My Landlord's Daughter

My Landlord’s Daughter

I had just forced my eyes open after a long night’s sleep. Although groggy, I managed to get myself out of bed and staggered to my bathroom; I let out my slightly erect ‘Johnson’ and smiled at the thought of the refreshed feeling I would get after having a pee. I had hardly let out a squirt than I heard a knock on my door; it was persistent so I had to put the pee on hold and I made for the door. The knock continued, I screamed “hold on” as I made for the door of my living room. I took one look at the wall clock; it was 7:46am.

“Who could be knocking at my door at this time of the day- on a Saturday?” I thought to myself. “Hello, who is there?” I asked as I reached for the handle of the door’s lock. “It’s me…Fola”. I didn’t have any idea who that was but it was a lady’s voice and its beautiful sound urged me to open the door without hesitating. I let the door open and standing before me was a young girl whose facial look isn’t worthy of a mention – it betrayed the beautiful voice; but she had a body that appeared to have been carved by a sexual pervert; I was enthralled. “Good morning, what can I do for you?” I asked politely after I had managed to put myself together. She let out a smirk and handed me one of the sheets of paper she had with her – it was my copy of the receipt for NEPA bill for the month; and she walked towards the next flat. I watched her walk away, what I  saw made blood rush downwards.

It was noon and the entire compound was void of cars; everyone seemed to have left the house. I stepped out of the gate to purchase a roll of toilet paper. By the time I got to my door, I found it ajar. I gently stepped into my living room and I looked round like a daylight robber; there was no one in there. I shut the door properly and turned the lock. “I probably did not close it well” I thought to myself. I proceeded to my bedroom. I was starting to perceive a strange but sweet scent wafting through the air – typical of feminine cologne. I had not had any lady come over in a while, so I was puzzled. However, I carelessly dropped the roll of toilet paper on the couch; then I took off my t-shirt, leaving my upper limb bare, I had a pair of shorts on and boxer shorts beneath. I turned open the knob of my bedroom door, the scent had become stronger. I stepped in only to find on my bed the mystery girl who had given me the receipt earlier in the day,with an apple in hand – she tossed it gently in her right hand. She let out that same smirk I had seen earlier in the day; it was so accurate that one would think she practised it. I was speechless; maybe because I did not know what to say or because my sense of vision had overridden that of speech. She was comfortably seated on the bed; she had on a black buttoned chiffon top which was the only piece of clothing over her bare humongous breasts. I realised I was in for trouble when she got out of bed to reveal her lovely bare lower limb – she only had on a tiny piece of clothing for panties. She was a luscious whole.

I couldn’t move, talk or hear a thing…I just struggled within me; it seemed I was trying to break free from something. The only parts of my body that seemed to have blood and functioning neurones were my eyes, brain and of course, the man below – all at the peak of alertness. She walked towards me languidly and seductively; at a step away from me, she took a bite from the fresh green apple. She threw her arms out round me and offered me a bite from the piece she had in her mouth; like a jinxed fellow, I obliged – this translated into a wild kiss.

Now she had dropped the apple; with one hand at the back of my neck and the other around my waist, she gradually led me to the bedside. Still on our feet, “up” she said; and as if I knew what she meant, I raised her from the floor and had her hanging on me with arms around my neck and legs clung around my waist. “Down” she said; this time she pushed my head backwards with a finger and down to the bed I dropped, with my back; she was now well sitted on me.

She reached gently to unbutton her top while she cast the ‘you are in for it’ look on me. The buttons were all undone, she gently took off the shirt and what I saw let my tongue loose, I screamed “damn…!”

I woke up echoing that word; I would have prefered to remain asleep. I found my boxers slightly wet and with a bulge. I hissed. My pastor had said sex in the dream is a bad sign but I didn’t have sex anyway, so I didn’t pray about it. I said my usual morning prayers and tried to shut my eyes again when I heard a knock on my door. “I need my sleep, its a saturday morning”, I mumbled to myself. I checked my bedside clock for the time, it was 7:46am. I was taken aback; my dream came rushing back to my head. “Am I still sleeping?” I asked myself as I made for the door.

“Who is there?” I asked.

“Good morning”, a voice responded. “Its me Fola”.


Story by James Olawaye

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    Olayemi Olabisi

    haha perfect.. if only real life is as sweet

    January 28, 2020
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    Maybe his dream will come true, haha.

    February 2, 2020
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      Adeosun Hammed

      What a demon at work, that same girl knocking lójú aiyé. Hmm, hope you’ve find another house somewhere else to rent if this eventually happen. Excellent story though, full of suspense, drama and conflict. Keep it up

      February 4, 2021
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    that is what you call an anti-climax……lmao

    June 20, 2020
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    How can I get the continuation of this gist?

    October 24, 2020
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      Beautifully written… Damn.

      January 24, 2021
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    October 28, 2020
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    Miss Tee

    Dreams Dreams Dreams, a source of escape from the travails of the ever busy and troubled world. this was a good read.

    April 6, 2021
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    You’re using us for cruise abi?

    April 14, 2021
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