Marie Age’s Epitaph

Hey beautiful people! Marilyn here today. It’s poetry today! Get excited. Okay maybe not too excited. This one is an old poem that I have tried to revive. I like to try my hands on poetry when the spirit moves. I hope you enjoy reading.


Her words were untrue

And so were theirs

For here lies my Marie Age


 Eons before the end of time.

‘Dreamy damsel’

The words that described her in her youth.

So young I was when she echoed my name with calming subtlety

Cajoling me to find her

To behold her face.

So young I was when she seductively tied a knot

Around my ankle

And painlessly dragged me on coarse ground

Towards her.

Praises… mine…

My praises she whispered

Into my subconscious

Steadily etching thoughts of her into the rock that was

My heart.


Always she remained

Enticing me with visions of her glorious beauty

Blinding me with

Sights of all who had accepted her.

Happy sights… Enviable sights.

Expert at pleading her case

For even when I turned a deaf ear

And screamed that I did not need her

She yelled out a stronger defence.

‘Nervously refreshed’

How she made me feel

The day she finally became a part of me


She constantly gave

Comfort… Hope… Satisfaction… Security

Until her hands stopped giving

And curled into ugly fists


Then the other.

Drilling holes in the mouth

Where once they fed and watered.

‘Comfortably ill’,

She became

Unwilling to be cured

Resigning to death

Yet fighting to stay alive…

Alive with me.

How she shivered.

Her big, beautiful eyes

Dark and sullen

Begging for one more day

And then another

Clutching on to my heart

My raw heart

Tapping dim flashes from me to illuminate a vacuum.

But I pushed

Where she pulled.

Gave strength to match her desperate weakness

Tore at her fancy cloak and exposed her slowing heart

To ice and fire.

And so today I won and I lost


Here lies my Marie Age


Before the beginning of



Okiedok. What did you think? I’m interested in reading your interpretation of this epitaph.

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