What Is Home To You?

At a point in my life, I followed the basic description of what a home is, that is, home is where the family is and all of that. Growing up, I became a human camera where I captured and recorded a lot of memories in my little head. I was always curious and interested in how people lived their lives not in a bad way but in a way that made me appreciate and see life differently. I grew up learning the different ways people were raised in their homes, I drew these experiences from people at school, church, and social gatherings. When assessing these experiences, I came to the realization that a home is not always where your basic family is but a place where you find love, care and a place where you can be comfortable in your own skin. I cannot use a percentage to categorize this but I can boldly say a reasonable amount of people do not find or place their home where they are the family is. It is not weird that these people actually find their home outside their immediate family because sometimes our families can turn their back on us.

Home is supposed to be that perfect place, well not completely perfect but perfectly flawed where you are at peace, with the right people who can bring out the best in us and also make us feel comfortable and also not judge our flaws. It is so sad how pressure gets the better side of people and that type of negative pressure that makes us take actions against our will. A lot of times, this feeling of getting pressured into doing things against our will makes us not consider home as a place where our family is. There are so many personal experiences that have been shared where people cannot just wait to break out from their home because whatever happens in your basic home is always overlooked.

Most times, these people who do not regard their home as an actual home may fall into the wrong hands and this is so because there are a lot of deceptive people out here in the world. This also happens because these people want a form of acceptance they did not get in their immediate home but all the same, it takes tolerance and time before they can break out from that harmful place. A home should be a place you can be yourself, it does not necessarily have to be with a crowd, it can be and most times always with a few numbers of people. It does not only take a toxic relationship with the opposite sex that brings a person down, sometimes there is always a toxic relationship with family and then friends.

There are so many people that have gone through terrible, harmful and life-taking experiences that make them feel they cannot find a home elsewhere. If it takes being lonely for some time or having crashed friendships and relationships to find yourself and find the right home, it is worth it. Anyone going through that phase should always have it in mind that nothing terrible happening to a person is permanent but temporarily and it will surely pass. A time will come where you will look bad and laugh over all you have been through with family and friends. In whatever you do, find the right home that encompasses the right set of people that will help you grow and be a better version of yourself. I tagged this article home because home is where the family is and as the saying goes about a loving atmosphere in a home is the foundation of your life. Remember, your life is in your hands and how you live it is your choice to choose the right people, right experiences, right love and above all the right home.

  • Chronicles

    Growing up, i never knew what it meant to have a home all i knew was that i lived in a house with a father, mother, and siblings and these are people i am supposed to love and have a relationship with which was quite difficult for me to understand because these people tend to annoy me every passing day…. As i grew older, i watched a lot of movies which happened to be one of my favorite things to do, i would hear statements like”home is where your family and loved ones are” and “a house is just a strcture your loved ones are the ones who make it a home” i thought it was such a silly thing to assume. Then i went away to study, and hardly ever wanted to go back home… In my 20’s, i went through a pretty rough time, it was a time in my life where i thought i would never come out from but then, my family stood by me and supported me all the way despite all i did, they did not give up on me it was then i realized the truthfullness of those statements and realized that no family is perfect afterall we are all a couple of imperfect people. Though they are annoying, they are my annoying people the only ones i can really count on…..

    July 28, 2018
  • LincayaD

    you can count on family no matter what. at times its like they do not care and turn a blind eye but when you are in trouble they ask about you and you will be surprised of the support. Yet in another view, we are all different and our life choices separate us, we sometime grow apart from our family members. Im one person who love being alone from my childhood, i would lock myself up in my bedroom and read books or just sit there doing nothing. i would not eat in the dining area with everyone so they thought i was suicidal and had too many problems which was not the case. i do not stay at home and i can go for days without calling so they do most of the calling even now but i love them very much. when we get together we catch up but once i leave they will hear from me after a long time. home is sanity, it is supposed to be that.

    July 30, 2018
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