Life in Bodyville

Sitting on one of the lounge chairs in the VIP section of “Nature Bar”, which was the most exotic of bars in the neighborhood.

Brain waited patiently for his friends, he had already made reservations for a table of six.

He wore a white packet shirt on the inside and graced it with a grey suit, both clothings were designed by Matter, a Top fashion aficionado, also he had a wrist unit specially designed for him by circadian, the best wrist unit producing company in bodyville. He loved the most exquisite of things, and still reclined to the sofa, he sipped from his glass of whiskey wearing a grin on his face as he waited.

Meanwhile, some few blocks away, an argument ensued amongst five friends; Stomach, Kidney, Liver, Lung and Heart (the only female) as to who contributed more to the society. They argued and argued all through their walk to the bar.

The noise created by the feud was so loud it woke Brain, who was already mid way into a mistimed nap. He knew where the noise emanated from, his lousy buddies were already in the bar. With a quick spin, he turned and beckoned on them to come towards the VIP area where he had already reserved seats.

Brain called out for a waitress who scampered closeby to wait on their table, she wore a tag that had the name “cell” engraved on it, “cell cell”, Brain mused… It was reunion day he chuckled, he was going to save the flirting for later. He placed some order, paid the bills and gave the waitress extra tips

So with a smile, he turned his gaze towards his buddies who were impatiently waiting on him to quickly take sides with either one of them.

What’s the problem? Brain asked.

Liver who was the bulkier of the guys was going to speak out but Brain waved him off and motioned to Heart to speak instead, since she was the only female in the gathering and so should be allowed to air her opinions first. Brain thought….

So Heart began by narrating how down placed she has been in bodyville, “nobody appreciates my efforts”, she screamed! It left Stomach regurgitating due to the shock because he was sitted next to her. She apologized to him and began more calmly but with a touch of revolt in her tone. I have to work 72 times every minute to make sure you all stay alive. Oxygen is an expensive commodity in the ICU but none of you broke asses need to pay me. Her statement made Lung go red but Brain told him to calm down using a quick smirk, truly without Lung there would be no Oxygen to distribute, Heart said in her mind, but she wasn’t going to give out credits to anyone without keeping some for herself first.

Liver was already becoming impatient with the boring speech from Heart, so he decided he was either going to leave the bar or he would have to tell her to shut up so Brain would hear his own side of the story, obviously the latter made more sense to him.

Stomach was a business man, he controlled all the food production firms in bodyville, he also partnered with the portal vein brothers to own the largest food distribution company in bodyville. He always bragged of how he owned 70% of the shares in the company and how his absence would spell hunger to the entire population. So while he was still at nature bar waiting his turn to deliver his memos on why he should be regarded as most important, a call from Oesophagus came in, “was there another shipment he was supposed to process for digestion?” Stomach asked rhetorically,he was indeed very tired, because he had been working around the clock lately. On reflex, he stood up and thanked Brain for the light refreshment , and said he needed to hit the road because there were pressing needs that begged for his attention at the moment. He bade them goodbye, turned around and off he went.

“I’m done talking”, Heart said.

Since Brain was the mediator in the meeting, he signaled to the already impatient liver who appeared to be cut in a straight betwixt two, he was angry and disgusted.

Wearing a frown on his face, Liver began…

The society of bodyville would forever remain grateful to me for so many reasons, but one of them stands as high as Mt.Everest, how I single handedly defeated the famous serial killer “Toxin”. You all were present when that medal of honour was placed on my right lobe. Without me this town would be brought down to ruins, I also remembered Toxin saying his offsprings would come to avenge his death before i mutilated him. He paused as though he was expecting rounds of applauds from everyone that cared to listened. So you all need me. With a smile he closed up.

Brain was tempted to call the long session to a stop, because he didn’t see the need for the arguments as to who was more important in their precious bodyville. “We all need each other to really function properly” he thought. Besides they were supposed to make merry for it was reunion day. They were once students of “the school of organs” and he had graduated top of the class leaving behind the spoils for those below to share, most especially Stomach. The thought of that made him laugh, to the point where he almost kicked down the bottle of whiskey from the table. He quickly got a hold of himself and found the entire table staring at him as though he was going tumors.

Lung and Kidney were the only ones left. “Let’s make this interesting” Brain said, he brought out a gold ATP coin from his suit and motioned towards them “heads or tails” what’s your pick? Lung chose head while Kidney picked tail. Without thinking twice he flipped the coin and tail it fell.

Kidney momentarily got distracted as he stared at a medical journal placed on the glass table right in front , the particular page he was looking into contained an article that was titled thus “kidney stones In bodyville”… His enemies were at work he murmured, it looked like something Liver was capable of doing, and he concluded by stating he was going to pay Liver back in his own coin for trying to ruin a reputation he earnestly worked for. “you’re an asshole Liver” Kidney cursed in his mind.

“Kidney darling, we don’t have all day” Heart smiled at him. “Leave the kid alone”, Brain intercepted. You know he is the quiet type, he teased.

Kidney couldn’t air his side of the story because he felt his duty as “garbage man” in bodyville was demeaning. So he turned to look at Brain and told him he was going to pass.

“So this madness was almost over?” Brain thought. How could they really come up with this crazy argument..! He had the answers already. But he had to see this to the end, for others had spoken and it wouldn’t be fair to deprive the rest of the same chance to do same.

Just before he could add up some more thoughts to the already existing one, something unusual began to happen, the whole bar appeared to be moving in circles, images began to double up, he was growing weak, gasping for breath, and bammm!! He fell to the floor. It was hypoglycemia. He hadn’t taken his regular dosage of glucose.

Heart knew what was wrong.

She immediately grabbed brain’s cell phone and called for one of his glucose transporters to make some delivery.

Meanwhile before the glucose transporters showed up, Heart had already provided brain with the right amount of oxygen through the help of Lung, she administered CPR(mouth-mouth resuscitation) restore partial flow of oxygenated blood.

They had rush brain to a place called “Hospital” in bodyville where sick organs were made well. The glucose transporters were not forthcoming and none of them wanted to take chances.

So Brain laid comatose on the hospital bed..

“Why are we trying so hard to save him?” Liver yelled!

Lung who had not gotten a go at the speech rendering turned to face him and said “if Brain dies then we would all remain vegetables for life, or worse scenario we die too, so we need to make sure he stays alive”.

Just as Lung delivered the Heart reaping talk to Liver, sounds of applauds were heard from behind. They all turned around and found Stomach leaning against the door holding a pack of pizza and wearing a look that says “you all are stupid”.

“I heard he was rushed down to the hospital so I decided to drop by”, Stomach started by saying.

I would have to commend Lung for knowing the importance of togetherness.

You all thought I was the dumbest right? He asked.

None of us is more important than the other. We all need to work together to ensure the productivity of bodyville.

My junior brother Mouth needs to eat for me to have food to digest.

Lung’s elder sister Nose needs to take in air for him to filter so Heart can distribute oxygen efficiently to the entire populace in bodyville.

Liver also needs to fight off invading agents by detoxifying them.

And finally Kidney my very good friend , needs to take out the trash. On hearing this, they all burst into laughter, Kidney also joined in.

So my friends let us remain united and stand together as one, and see that bodyville grows to a better height.

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    Nice. I enjoyed this piece.

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    Ore your story writing game is 100.

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    Really Nice and well Arranged..I loved it.

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