TNC SECRET SANTA: I Want To Go Back To School

I need help in going back to school! I’m writing this with the hope of getting a positive response. I’ve
been out of school since 2012 (that’s when I got my National Diploma(ND) from a federal poly). And after my one year I.T, I’ve been unable to go for my Higher National Diploma (HND), due to lack of

I’ve tried applying for jobs with my diploma certificate but, all to no avail. Where I’m from, there’s limited job opportunities, sometimes I stay for months without a job. So, I had to settle for meagre jobs with meagre salaries, I even tried saving my little income but, along the line, I’d to spend some of the savings to clear up my expenses, because I’m 90% responsible for myself and, at the of the day I’m left with little or nothing!

This has been the case for the past three years. And now, I just sit hopelessly knowing this year will pass me by and, I won’t be going back to school, or worse I might end up a half-educated individual. My father has been without a job for the past ten years and, my mom has been carrying the burden of the
family ever since. Now, the little business she does has been dwindling by the day.

Please, I want to go back to school, I’m really passionate about education.

ND: Auchi Poly
Course: Mineral Resources Engineering Technology
Intended HND: Kogi State Polytechnic
Intended Course: Geology
Expected Fees: N87,500 (inclusive of accommodation and other stuff)
Father – Former banker, now unemployed since 2000. A brief stint as VIO 2 years ago.
Mother – Just starting a small school. Been breadwinner since dad lost job.


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