I need a job!
That is all I need for Christmas; a job where I’d be allowed to just work and add value and not be harassed by randy men.
Having your boss’ attention is a plus and if managed properly should open the right doors, but this has become a burden for me. It is so embarrassing as I keep changing jobs and everybody thinks something is wrong with me. The longest I have been with any firm is 2 years and that is because my boss though he harassed me was never physical or aggressive.
I have been doing my own thing for a year now.
I love corporate communications and hope to do that professionally some day. However I am reaching out to that hope by writing anything and everything in order to survive. This has been interesting and equally challenging as sometimes I actually go for months without getting jobs.

I need a change in my life, I need stability in my career and my finance as well. Please help me with a job. I am smart, focused and always exceed expectations particularly in the execution of projects. As an organized and detail oriented professional with over 5 years experience in human resources and legal support roles I believe I will be an asset to any organization.I have got excellent analytical and communication skills (written and verbal). My sense of commitment is exceptional as I own whatever position I am hired to handle; therefore you can rest assured that nothing can go wrong on my watch.

I have been commended for my diplomatic and interpersonal skills; these are skills I consider fundamental in order to function effectively in any position. My academic and professional experience gives me the capacity and confidence to work with all kinds of clients and also liaise effectively with all levels of management within an organization.

My resume will be made available on request.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

Mer‎ry Christmas.

 Thank you for sharing Nedu. If you would like to contact Nedu, kindly reach out to us at santa [at] thenakedconvos [dot] com.
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    Good luck Nedu and may God answer your prayers soon….Amen.

    December 8, 2015
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