Inside Her Head: Generations, Perceptions and Education

Tobi never really understand herself she hated every school she ever attended, primary, secondary and university, maybe it was the knowledge of the separation to come to the truth that we humans spend more time with short relationships that with those that are with us for life.

She sat down to think about the people in her life presently in her university, it took her more than a year to learn their names and a few of their surnames.

Education was not her problem, she was not that lazy to not want to learn, she loved to learn new things every day, it was the education that took place after the classes were over that shook her mind even though she tried to understand this generation, she just could not.

Tobi never fitted into any generation, maybe it was because she was a wandering soul that gathered from everything around her but one thing she could never understand was the communication and perception of the present generation and the immediate elder one they seemed to never hear or listen to each other.

An innocent child is asked to say sorry because the learning manner and to understand the difference between right and wrong but a teenager is forced to also size despite not understanding or meaning the sorry just for the satisfaction of the adult. I thought an apology was a sign of acceptance of a wrongful action and willing regret for the action. well, I guess I was wrong but when one says something just because they are forced to or without a heartfelt sincerity then it loses it’s worth.

Again both generations seem to be fighting a long and fruitless battle of trying to make the other generation see things from their eyes, let it be known that even people in the same generation, school family, race, religion, tribe, and gender may find it difficult to understand each other now think of  people of separated by every or any of these factors, the difficulty is greater.

Lets just agree to disagree Tobi’ sister made a decision against her desires that Tobi should attend extra lessons at school and then complains when Tobi does not talk in classes. Tobi just wishes to intact with people to the necessary amount Tobi does not talk about boys or fashion like other girls Tobi does not want to know what going on in the social world like has had its fleeting moments of happiness and fun moments she must confess but in totality except for the knowledge she has gained she does not like the world of school but on second thought life after school isn’t any better too.

“I wonder  why many parents  send their children abroad to study but still criticize them for copying their ways, I mean if these children (future of the country are gaining breeding and knowledge from another country how are they to blame for losing their nationalism), this is similar to  dip a piece of paper to a bowl of red colour, then blue and complaining that the result is purple  (a child cant be nurture by two conflicting factors and excepted to be one of the factors”.

Tobi went to bed that night with more questions than answers this was one of the disadvantages of having a conversation with yourself then again it won’t have made a difference.

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