There is this girl I know in my neighborhood, in my hometown. In our hometown, the tall slim palm trees sway left and right by the force of the breeze from the ocean as it announces its presence demanding the attention of the natives with it’s majestic noise and engulfing presence. The world in my hometown is a funny place and this girl puts the seriousness and life making everything go from monochrome to a mirage of bright colors, subtle enough not to blind, strong enough to always remember.

She’s hardworking, always on the go, and I find myself running into her while she goes on errands twenty times in a day, as I go about my business of living to make ends meet for me, myself and my family. She rows a big boat, one out of many, as she commands the paddles with her delicate hands. She’s back home from her many journeys and now back into my reality. The waves of the sea bring her home in such a glorious ceremony.

Every time I see her, I’m left in shambles. I was doing fine, a distant memory of her in the corners of my mind. I had so much to do, big dreams in big cities. I wanted to go away from this small town. When I saw her coming down the boat that brought her home, I knew she still had my heart just the way she had left it. Life brought her home on the waves of God several miles from where she came just to relive that moment of me seeing her face once again. But the meeting never happened. Our town was such a difficult place. In the midst of killings and the grievings, the farmer’s plight, the herdsmen flat-lined feelings, she was taken away from me. She was from another tribe. She was a forbidden destiny.

Now that she’s back, I surrendered all my thoughts only to thoughts of her. I can’t fall asleep because she plagues the very peace of mind I once enjoyed not too long ago. She controls the sensitive corners of my mind making me stare into the dark empty space of my room, imagining what our lives would be like if we had a chance. If this small town gave us a chance. Her return has left me in shambles once again and I resolve with all my mind to push my way among the angry crowds, the selfish chaos of my people with soft hair, dark skin and scars drawn across their faces just so I am able to breathe her again. To breathe again the fresh smelling waves of the ocean.

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