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My name is Blessing.

My dad is a reverend of a church in Igando. Before that he was an assistant pastor in Festac. While we were in Festac, our finances were pretty good. I went to Queens College, graduated and gained admissions into Covenant University. My parents literally didn’t sweat to pay my school fees. Because they had a paying Job.

My parents are entrepreneurs. They buy and print on T-shirts. Yeah, it sounds like a lame job. But this is what pays or paid my school fees and at that time we had a big client. It was a very big church with many members and so, it was like a “main source of Revenue” for us. I mean, imagine buying and printing on T-shirts for over 500,000 people. The profit was quite enough for us until something happened.

The son of the Founder of the church, took over the business. It was tragic. The connection was severed. We had to start looking for schools and other clients everywhere. But you know schools “nah”. The children have to pay their fees before they have money, and then they will continue to post you.

My family was transferred from Festac to Igando, where we are now. But, as much as the faith is working for us, I will have to admit that there is no money at all. My parents are running a full time job looking after the church in which they are overseeing. The little time they have to run the job is not enough. I mean, after Sunday service and the weekly ones, praying and taking care of people, taking their time. There is little or no room for the job again.

The church is now like, no, it is a child to them. Most of the time, a lot of their personal money and time is put into growing the church, because it is a small church in a rural area. I almost did not resume this semester, if not for the help of family friends and former church members in Festac, but will they continue to assist?

There are talks everywhere, on why my dad put me in the school if he didn’t have the capacity to pay my fees. I gained admission when everything was rosy, we didn’t see what was coming. Please, don’t get me wrong. I am not doubting God in anyway, neither is my faith shaky. Because I know God’s blessing is on the way. But I believe this is a way to anticipate God’s help.

This is/ these are the reasons why I need anybody who is willing to help in any way.

No amount is ever too small, because that was how my last school fees was paid.

Thank you and God bless.


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