This article is in no way a judgmental piece or a way of saying what is good or not good on social media. It’s an observational piece based on my experiences and observations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. I’m going to list 12 kinds of people on social media, and what I feel to be the pros and cons of their approaches. Are you ready? Let’s take a dive.

  1. The happy people: Always happy and sharing their ‘happiness’ for everyone to see. These people post happy pictures, happy thoughts and nothing more.
  •  Pro: helps lift others who might be having a bad day (although could work the other way also)
  • Con: can create a false impression that such people have a ‘perfect’ life
  1. The depressed and the depressing: These people are always depressed and thrive in spreading their depression to others. Every post is toxic, negative, damning and you just wonder if anything ever goes well for these people.
  •  Pro: can’t think of any.
  • Con: people will be reluctant to get close because they feel they already know them even before they get to know them, and there’s nothing good that comes from their Nazareth
  1. The motivational speakers: These people are always posting motivations. A Sunday picture cannot go without a motivational speech, relevant or irrelevant. These people always have an advice to give on every topic regardless of how informed or uninformed they are on such topic e.g. a single person who cannot maintain a stable relationship with a cat explaining what ‘marriage is all about’.
  • Pro: Also helps lift people.
  • Con: nobody likes a ‘too know’, and motivations get boring eventually
  1. The sharers: These people are always sharing quotes, pictures, videos that seem to make sense, but not all do. If it is attributed to a pastor, celebrity, musician or whoever with a name they’ll share it without even thinking of the content.
  • Pro: can be informative to others.
  • Con: fills up time feeds and occasionally annoying
  1. The happy couple / newlyweds: These people are similar to the first group of people. Always sharing cheesy quotes, pictures and thoughts about their partners. My husband is this, my wife is that, we are the best. News flash: it was fun the first few times, now it’s just boring, annoying and nobody cares.
  • Pro: Can be fun and entertaining initially
  •  Con: gets boring and annoying eventually
  1. The weirdos: These people have no idea of how social media works. Writing comments that aren’t even related to the post, sharing silly images or quotes, sending random ‘let’s be friends’ messages.
  • Pro: can be refreshing in a ‘very sensitive word’
  • Con: weird will always be weird
  1. The losers who think they’re winners: These people are always posting pictures of them in clubs, with girls, plenty of bottles, dollar bills, cars etc. and somehow think that actually impresses people.
  • Pro: could impress people who share similar traits
  • Con: annoys the crap out of those who don’t
  1. The groupies: These people belong to all groups. They don’t have a taste or an area of interest. They’re a jack of all groups. And to make it worse, they don’t hesitate to add others to such groups without even giving the slightest f*ck if the person would like it or not. I usually just leave those groups immediately.
  • Pro: could be informative if the group is right.
  • Con: annoying as f
  1. The gamers: If you send me one more candy crush invite I’m going to crush you with the candy. There’s nothing wrong with playing games on Facebook, just don’t bother others with it, at least not on a regular basis.
  • Pro: people with the same interests can enjoy good games together
  • Con: game invites can be annoying.
  1. The creeps / spies: These people are on every platform creeping on and stalking the lives of others without sharing anything of their own. No likes no comments but they save multiple pictures or videos of random strangers on their devices.
  • Pro: can’t think of any
  • Con: really? Get a life.
  1. The comedians: There are those who are naturally funny and those who are trying way too hard to be funny. These people share the best of jokes, and others the lamest of jokes that actually annoy you more than amuse you.
  • Pro: Comedy is therapy for the soul, a good one can light up even the gloomiest of days
  • Con: not-funny comedy can be annoying sometimes
  1. The relationship and sex experts: These people don’t write or post anything other than relationships and sex. They always talking about bae, beau, hubby, wife material, how to keep a man, what not to do in a relationship, bla bla bla. The saddest part is some of them are single and searching but not finding and worst of all get laid less than plants do. These people can sometimes be similar to the motivational speakers
  • Pro: A little information can do no hurt
  • Con: Get a life. There’s more to life that bae, relationships and sex. 

There goes my list of the 12 types of people on social media. I know this topic is not new, I just wanted to have my own take on it. Let me know what you think and also share other types of people on social media that I didn’t mention. Keep being you and remember, tolerance is strength.

Image via Slouching Towards Thatcham


  1. Ray
    Wait o, what about those of us that don’t fit into any of these groups? The ones who just do themselves, post whatever they want not for anyone’s approval but cos it’s what they feel like doing?

    The worst people have to be those that like to show off- relationships, wealth, how cool they supposedly are. Especially those ‘my bae is bla bla’ people, I have a particular aversion for them. I’m literally on a front row seat with popcorn and juice, waiting for them to break up and stop disturbing everyone with how great their boo is. Call me a hater. Idc Idc.

    1. Chris
      Ray!!! Why naa?

      I think I’m more of a #4 although most times I just pree other people’s TL and I often chip in some little info wherever o deem fit but mostly I’m here to learn, sometimes to look for something to laugh about and to keep myself updated.

  2. Seriously...
    I am a bit with Ray except for the “hating” on show offs bit. I generally “waka pass” or stop mute notifications I feel do not add value to my life. #Toolazy #Inolikestressoh

    Some of us come to social media to stay informed, learn, connect with ideas and people that inspire. And maybe inspire others. If we find a cause or idea powerful enough, we will engage and even get into a debate or two. Or three…

  3. XO!
    The depressed and the depressing : These people are always depressed and thrive in spreading their depression to others. Every post is toxic, negative, damning and you just wonder if anything ever goes well for these people.

    Not to defend them but:

    well these people make posts you can relate to sometimes. They are most likely to be very realistic as well. They provide a balance to the overwhelming sweetness of positivity on social media.
    Disclaimer : I’m not one of them 😂😂

  4. Blaqlotus
    How do i get to the next level of my Candy Crush without help. Please bear with me, i’m addicted to the Candy Crush
    1. D.K
      @blaqlotus I’m on 1184 😜. I’ve never asked for help too. Anybody that loves candy crush is my bff, by default. So hi Blaqlotus 🙋
  5. Toby
    Number 3 is the worst. I wake up bleary-eyed, check my notifications and some chipper person has posted a Joel Osteen / Joyce Meyer quote. Yes, we know joy comes in the morning, now please stfu. 😀
  6. fayte
    For me,social media is a way of connecting with friends and family first so I usually don’t have too much friends or followers as the case may be. I have the liberty to ‘write as e de do me’. The day I posted a pix with pure water and cowbell sachets with a couple of mad friends, two people dm’ed me to tell me how real I was. There are people who use social media for strictly business. Some connect with people who help them get better in a particular area. Asides family and friends, my Instagram is flooded with bakers because I get inspired by their designs and learn a lot from the tutorials. I am Single but I am not following any wedding or asoebi related account. Lol. Everyman to his own….whatever floats your goat!

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