“Jimi! Jimi!!”

He whispered, as he shook his bigger bunk mate, trying to wake him up.

The entire dormitory was in darkness. The generators were off and other students were asleep. He had woken up at 1:32am with a pressing urge to pee, but he was too afraid to go by himself.

“What’s that?” Jimi inquired angrily, upset that someone was disturbing his sleep this late at night.

“I have to pee, please come with me,” Nedu whispered.

Jimi groaned and reluctantly roused himself from the bed. It was not an unusual request. Both boys were in JS 1, and it was perfectly normal to have a pee partner when they needed to use the toilet at night. Among the juniors, it was an unwritten agreement. Jimi knew Nedu would do the same for him.

The long corridor was dark. Nedu switched on his flash-light and Jimi quickly reprimanded him.

“What do you think you are doing,” he whispered. “Trying to get us killed?”

“But it’s too dark naa,” Nedu complained, switching off the flash-light.

“Ehen, so you want them to see us?” The bigger boy retorted. They were still whispering.

Nedu knew that Jimi’s “them” meant the creatures of the night. The wandering spirits of Federal Government College, Badagry. The lost souls that were doomed to haunt the dormitories, searching for their lost purpose and frightening unfortunate students while they were at it.

According to the older students, they only ventured out at night because that was when their powers could work.

Nedu wondered why these ghosts needed lights to see them anyway. After all, their supernatural eyes were different and didn’t function with the same optical laws as humans’. But he didn’t share this logic with Jimi for fear he would get angry and leave him alone.

Quietly, they made their way through the darkness, to the toilets at the other end of the corridor. The scant rays of moonlight filtering through the open quadrangle was their only source of light.

A boy in room 7 was snoring deeply. It had to be Gbulie; he was the oldest and easily the strongest boy in El Kanemi hostel. Somehow, Nedu wished he was with them now.

When they reached the toilets, both boys pissed from the doorway. Directing their urine, a noisy, watery projectile, at the general toilet area. Neither of them dared to enter the restroom for fear of what hideous creature might be waiting in the darkness.

Whether they hit their mark or not was none of their concern. The rule was safety first. At times like this, Nedu was thankful that his dormitory chores didn’t include cleaning the bathrooms. Nonetheless, the boys finished their business and made it back to their beds, safely, with just 4 hours to spare before the waking bell.

—-One week later—–

The students had just returned from night prep and, Ejiro the room clown, initiated a belching contest. Of course, they were JS 1 students, their idea of fun did not veer far from such frivolities.

Belching contest was easy too; it only required lots of water and an eager throat. Both of which were in abundance that night. Later, the boys became tired. The bored ones retired early. Lights out was at 11:30pm and the last set of belchers fell asleep a few minutes after.

“Jimi! Jimi!!”

It was Nedu again, the pee partner, waking him from sleep.

“I am pressed,” he whispered. “Please come with me,” he said squeezing his thighs together.

Jimi looked at his calculator watch. It glowed 1:32am. Again? “Does your bladder have a timer?” He queried.

“It’s that belching competition, I drank too much water,” Nedu complained.

Now it was a windy, moonless night. The dormitory was the darkest it could ever be. No matter how tempted he was, Jimi would not let Nedu switch on his flashlight. But, they managed to reach the toilet. Again, the boys projectile-pissed into the haunting darkness of the toilet area.

Then suddenly, something lurched at them from the ceiling. Perhaps an owl, or a stray cat. Neither of them waited to see. Jimi was the first to recover. He turned and ran, still dangling from his pyjamas fly.

Nedu however, was not so lucky. For a boy, one of the hardest things to do is stop your micturition mid-way, in panic. In fact, it is quite painful. But when he finally did, Nedu ran after Jimi, calling out his name. But Jimi was already at the other end of the corridor.

While he was running to catch up, he slipped in a pool of water and hit his head on a stone slab covering the drainage area, and blacked out momentarily.

When he got up few minutes later, he was alone. His pyjama was soaking wet and he felt a warm wetness dripping from his head. Urine? He was very angry. Why hadn’t Jimi waited for him? What kind of pee partner was he? He had to tell him his mind.

Nedu found his flashlight in a corner and picked it up. The glass was broken but he had to test it. Damn Jimi and his superstition. Right now, fury trumped fear, so he decided to switch it on. But it was a mistake. The bright light shot out in front of him and exposed them.

In a corner of the corridor, two pale looking boys walked towards him. He screamed!

They saw him and screamed too, and started to run away.

But they were students- he called after them and tried to explain but they wouldn’t listen. Instead, they ran faster. As he tried to cover the gap, Nedu noticed that his legs had left the ground. He was beginning to float.


The following morning, two boys Jide and Chidi recount their scary experience from the night before to the other students of El Kanemi hall. They all listen with rapt attention and fear at the same time.

“His pyjama was soaked red with blood, and it was dripping from his head. The side of his forehead was split open too,” reported Jide, still shivering at the thought.

“And he kept calling us “Jimi”. I turned back, and saw him flying,” cried Chidi. “I thought I was going to die. It was the most horrible experience.”

“I just called my mum. I am leaving this haunted school,” Jide cut in.

The dormitory house captain, an SS3 boy who was listening confirmed their story. What they had seen, was the ghost of “Pee boy Nedu”, the urban legend of a JS 1 student who had died in the hostel in the late 80s.

“They say he went out one night with his pee partner Jimi, but on their way back he fell and slammed his head on a stone. Jimi told the school authorities that he didn’t know Nedu wasn’t behind him that night. The next morning, they found his bloody body on the corridor. He had bled to death.”

Every night, at 1:32am, Nedu’s ghost is believed to haunt the corridors of El Kanemi hostel with a flashlight. Sometimes, he even enters one of the rooms to wake a boy.

Then he calls him Jimi and whispers into his ear:

“I need to pee, follow me…pleeeease!”

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    Me likey! There is a lot of calculated points about this story that makes it believable – a tad repetitive – but a fresh take on Legendary Nigerian dormitory frights.
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    Scary….. Beautiful at the same time

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