Inside Her Head: In Her Room in Her School


Tobi has Tobi sat in her room alone she could stop obsessing over how much time she spent obsessing over things.

It was a routine or a bad habit to her, it always began with a simple thought and a escalated into a full formed obsession, one could even say she was controlling but then again people would hardly notice that she pegged her clothes in an order of clothes depending on the number of pegs and clothes, she spent hours pegging and re-pegging or that although her room and things were not neatly positioned she knew exactly where there were and that was her order.

The little things distracted her from the big and the big distracted her from the little. She was a strangle blend of activities she hated any form of women oppression but enjoyed many form of entertainment focusing on exactly that.

Tobi loved the idea of love but being that there are endless ideas of love she never could stay faithful to one hence she could never last in love with anyone for long.

Tobi had never denied that she loved to see the insanity in every sane action or thought and vice versa, she understood and dare I say related to the inhuman actions of many evil rulers of the world but unlike them she too willing to become the evil that vanquishes other evil but fast she raises the fruitlessness of that scarify as the disease from the soil will only infected the forest even if all the bad trees are cut down sad isn’t

Tobi could die for the people she loved but she could never live for them and despite all the romance of loved ones sacrificing themselves there is greater selflessness in living every day for a person that dying for that person

In the issue of religion Tobi always lived by these two rules (never start, participate or end any conversation on religion), (never force your religions views on any one or judge ours for their expect there are harming the lives, freedom sanity of others)

For family although the activities and relationship were complicated the facts were simple: she adored her siblings, nephews and nieces. Her father is loved but not like, her mother may always be her heartbeat and for now that was all the family she needed despite the constant human nature of lionesses.

Tobi sat in her clean and organized room in her school alone but rejoicing and loathing the silence of absent of another person as the quiet spoke to her.

Tobi knew her was living more in the imaginations in her head then in the place of her physical inhabitation

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