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So You Think You Have An Opinion

You know how sometimes something happens, and you, in all in all of your infinite knowledge, think… hmmmm why don’t I just leave my own two cents? And for most people, there’s that angel vs devil on the shoulder thing, where the angel tries to reason with you and save you from the fuckery you’re about to embark on, while the devil…well, does its devilish thing? Yeah well I have a theory. This angel vs. devil thing doesn’t exist for everyone. Ok you’re tired of me rambling, I get it. So what I’m really saying here is, I’ve come to the conclusion that common sense is a myth.

No seriously…common sense isn’t very common. Because if it were, WHY would someone like Christopher Maurice Brown think it’s ok to add his two (five) cents to a matter involving anything relationship? Why would a man who not only assaulted his famous ex, but impregnated another woman during his subsequent relationship think to even open his mouth? Why you ask?

For the same reason he was able to make his song “Loyal” top the charts. Because he’s a dude, and because niggas gon’ nig. I know you think I’m not being a very unserious person but just consider this: Do you know the amounts of fucks you must have run through to continuously fuck up and still find it ok to add mouth where EVERYONE knows you should be the last person speaking? Do you know the effrontery it takes to continuously disrespect and cheat on the women you’ve been publically with, yet make a song about how THEY are disloyal?

And do you want to know what the saddest part of this whole thing is? There are lots of Chris Browns around us – they are everywhere in our communities. They are our neighbors, our teachers, our fathers, our janitors, our…. You get the point. They- men who believe that regardless of what they do, they are never to be held accountable for their actions- are everywhere. Men who absolve themselves of moral responsibilities, but require only the most morally upstanding behavior from women. Men, who although they love fucking women, don’t actually LOVE women. Men, who are so far gone in this societal game of gender-based double standards, that they’re even oblivious to the fact that these standards exist. Men who expect the women they know, and even the ones they don’t know to tolerate the same fuck shit they witnessed their mothers and aunties tolerate, simply because they’re women. Men, who regardless of the amount of information this technology-driven society throws at them, choose to revel only in the purest of ignorance. Men who have accepted that they ain’t, and will never be shit.  They’re everywhere. #staywoke

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  • H.B
    Men who absolve themselves of moral responsibilities, but require only the most morally upstanding behavior from women

    Is this about that wizkid boy who said someone should goan get married but he is not? He has two baby mamas but he calls someone a hoe and wants to beat em up? He refuses to take care of his children but he has a foundation for children? He cannot love a woman lai lai! Hypocritical somebody! eish! Men, always above fault when it comes to p*ussy!

    Ok, im not bringing the controversy here, this article just reminded me of the whole saga

    #unbiasedparty #justobserving #silentfeminist

    April 4, 2016
    • Optimus Prime
      Isn’t Wizkid about 24 years of age? How many of his age mates are married in Nigeria?
      April 4, 2016
      • H.B
        So word on the street is that he is 27 calling himself 25, he is actually not 24, never has been for 2 years now.. but then how many 35 year old women are married in nIgeria? or let me broaden it, how many 35/36 year old women are happilly married in nigeria? but at least the unmarried ones are not insulting men for being sugar daddys or nice old guys that like “chopping” young girls, or 20something year old guys that just refuse to believe age is not maturity..

        How many 24 year old baby daddys do we have in Nigeria? A Lot. Saying is if they are old enough to plant a seed they should be old enough to get married. But i say no! They should reevaluate and try and grow more. Age is just a number. Trust me, i know this for a fact.

        How many 24 year old guys dont have respect for women in Nigeria(they look up to breezy Maurice)? A lot!

        How many 24 year old guys believe they have the right to be stupid(and we make excuses for them also)? A lot!


        April 4, 2016
        • Optimus Prime
          It’s hardly his entire fault if what was meant to be a recreational activity was hijacked by his babymommas and got turned into a procreational activity.

          Let’s stop pretending that these girls don’t know what they are after. Would they have carried the baby to term if Wizkid is a regular joe still struggling to pass JAMB?

          Saying anyone old enough to plant a seed should be old enough to marry is technically flawed. A 12 year old boy is old enough to plant a seed, I am certain he can never be mentally mature enough to deal with marital issues.

          I do not know who Wizkid insulted so I will not tread in that territory. What sparked my interest in your comment is the bit where you said he should be married by 24. Marriage and sex are 2 different things. Men who patronise brothels don’t have any intention of making children with sex workers.

          April 4, 2016
        • metaplasia M.D
          I honestly think you guys have lost the entire purpose of this article.
          The last thing it is, is a call for a battle on statistics.
          April 5, 2016
  • Ojuolape
    Release the kraken.
    April 4, 2016
    • Tee boy
      There you go…..
      April 5, 2016
  • Hypocrisy EVERYWHERE ????
    April 4, 2016
  • Hmmm…its strangely quiet here today…wonder why. lol
    April 5, 2016
  • Funk
    There’d be a disclaimer in bold text if this article was attacking a certain type of woman as viciously as this. (“Women who think all men are are material and money producing machines and that they’re entitled to these things.. They’re everywhere. Be awakened”)
    And the comments section would be full of angry women ranting, telling us it’s men’s fault. “Who hurt you?” “Misogynist!” “Check your privilege”
    April 5, 2016
    • woyi_oc
      Hahahahahaaaaa..!! I know what you mean.
      April 5, 2016
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