In Her Head: The Roommate

Tobi could not believe this was happening again another amount of money was missing this time 2,000 Naria. She could not understand what was going on someone was definitely messing with her, she had just gone to the pack her washed plate and her roommate was still in the room the money could not have disappeared.

Then it hit her, Tobi recalled the previous event of that week, she just came back for her house and withdraw 5k on Wednesday morning and bought a meal worth 1k leaving then just kept 1k to herself and one to her roommate to help her purchase something leaving 2k which was now missing.

For months money has been stolen from her purse first 5k, then 2k then 3k and now another 2k, this only seemed to be happening to her. It was her roommate to said to herself so with disbelief she searched her roommate’s things and there was her money the same serial number and newness of the papers as the one in her hands, but she immediately informed her sister due to her own inability to process what to do next. Tobi was told to take back the money and forget the whole incident, and despite her own heart voice against it, she did. 

As Tobi sat there  looking at the person later that night revelation made in the morning fresh in her mind laying on her bed looking at her so-called roommate, she was disgusted, irritated, angry and sad that someone she loved and took care of in the past was just a thief in her eyes now the relationship was now reduced so lies and face value affection, if ones could even call it that.  This was a girl she visited when they were she was not feeling well and loved a lot despite her unappealing nature, four years of love and affections wasted on a liar and theft.

Later that day Tobi had chosen to not believe the truth in front of her and request the 1k she had given her roommate later that day but at last, the money only confirmed the theft.

The roommate had called her to tell her that she had been stolen from and the evil creature created a story of fiction about how 5k was stolen from her and asked if money had been taken from Tobi which Tobi replied with yes.

This was the first time money had ever been stolen from the roommates the girl had always been very interested in advising Tobi where she could keep her money and how the money was possibly stolen, the memories of the different times Tobi vented out her anger over the theft. 

But months had passed and she decided to let it be despite the bitterness, betrayal, and anger in her heart she waited for an apology sometimes and other times just a sign of remorse from her roommates or just the stolen 10k back. Tobi was still as the same with her roommate  well almost except for the constant locking of her wardrobe and the hiding of her purse and occasion  detachment  (ironically the theft ended the day after Tobi informed her roommate she was going to curse the thief in the church  and the roommate informed her not too  and  she was sure the stealing would stop now)

Tobi had just came back from home when out of nowhere her roommate informed Tobi that had caught the thief claiming it was a person who was in the same flat as them and when Tobi requested for the name of that person she refused and them Tobi informed her roommate that her parents would be informed and then the roommate informed her that it was just a  joke.

Tobi wondered if she did not know that her roommate was the thief was this how the girl would have just given her hope of the return of her money and then dashed the whole thing, the girl was either attempting to know if Tobi would believe her which Tobi had to confess she wanted to or she just wanted to rub the injury in

Tobi that night knew neither could she forget or forgive the person, who had to be a wicked human being to be able to play with the emotions of someone who for many days cared and loved her. 

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    This is kinda confusing. The write up message is not clear. U can improve on this kkk. No offense meant

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      Seconded very poor and confusing writing

      August 4, 2019
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    Dark Angel

    So confusing,pls more improvment

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