This bothers me.

A graduate finishes NYSC with high hopes that the labour market would absorb them quickly.
Graduate goes back home after youth service full of expectations.

Job search begins with approaching Uncles and Aunties who have so many empty promises to offer in return. Graduate also drops cv at different establishments, in case there are job openings. No feedback from these firms till date. The ogas at the top have their own special preferred candidates to fill in the slots. Apparently, the heap of résumé of job seekers lying in the Gateman’s office have been tossed in the trash bin, burnt or may have ended up on the tables of Akara sellers.

Graduate sleeps and wakes up on Jobberman, Nairaland & every other job publication site. Graduate attends all recruitment exercises with thousands from all over the country. After the hurdles and rigours experienced in these recruitment exercises, including expenses made travelling outside the state to participate in these exercises, word has it that just 20 people were picked out of 5000 hopefuls.

Graduate is broken and dejected once again. Graduate thinks he’s/she’s a failure, in spite of the good result they possess. The long halt in progress since graduating from university has run into six or seven years. The zeal for job hunting wanes. Today is Monday, a new week. Workers are complaining, tweeting, posting on social networks about resuming their stressful jobs, they don’t realise they have it all.

So many graduates out there have searched the nooks and crannies of Nigeria for a job to no avail. Some are torn between settling for a job with miserly pay far beneath their qualifications or continuing with the job hunt. Right now the former appears to be a better option, as job satisfaction seems far-fetched.

It’s a sad reality for many.


  1. Morris
    Before I read, lemme just say what is paining me about this NYSC.

    Nysc is now for the rich o, you gotta spend money to register, take compulsory medical tests before camp, shop for camp, travel, pay for accommodation! The first two being the newly introduced part… Was this the plan?

    1. oluwabunmi
      I agree with you on NYSC being so expensive ,I calculated how much I spent registering, shopping, traveling for camp it was over 50k and I took bus o
  2. Morris
    I like how brief your posts are, Nice! I did settle for a job just above minimum wage, i didn’t believe i would still be there 18 months later…

    “The zeal for job hunting wanes” … This part is just the worse because no one will understand why.


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