them no dey use blockos dey test jazz o.
  11. Seyi
    The problem I have with this, and I think done people are on the same page with me, is that there are numerous articles telling ladies on what to do and not do, how to dress and comport themselves etc. Basically restricting the lady and blaming her in the name of cautioning her to be self responsible while little to none is addressed to the guys.
    I personally haven’t seen an article to the guys concerning this, maybe a statement here and there but no full article like we easily see addressed to ladies.
    Pedophiles are seduced to breaking points? By kids?
    I remember a story I heard in the university about a guy that decided to rape his girlfriend because she broke up with him. The girlfriend had an inkling so when she was to meet with him she went with a friend. Unknown to her the guy had arranged 4 other friends to rape her and that’s how her friend got raped too.
    So ladies that have to work late are begging to be raped? And lot’s more scenarios. We get what you are saying, it has been said over and over, now face your gender and sensitise yourselves.
    If a thief is caught he won’t defend himself in court by saying the owner left his/her things unattended.
    1. Morris
      Thank you Seyi for articulating my thoughts better. Most females will agree that you protect yourselves, i mean, we blame ourselves more. But most rapists are rapist, they see what they want to see.

      Sigh, infact, so many parts to this act. And you can’t write an article on it (as a writer), and just face one side, with no ‘P.S’/’Disclaimer’ and stuff…

      1. Bkd
        The author really doesn’t need a disclaimer. The article speaks for itself.
        For those who were raped by/in their helplessness, my heart goes out to you. This article is not for you. is not for you.
        The author did not face one side(in the context you’re using it). He was addressing a specific issue.
    2. Bkd
      The piece was specifically addressed to those who WILLFULLY put themselves in a position to be raped. Please read the opening paragraph again.
      A child raped by a paedophille did not “willfully put herself in that position”. Please don’t try to twist what I said. We’re talking about situations where the potential victim consciously refuses to take the precautionary options available to her.
      The harsh reality no one is willing to admit is that there can never be a world without crime. There’s always going to be murderers and rapists a never thiefs. And while it’s necessary to sensitive these criminals on how’s wrong their actions are, people need to first safeguard themselves as best as they can.
      Let me Sauvignon also that we shouldn’t turn this into a competition of how many articles have been addressed to either sides of the divide. People write about what they feel strongly about. The author wrote about his concerns on how the issue of personal responsibility is being taken for granted all in a bud to be politically correct. And as far I know , more articles have been addressed to the rapists than the raped on TNC.
  12. Seyi
    Please how do one willfully put herself in the position if being raped? Speaking for myself I don’t want to be raped and I can’t willfully put myself in that position (whatever that means). Once I am willing it’s no longer rape abi? And I don’t think any lady is doing anything because she wants to be raped. If I have cause to be out late at night it means I’m willing to be raped? If I was raped by a friend because he thinks I’ve been seducing him I was willing ni abi?
    This isn’t a matter of competition, but you guys are quick to tell us to guide against rape but why can’t you tell yourselves not to rape? Yes it won’t send crime away totally but it’ll help. Did you read the research articles someone posted in the comments? If not please do. In the research some people said they’ve raped ladies before but they don’t call it rape and some don’t even know it’s rape. We need to start addressing the guys too and stop putting it all on the ladies. If the ladies have a responsibility to guide against rape so so guys. Abi na only ladies fit take responsibility?
    I’ll ask again, will a thief defend himself in court based on the fact that the car owner left his car unguarded, with the key in the ignition? Will he be discharged and acquited? Yes the driver will be chastised by people, people will learn from it and teach others but they’ll also deal accordingly with the perpetrator, learn and from and teach others. Abi when you were little your parents didn’t teach you not to steal, that if you see someone’s things return it to them?
    We’ve heard you, ladies blah blah blah now please let us sensitise ourselves.
  13. Bkd
    Admin, Toolsman,
    Please why are my comments always reported as spam? My last comments comments have been awaiting moderation indefinitely.
    Please fix.
    You have no idea how hard it is to type comments.
  14. Buzz
    This article is the funniest i have come across on TNC. Well the comments section that is… Women always hate being told what to do… but if you guys really listened maybe you could actually reduce the chances of being raped.
    1. protective measures should be taken by all females… Y’all need a lesson on the male anatomy in relation to self defense. A well placed kick in the balls can end a career of raping. (Find yourself molested?) A ball crunching kick can save you.
    2. A chop to the wind pipe… you can never go wrong with this. Practice on you down time… stiffen your hand with your fingers pointing straight, the bottom of your hand would form a pseudo-knife edge, with all the force you can muster, smack the knife edge into the soft tissues of the throat. (Be careful as you may collapse his windpipe )
    3. A knee to the solar plexus (stomach): This is hard to do but if you combine a ball scrunching kick with this then you’re as safe as you’ll get to prepare you escape (or continued assualt). Be careful tho, men are quite resilient and some have recovered from more damaging hits.
    4. Don’t forget to breath whatever happens. Keep breathing… This can save you a lot of pain as conscious breathing would ensure you don’t freeze.

    I do hope women understand that in all humans there is a demon lurking… Some just learn how to keep theirs on a leash.


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