Songs of Solomon 8:8-10

That verse of the bible has been on my mind for quite a while now and when stuff circulates in my head like that, I need to let it out, so indulge me, will you?

Before we go on, I need to get two things outta the way

  • First of all, I don’t know jack about theology neither am I a preacher so apologies to whomever apologies are due. It is not my intention to twist the scriptures to suit my purposes; I’ve been told once or twice that I tend to see an entirely different thing where most see a simple thing.
  • Second, I’m not a pervert, so whatever you think I want to say about that portion of the bible is not what I’m going to say, so please swallow that sneer now and read like a responsible human, lol.

Ok now that we understand each other, let’s get down to business;

A little history is needed here. In the history books (not sure but I think it still happens even in this day and age), in some Middle Eastern countries and even the northern parts of Nigeria, a woman’s marriage is mediated by the male members of her family. So let’s say you’re a guy, and you want a bride, you have to go meet her father or her brother or the oldest male in the family. In this passage of the bible, some brothers were having a conversation about their little sister, it goes;

  1. We have a sister who has no breast (according to KJV): if we take that literally, it means we’ve got a sister who hasn’t hit her pubes yet, meaning she’s not yet matured
  2. What shall we do for her on the day she’s spoken for: she’s gonna grow up one day, what are we gonna do when that day comes and a bloke comes ácalling?
  3. If she’s a wall, we’ll build upon her a palace of silver: a wall is impenetrable (all pun intended) unless it is blown off or broken down, therefore if she’s a girl that is impossible to get through (you know what I mean), we’ll give her a medal of purity (silver is a sign of purity in ancient Hebrew, a palace of it would truly be a prize).
  4. If she’s a door, we’ll inclose her with boards of cedar: one version actually says if she’s a swinging door, ouch! If all you need is a key or she’s even open to one and all, we’ll lock her in with boards of cedar (which was one of the materials used for purification rites in the old testament), we are going to nail the door shut and literally force cleanse her.

You’re wondering where I’m going with this, aren’t you? I’ll show you, just follow me. The lass is an uncultivated mind, it just has the soil on, beautiful in its innocence but we know it cannot stay that way. The universe is averse to empty spaces, it’s very nature requires it to be filled with something. The problem is, what will it contain? Will it be a selective vessel, picking what it needs for nourishment and leaving the rest behind or will it be a dustbin that accepts any and every theory postulated to man? I’ve heard the phrases open mind and narrow minds used in so many scenarios that sometimes I wonder if we as humans have not done what we know to do best, abuse it. What exactly is an open mind? What is a narrow mind? When we throw these phrases around trying to tell people they are wrong for not accepting our views, are we ever observant enough to know that sometimes people do not want to be force-fed with theories?

I always have a ‘Gloria- definition’ for everything. An open mind is not a mind that accepts any and every hypothesis, rather it is one that is ready to examine critically the merits and demerits of an idea, test it out, acknowledge its functionality as well as its shortcomings, accept what is right about it and actively discard what is wrong with it. It is also willing to acknowledge that what works for the goose may not necessarily work for the gander and is honest about the advantages and disadvantages of this idea while sharing it. Thats what it means to have a wall, you can’t move past a wall unless you blow it up or break it down, and likewise one shouldn’t accept an idea unless it blows one mind or proves better than a previous one.  That is why a wall is far more cherished than a ‘swinging door’.

There is a third type of mind, one that may be easily mistaken for an open mind, a narrow mind. They cannot be more different for a narrow mind, unlike an open one which is ready to prove or disprove the merits and demerits of a theory, is too tiny to accept the possibility of the idea. It is dogmatic in its principles and a narrow corridor that cannot even take two at a time, or a stuffy room with no windows, not a thing can get in, and by extension, nothing can get out. It is hard for a set mind to get another mind on its side because of its own unwillingness to change or to accept that there’s a possibility that it could be wrong, that there may be a better idea than the one it holds dear.

So what am I?  A wall, a swinging door or a narrow corridor made to accept two feet at a time? I shall not be quick to answer that question until I question my behaviour. Do I flow with the tides, am I sure of who I am and my principles in spite of the ever changing rules in our ever evolving world? And in my dealing with others, do I try to force people to accept my principles? Am I a know it all who can’t accept the possibility that I could be wrong? Do I accept everything I am told without examining it first? These are questions I ask myself, I sincerely hope you would too.

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