Hey guys.. It’s time for another poll and today I want to discuss polygamy. Yeah, yeah.. I know a lot of y’all aren’t married but that only makes my not-so-survey perfect. Because what I really want to know is if ‘polygamy’ as we all know it is dead or not in our generation.

Try your hands on the poll but come back to share your thoughts on the your choice as well as the subject of polygamy. Is it something you would consider as a guy? As a young woman between the ages of 23-30 right now, if a guy who openly embraces polygamy proposes to you, how will you react? You know the drill, use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.

PS: Happy Fathers day.



  1. d3ola
    As a muslim, my religion allows it. But as a person, I cannot become someones second wife. Even if I'm his first wife, I will not allow him to marry another. I'm selfish like that.
  2. no1chick
    No, I can't handle but my grand uncle has two wives and I've never seen two women live so happily and peacefully. The ratio of that in the world is like 1 in 1,000,000…not so good.
  3. Bubble G.
    If a guy shd propose2 me, n he's very open in stating that he's open to a 2nd wife or more, a slap wud be his only response. #shikena!
    Back to d topic hand. In my own opinion, polygamy's dead in our generation. Errr… I'm guessing guys wud prefer having some1 (or more) outside rather than complicate issues4 him . Cos d notion is dat one woman is problem enuff. Y double d problem with two or more sef?!
  4. Lamie
    As a person, I simply cannot share! Poly-what?!! I no fit. Besides, marriage is hard enough without d wahala of a third person.
    Plus, as a doctor and a person with some degree of OCD, the thought of diseases one can get from 'sharing a man'…..*shudders* This is how so many women are contracting HIV. Abi, you go tell husband make he dey wear condom?
    Anybody that even dares propose such to me, ifoti to gbona lo ma je.
  5. @FoluShaw
    All you men are selfish.

    And you women are selfish too.

    Guys come on, U have to learn to share and distribute.

    Ladies, why would u not want too share some good dick? Huh?

    Having more than one woman makes everybody behave themselves.

    If she knows she aint your only option, she'll bring her A-game….everytime.

    And please don't bring up the excuse that u can't handle more than one woman, that's ur own problem, not a general consensus, deal with it.

    Or that you can't love more than one person. I won't even argue this.

    So plix, forget that soulmate bullshit and put a ring on more than one finger.

    Cheers yall.


  6. tolanikol
    Getting married to one woman is enough not to talk of marrying a second one, that would be seen as Double Jeopardy…and besides I want to live a very happy life and I don't wanna die young…its a No-No for me….
  7. zee-berrie
    Islam allows polygamy. But personally I dnt see maself getn married 2 a man who alredy has a wife or who intends 2 gt anoda1 after me. Three is always a crowd. However if d bagger decides 2 gt anoda wife, I will neva leave d house 4 her, cos dats tantamount 2 suffering wit my hubby n leaving it 4 d wench 2 cme n sit n get fat on.lailai. I might end up poisoning her tho
  8. mizzkenzo
    I think its truly dead in this generation because the women of this generation are wayyy more assertive than their mothers and grandmothers.
    Plus, more women are educated now. Mr. Tools, in ur What Men Don't Want post, u see that men want their women intelligent and independent. How many independent 21st century ladies would want to share a man? When he's not the only man in the world?
  9. kankey
    NeVer….I’m too jealous for that.. Neither can I be any man’s second nor allow him marry another woman after me…..NEVER… I’d rather leave him for the other woman
  10. Es
    This ‘not-so-survey’ is gonna get really skewed results. Most of the people who practice polygamy or who encourage it may not generally come here on the daily. So your sample population is not all-inclusive.

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