Sour Love


She laid lifeless. She was tired. He patted her legs and made a move to have sex with her. ‘Please, don’t do this. Please! You are violating me.’ She cried out. The tears ran freely, soaking her pillow. Her heart was broken. How could he do this to her, she thought


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She turned her back sideways away from him and placed her head on the flat pillow. She shut her eyes tight and pursed her lips. Different thoughts ran through her mind. She didn’t know whether to cry, but she could feel the heat on her face. She was so lost in her world that she didn’t hear when he asked her if she was okay.

He moved close to her and she could feel his hard penis pressed against her buttocks. He touched her tightly and put his face against her face. ‘Are you okay,’ he asked again. ‘Yes, I am,’ she lied.

He brought his hand to her left breast, but she brushed it away. I am tired, she said. He put his hand back, this time touching her nipple in a circular motion. Please, he entreated, I want to make love to you. she said nothing as she let a lone tear fall. She moved her body and put her head turned down on the pillow. She felt suffocated but she stayed like that.

Her body was positioned in a way that he had no access to her breasts. He was relentless. He pulled at her trouser and pant. She tried to stop him by holding his hands, but the more she tried, the harder he held on and exerted force on her. She was tired. ‘You are strong,’ he barked at her. Her lips remained sealed as she thought to herself that she had to fight. She had a strong reason to.

He came on top of her and with force, he pulled down her trousers and pant and tried to pat open her legs. She fought to keep them closely kept together. ‘Please,’ she said, ‘you are pinning me down and hurting me. Please, stop it.’ She begged desperately.

‘Please,’  he also begged, successfully pulling her legs apart. He inserted himself inside her and kept saying he would stop. He turned her body so her back was flat on the bed. He raised up her top and pulled her bra with his hand. He put his mouth on her right breast and caressed her left nipple. She was tired, but she still managed to tell him to stop. He raised his head slightly up and told her he liked her breasts. He put his mouth back on her right breast and later moved to the left one.

She laid lifeless. She was tired. He patted her legs and made a move to have sex with her. ‘Please, don’t do this. Please! You are violating me.’ She cried out. The tears ran freely, soaking her pillow. Her heart was broken. How could he do this to her, she thought. He went inside her and withdrew after he came. He stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. She laid lifeless, shutting her eyes firmly. Not again, this can’t keep happening. She said in tiny whispers to the cold room. He came out of the bathroom, walked to her and pecked her on her shut lips. ‘I am your husband. This is my right. I have a right to make love to you.’

She opened her eyes and stared at him. ‘Are you okay,’ he asked in a tone laced with concern. ‘Yes, I am.’ She lied again. She has been taught to keep quiet and act like her husband can do no wrong to her. Especially not this type of wrong. But there are times that it becomes too much and you just have to speak up.

‘No, actually. I am not okay.’ She sighed. ‘How can I be okay when you think being my husband gives you the right to violate me?’

Shocked, he sat up. ‘Violate?’ He asked, sweat breaking on his face.

‘Yes, violate.’ She said boldly. ‘You should never force yourself on me. Especially as my husband. This is not love. It’s domination. It’s betrayal of my trust in you. it is not love.’ She hissed and went to the bathroom to cry.

Marital rape is a thing. We need to raise our voices. Help save a life today.


    honestly I don’t understand women sometimes, a man can’t have sex again with his wife(not girlfriend o). I would never support any man who forces himself on any woman no matter what, but I think sex is part of marriage privilege

    I understand both of them can’t always be horny at the same time (men are most likely to be more horny) but I believe marriage should be love, and love is sacrifice. From experience It is not always a good idea to sex starve a man cos it make him not to think straight with his head which most likely makes him do stupid and dumb things

    1. Reny
      Mr man, if she does not want to do, whether gf, wife or slave, leave her alone. This kind of forced sex is only kinky if the woman is into it and acting with you. If she is crying in pain and you continue because it is your right, you are a goat and not a man. If you are tired of her ‘sex starving you’ as you put it divorce her on those grounds and inform wife 2 that her libido must match yours, infact preferably test-run yourselves so you can stop justifying rape with marriage.
  2. Mr.Man
    Reny, if you don’t mind getting divorced by your partner cos your libido is lower, then you have no idea what love or marriage is, like really??! how shallow of you.

    Lastly I suggest you ensure you head is always faster than your fingers, cos in my comment(opinion) I never supported marital rape or any kinda rape for that matter.
    Thank you.

    1. Mo
      Let us just try to practice what we preach. If your fingers weren’t faster than your head (which happens to everyone very often), I doubt you would think saying ‘honestly I don’t understand women sometimes, a man can’t have sex again with his wife(not girlfriend o)’ is the right response to the story.

      I mean, if that is your response, then, yes, you are telling us you didn’t acknowledge that she didn’t want the sex, so much she cried and begged.

      And Mr Man, Divorce over libido difference is definitely better than rape in marriage, icymi, that was Reny’s point.

  3. OluwaPRtoyosi
    What on earth do women want, this happens most of the times in marriage, I love this article. Now I think I have to say this, if you know you don’t want to feel raped in a marriage don’t get married. True life story, a woman wants to say no to her husband in bed cause she’s tired and under no license or circumstance should he cheat…meaning see me naked, live with blue balls pain and let me not see u come close cause I’m tired and don’t even try to say hi to another lady, what exactly does a woman want.
  4. Mateyscott
    Thank you for reading the story.

    I believe love is alot about understanding your partner, respecting the partner and sacrificing if need be. Sex is always a tricky subject, but I genuinely believe that if you love your partner, you wouldn’t want to deny the person something as important as sex. But at the same time, a loving partner would also not want to insist on having sex when your partner is not up to it. Have you taken the time to talk to your partner about what is going on with him or her and genuinely listened? Will you tell your partner that she/he is worth much more than sex, your union is worth much more than that and if the said partner can’t give that to you right now, it doesn’t make you love the person less. You are willing to sacrifice your want at that time, because truth is, the partner has probably also sacrificed in important areas even if it’s not sex.

    About what women want, I will speak for myself and a good number of women that I know and say we want to be listened to. We want to be respected. We want to be allowed to choose. The list goes on…

  5. OKIKI
    Well thought out MATEY, as treaky as the subject matter is, it’s about love and consent, she may love you but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will always have her consent. Men please take note. We must understand this and accept it. We love our wives but does that mean we always consent to everything they do or want? Apples and oranges. Thanks.

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